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FM 2018 Audio Commentary Patch

How to get the 2016 Audio Commentary patch to work on Football Manager 2018.

By on Aug 22, 2018   13801 views   13 comments
I got this to work with no issues at all although it is not as straightforward anymore as in previous versions, this is how to get it working in Football Manager 2018:

Step 1:
Get the Audio Commentary patch, last updated for FM 2016 here:
Audio Commentary Patch for FM16

1) Copy "match_events.xml" and "match_sounds.cfg" from the commentary patch to your installation folder: "Football Manager 2018\data\simatch\events"

2) a) Use the "resource archiver" and unpack the file "simatchviewer.fmf" which can be found in "Football Manager 2018\data".

b) Save the extracted folders in a separate directory.

c) All folders in the directory you leave "as is" only the "sounds" folder you empty and replace the files with the ones in the commentary audio downloaded file. make sure there are no subfolders in it (I remember there is a "default" subfolder for sure), so all audio files should be directly put into the (now empty) "sounds" folder.

Once done you use Resource Archiver again but now you pack all the files in that folder (not only the sounds folder, but all the files you extracted earlier) into a new "simatchviewer.fmf" and put the files in the folders I indicated.

d) Use the "resource archiver" to create a new "simatchviewer.fmf" file from the changed folder with "sounds" folder replaced with the commentary contents in it.

e) Move the "simatchviewer.fmf" file to the installation folder: "Football Manager 2018\data" and replace the existing file.

Make sure your game isn't running while you do all this and restart the game, empty cache and reload it, don't forget to allow sounds in matches to be played in "preferences".

Reload the cache and play your Football Manager 2018 game with live commentary again!

I tested this and works already for weeks without any issues.

ALWAYS make a backup of you original files in case something goes wrong or you want to revert back to the original sounds

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Discussion: FM 2018 Audio Commentary Patch

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • Seminar's avatar
    Does it work on FM20???
  • bionicgeekgrrl's avatar
    Got it working with FM19 now. Works reasonably well. Though there is some stuttering and double commentary at times.
  • bionicgeekgrrl's avatar
    That is interesting to know. I couldn't get the other linked one to work with fm19. Will have to give this one another try.
  • zeus1976's avatar
    hello my friends

    this audio works in fm2019

  • a31632's avatar
    Unpack = extract and the Resource Archiver is very simple to use
  • a31632's avatar
    There is a download link here that has all the work included, so simply replace the downloaded file and it should work as indicated.
  • Enos's avatar
    I don't really understand the Resource Archiver. A video walk through would be super cool if anyone would offer to do it.
  • decham26's avatar
    decham264 years ago
    maybe not it says in the instructions to unpack a file but there is no option in the archiver well not called Unpack anyway,
  • decham26's avatar
    decham264 years ago
    got it working but half of it i do not understand at all. the part that says now empty sound folder isnt empty
  • Bartdude's avatar
    I've been using it since FM18 was launched back in November,although it took a bit of working out,so I'm glad to see the procedure being explained outside of my FB FM group. I was part of the development team for this add-on so naturally I believe it's a good thing ! Go for it folks !
  • Stam's avatar
    @jeff44: Agreed. I'll try to sort that out over the weekend, unless a31632 does it sooner. :)
  • Uncletonga's avatar
    can you make a video explaing pls
  • jeff44's avatar
    is there any chance you can do the folders that we need and put them on here already done so we can down load them it will make it easy for some people who ain't got the confidence in doing it them selfs many thanks
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