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Football Manager 2019 SCOUTING Hints and Tips

The official FM19 hints and tips about the Scouting side of things as they appear in-game.

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FM 2019 Hints and Tips - Football Manager 2019 SCOUTING Hints and Tips
Parent clubs automatically expand their scouting network by using scouting knowledge from feeder clubs.

Scouting a player more than once will increase the likelihood of the scout finding out more about his strengths and weaknesses.

You can change which scout closely tracks and follows the progress of any of your players out on loan by clicking 'Team' -> 'Staff Responsibilities' and then choosing your desired scout in the 'Scouting' section.

Your club's level of scouting knowledge can be increased by either signing scouts who already have a large knowledge base, acquiring an affiliate club or by sending your existing scouts out to investigate new territories.

Scouting your next opposition will give you an insight into their tactics and key players and help you plan your tactical approach for the game.

When signing scouts from a foreign country, your team will benefit from the scout's knowledge of players from that nation.

The more scouting knowledge your club has, the more players will appear on the player search screen.

Assigning a scout to 'Scout Next Opposition' and to a country/region in another continent will result in that scout spending a lot of time travelling rather than actually scouting players.

If you are managing a national team, it is possible for you to scout players eligible for selection.

The star ratings for staff give you an indication of how good they are worldwide for that job role.

You can find out the level of scouting knowledge your club has by viewing the 'Knowledge' tab on the Menu bar within the 'Scouting' screen.

Reports are automatically carried out on all players sent out on loan and can be accessed from the 'Players on Loan' tab on the Squad screen.

The quickest way to scout any available game object such as a player or a team or a competition is to right-click and select the 'Scout' menu from option before choosing the member of staff you wish to compile the report.

Hiring a scout from the country you wish to scout in will result in your club seeing an increase in knowledge of players from that country.

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