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FM17 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0

110.538 changes up to 1st of October that FM 2017 doesn't include! The best Football Manager 2017 transfer update around.

By Updated on Oct 01, 2017   614780 views   238 comments
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Downloads: 251382 / Size: 1.6 MB / Added: 2016-11-13
Football Manager 2017 Data Updates - FM17 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0
Version Final contains 110.538 changes until the 1st of October 2017 that happened after the latest 17.3 database lock-down.

Post your suggestions and feel free to tell me your ideas either on this topic or in the comments below. Hopefully I can do something about it!

Released: 1 October - v Final

Transfers Update

  • Transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones
  • Contract changes to reflect corrected wages
  • Managerial changes
  • Passed away players / staff are removed from database
  • Corrected squad numbers
  • In some cases adjusted personal attributes such as height and weight
  • Added favorite clubs, favourite staffs and so
  • Nationality changes

General Changes

  • Chairman changes - Newly created chairmen take the place of the ones who left
  • Added affiliations between clubs
  • New people created that are not in the game, and are not wonderkids
  • Stadium removals
  • Corrected captains

Injured Players

  • Players who were injured, corrected injury dates
  • Players who were injured, but mistakenly not added to the game


  • New young players created, who will become world class players in the future
  • In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21, and set wonderkids

Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes

  • Adjusted stats and current ability attributes
  • Adjusted potential ability
How will this feature affect our games? Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?
Yes, the CA/PA file is a new file beside the others. If you don't want this file, simply don't choose it when you start a new game.

How to install pr0's data updates to FM 2017

  1. Extract the downloaded .rar file using 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac OS X.

  2. Move the extracted .fmf updates you want to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2017 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

  3. Open FM 2017 and start a new save-game with your selected databases of choice.

In case you have more editor data files:
When setting up a new game, do not have any other data update files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.
Choose only my files if you are not sure about the changes in every file. Many files together from different creators can cause crashes to the game, duplicates and other problems. Avoid using files from different creators.

Please consider donating

For my work I don't get any reward, only thanks. If you want to say thanks in another manner by donating, I can accept any offers in my PayPal account: [email protected]

Thanks !


These FM17 Data Packs are created by pr0 on behalf of the community.
Make sure to visit the brand new website dedicated to my Football Manager Data Packs: Updates by pr0.

Download Now
Downloads: 251382 / Size: 1.6 MB / Added: 2016-11-13
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Discussion: FM17 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0

238 comments have been posted so far.

  • clapton's avatar
    does this work on FM17 Touch? cant seem to make it work...
  • osnola's avatar
  • Stam's avatar
    Quick Update:
    After chatting with pr0, we decided it's best to change the download link to go directly to mediafire. Therefore, it will no longer go through adfly. That service is a nightmare, and I've now added a rule in the site's terms against it.
  • richbell82's avatar
    What's happened to Manchester United's first team coaching staff? Looks rather bare.
  • Kdawgy80's avatar
    So the site that the "download now" button redirects to tried to install a Trojan on my computer. FYI
  • gazza6360's avatar
    same has previous person how to get pass ads please
  • Javis's avatar
    pls does anyone know how to get the update, as i'm having issues getting past the ads.
  • owensybhoy1888's avatar
    anybody know how to get by the adds cany get past them
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    Transfers & Data Update Final Pack is up! You need the original game updated to 17.3 official patch to make these files work correctly. Those having problems reaching mediafire through adfly, feel free to pm the facebook page (FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0) to get the files.

    I can proudly announce the conclusion of this year's update packs! Pointing mistakes/missings is unnecessary, because there won't be updated databases for FM17 any more.

    As always, I have made the maximum effort through the whole year to deliver the best work possible and a pack with as many transfers as possible. I hope I didn't let many people down, believe me it was hard to update all these nations and leagues. Still tried to satisfy as many people as possible.

    Many thanks to everyone who downloaded my packs through the year, many many thanks to those who donated to further support me. Totally appreciated.

    Future seems bright. We are in talks with Stam from FM Scout - Football Manager Community about a possible partnership which will take this work and updated databases to another level. More information and announcements will come in the sort future. You are going to love it.

    Till next month,

  • apostolosaek's avatar
    Panagiotis Kone's contract is not been paid entirely from AEK Athens, but only the 20% of it. At the end of his loan contract, Kone can sign in AEK for free.
    Furthermore, i think that you should upgrade the current ability of Kostas Galanopoulos, because the 90 points of c.a. for a basic player of AEK Athens is low.
    Thanks for your work. We are looking forward for the last version of your pack.
  • LFSucks's avatar
    Is there any way to download that from a website that is NOT mediafire? It's blocked here :/
  • RiShaX's avatar
    Hi, i love this pack, its a really good work but could you please look more detailed at the czech league? for example in ac sparta prague there are a lot of players in the club which arent there anymore in the present
  • StojC's avatar
    Thanx for all the work, but I can't get to the file. So, I used the link from Vegi. Thank you.
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    As I said in my facebook page, if someone has issues getting past ads, just personal message my facebook page, to get the files directly.
  • vm101's avatar

    I have to support your decision to make funds from advertising and adverts from anyone who downloads your updates

    I can see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't benefit from all the work you put in

    HOWEVER if it were as simple as closing one or two tabs I would have no problem

    But it isn't

    Your sponsors redirect you to download all sorts of crap - large "download now" buttons are very inviting but they are not for downloading the data packs

    There is also a loop that you become stuck in where whatever you try an unresponsive ad site is all you get and the large red "download" buttons on FMScout do not work

    If that could be fixed then I for one applaud the fact you are receiving revenue

    As an aside I used the supplied link as a last resort and find that for my own club there are still a number of changes not applied ( in the English Premier League )

    They were made fairly late in the window so are you planning a "Finall" release as the name of the current update would suggest ?

    I look forward to supporting whatever revenue generating sites you redirect us to as long as it EVENTUALLY leads to the download link

    Thank you for all the work
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    Please respect my decision to give you for FREE once again the files, by working so many hours without any payment, and the only thing you have to do as a payback is to close 2-3 tabs. Instead of playing the smart guy and providing directly the link.
  • vm101's avatar

    Thanks for providing that link which finally got me the update

    And thanks as always to pr0 for the much appreciated work that is put into these files
  • caiont25's avatar
    Hey mate, thanks for the great update. I just missed Everton Ribeiro (formerly Al Ahli) at Flamengo. He came to the team before Diego Alves. I would really appreciate if you would make that transfer happen!
  • Vegi's avatar
  • vm101's avatar
    @ acallow14

    Perhaps you would be good enough to let the rest of us know how

    The last two posters - whatever their manners - had exactly the same problems as I did

    Ive never encountered these problems before

    With or without the AdBlocker the file simply does not download - plenty of links to download all sorts of sh1t extensions / apps but no data update
  • acallow14's avatar
    Hey @swvi how about a thank you for pr0? He's put in days and days of work so you can have an updated database. I downloaded the file without any problems at all.
  • swvi's avatar
    This is very rude by pr0, I don't care why did you this. Every other link on FMS can be downloaded normally, and your can't. I can't pass the commercials, with our without AD Blocker, in any browser. I hope that someone will share that file via mail or any other way, so no one click on you again.
  • swvi's avatar
    How to download this? I press the red button but it never starts to download, always some weird sites open
  • fcsb1992's avatar
    Romanian league its not updated not the Lazio Nani transfer lot of mistakes.
  • Sancastparov's avatar
    AC Milan M.Niang should moved to Torino full transfer. Thanks

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