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The Don't Ask Questions Killer Combo Tactic

I'm a tactical noob that accidentally made a really good (in my own opinion) tactic for FM 2018. Tested with Manchester United.

By on Aug 14, 2018   19495 views   1 comments
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Football Manager 2018 Tactics - The Don't Ask Questions Killer Combo Tactic
OK, where to begin... Firstly I'm a tactical noob, I've not played FM since FM15 and I've always downloaded tactics rather than make them, because I just wasn't any good. This year I've upgraded my computer so I've just started playing FM again. First thing I did was create this tactic. I just said f**k it, I don't know what I'm doing, let's do this... this and this and see what happens. It worked lol.

I had a rough idea of what i wanted, but i definitely didn't expect the results that I got, when I have tried similar things on previous FM's, the results have been bad.

Right now, I've only used it with my Manchester United squad, so I can't say if it will work for smaller clubs or any other club for that matter. But feel free to test it out. I'd love to see how you guys get on with it and if you can tweak it to make it even better; it would be cool to see those results. Anyway, to the tactic!

The Formation/Roles

So basically, it's just how I want Manchester United to line up in real life. I'm not going to be able to explain a whole lot to you because again I'm a tactical noob. But I've played everyone to their natural roles as best as I can.

Only the right wing is somewhat out of place with Bailey not being a natural there, but it seems to be really deadly between those front three. Most of the goals they score are really nice passing between the 3 before one gets a goal. I've also seen a lot of goals where the RW will cross the ball and one of the other two brings it down for the final person to finish it. Just beautiful stuff! Haha. I'm rambling, sorry.

Team Instructions

Basically, I just wanted width, runs forward, dribbles & goals. I set it to what I thought would produce a lot of that and it worked.

The Results - First Season

Second Season - First 6 Games


I'm not sure what else to show or say about it. If you do download it, I hope it does you well! Let me know any feedback you guys have, thanks.

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Downloads: 3162 / Size: 41.3 kB / Added: 2018-08-14
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Discussion: The Don't Ask Questions Killer Combo Tactic

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    How do you train the team ? Any opposition instructions? And who is your most goalscorer in the team? Can you post league table and your teams most best scorers?
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