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FM19 - Making a Manager - 04 - Preliminary Tactic Design

In this tutorial we look at the first steps I took in designing three preliminary tactics for Oxford City. They are by no means the finished product.

By on Oct 30, 2018   21765 views   2 comments
Football Manager e-Cource - FM19 - Making a Manager - 04 - Preliminary Tactic Design


This 5-3-2 Is A Set Up Which Will Be Used To Shut Down The Opposition

This is my 'Park The Bus' tactic, so to speak. Five at the back, three midfielders and two strikers offers plenty of structure in the middle, with only the wing backs offering width. This is not a tactic I would like to use regularly but I will look to employ it when trying to see out a game or when up against a team who are miles ahead of us in quality.

Philosophies In Possession: Everything is much more cautious here. We will look to slow the game right down to take any opposition momentum out of the equation. We will look to keep the ball narrow (for now) as lower league opposition is not as strong in the middle as upper class teams are. When we do have the ball, I don't want us getting caught in possession. A more direct passing approach will be taken to match that, and my players will chance their arm with more shots at goal, as we won't have the ball too often to work good chances on a regular basis. We will also look to win set-pieces to slow the game down further, and to use out more physical players to our advantage.

Shape In Possession: The back five will remain, largely, intact. The wing backs may push up a little bit to be of some use, but their priorities lie in defence. The anchor man will also stay back to protect his defenders, leaving the DLP and the BBM. The DLP will look to sit deep in a space where he is easily available for a pass, and can influence the game by moving the ball from one space to another. He is our play-dictator. The BBM will look to move from back to front and make an impact in both areas. He could very well become an important goal scorer, adding numbers to our attack when required.The DLF will look to drop off to pick up the ball in front of the opposition in defence and work chances for himself and for others, while the PF (a new role in FM) will act as a regular striker in possession.

Philosophies In Transition: Get back in to shape. That is the message here. Once we lose the ball, we try to reorganise ourselves as quick as possibile to retain structure. We will look to counter attack once the ball is one, but the most important thing here is tactical discipline. The goalkeeper will look to slow the game right down for us with long kicks aimed over the opposition's defence.

Philosophies Out Of Possession: Stay deep, stay structured, protect the middle areas. The back 5 will certainly offer a solid base to work from, and the the players in front of them will be tasked with marking players tightly and defending in front of the back 5.

Shape In Defence: The back 5 and the anchor man will form a back 6. This leaves the other two midfielders and the two strikers with the task of winning the ball back in front of the defence. Not much more to say here.

Potential Strong Areas: Defending central areas. Three DCs and an Anchor Man pretty much stacks this area so by virtue of quantity of players, it should be a strong area. Having two strikers also helps us, as it is more for the opposition to worry about when we are attacking.

Potential Weak Areas: Potentially out wide. I have put the two WBs in slightly more advanced positions than DR/DL, but I may need to drop them back further, depending on the results of analysing how this tactic works in matches.

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Discussion: FM19 - Making a Manager - 04 - Preliminary Tactic Design

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