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4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.0 for FM19 by ZION

A fast attacking 4-2-3-1 style tactic for FM 2019. A tactic I used with Bologna ALL THE SEASON to WIN the Serie A title.

By Updated on Nov 14, 2018   50438 views   20 comments
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Football Manager 2019 Tactics - 4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.0  for FM19 by ZION
The 4-2-3-1 is one of the most used tactics of all time in my opinion in Football Manager.

The big flaw is related to the spasmodic use of the wings, which makes the game monotonous, but thanks to this tactic, you will be able to express a fast game that is based on the wings, but will give great satisfaction, especially when the team will have started to become more familiar with the tactic.

this is my actual team:

As you can see (sorry i take a pic only at the end of the season) my players are all wonderkinds, and not even at the top of the evolution or experience.
Very lucky to have Corbo in Bologna that is possibly one of the best def wonderkid in the game.

Here you can see the results I have achieved using 4-2-3-1 ALL YEAR LONG, ALL THE SEASON, never changed module, at my second year with BOLOGNA FC.

I won against PSG (great match) and i lose against Liverpool, but with this team in evolution is yet a big thing!!

and this is the final position in serie A:

As you can see, i win with distance from the second.

These are the characteristics of the roles:

GK: sweeper keeper / attack, short passing

DCL / DCR .: Ball playing defend / defend, standard pressing, mark tighter, ease off tackles, dribble less, shoot less often.

DL / DR: Complete wing back /, support, standard pressing, mark tighter, ease off tackles, take more risk, more direct passage

MCR: Ball winning midfielder / defend, short passage

MCL: Box to Box midfielder / support, ease off tackles, shorter passage

AML: Winger / support, more direct passage, take more risk, ease on tackle

AMR: Inside forward / support, sit narrower, get further forward, more direct passing, ease on tackle

AMC: Attacking midfielder/attack, Hold up ball, shorter passing, take more risk, ease on tackle

STC: Pressing forward / attack, shorter passing, take more risk

Not big changes, except, for more ease on tackle on everyone, was tacking too many yellows cards, and the AMC is offensive now.

IMPORTANT!!!! The roles of the wings can be reversed depending on your players.


The workouts I follow them, I do not disappoint, my players, here is an example:


i use to give these Tasks to the player with all the opponents before the match:

is very important to pressing and marking, dont like to take too many scores. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL, cause sometimes with some lower level teams dont need to put all these marks, and put too many of contrast can make your team take a lot of yellow cards.

So far it's all, various improvements will be made over time, I'm open to suggestions or feedback!

Good FM everyone

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Downloads: 17352 / Size: 43.9 kB / Added: 2018-10-28
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Discussion: 4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.0 for FM19 by ZION

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • ZION's avatar
    pixter maybe put the command on the players to make a larger game. i like to play on the mid.
  • ZION's avatar
    meinos instruction on opponent i choose it depending by the match
  • ZION's avatar
    oohahcantona, not too much
  • ZION's avatar
    devimarfer my bad forgot to write it, anyway you can change it on the players
  • ZION's avatar
    Ryukon then put ease tackle when you have not the ball
  • davimarfer's avatar
    because the wings are changing bands?
  • OohAhCantona's avatar
    What exactly changed from Version 1.0?
  • fnx's avatar

    Thanks for the share,

    However, while using this tactic, i'm taking a lot of goals by long passes behind my defensive line, would you recommend to adjust it lower ?

    Also, I'm playing Avranches (national starting team), and that's my second season in Ligue 1 (finished 5th last season with another tactic on my own). Would you recommend it to a lower team ? And if yes, would you say to put a defensive mentality ?
  • mienos's avatar
    One question: how do you set the instructions on the opponents?
  • pixter91's avatar
    Tactic is so far amazing, i am playing 5th season with Liverpool, won 3 out of 4 Champion League and 3 out of 4 Premier League, only problem i am facing with is that my middlefielders are shooting like 6+ times per match both of cm(so like 12+ shots ) and my Forward is shooting like 3-4 time max.. and Alexander Arnold is so beast in this formation(overall probably best player in game so far) with 20+ assists and 10ish goals at right back..

    My squad is atm: Allison- AlexanderArnold, Dijk, Gomez, Robertson(tierney) -GedsonFernandes, Keita - Mbappe, Chakvetadze, Sancho/Woodburn(Marin from Dinamo) - Pellegri
  • Ryukon's avatar
    thanks for the tactic, so far it works really well for me.
    One problem though, im getting between 4-8 yellow cards every game, often players are sent off. Is there any way to prevent this? Mostly the Center Backs and the BWM.
    I stopped giving tasks but just helps a little bit
  • OohAhCantona's avatar
    Perhaps it has to do with my competition, but this formation was actually better defensively than a more defensive 4-2-3-1 I was using. I haven't been scoring a ton of goals, but I tend to win 2-0 / 3-0 regularly with an obscene number of shots taken against weaker opponents.
  • ZION's avatar
    hi guys, so, until now , how does it works for you this tactic ?
  • ZION's avatar
    np dite , let me konw how it works for you
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Thanks for clarify it Zion !! You answered all my worries.. hehe

    Sorry if my questions kinda silly since I'm not that good to creating my own tactics.. been copy paste other people tactics since Championship Manager 1999 lol :D
  • ZION's avatar
    no the tact is not useless, the important thing is the general behaviour of the team, you can change somethings in that roles, but the lines must be more or less that.
  • ZION's avatar
    Dite you play with a team that basically have no problem in term of tact and strength tecnic ecc. you can do that changes, box to box in my opinion is one of the best roles (Pogba for example) you can change the other oviusly, i have to use that role cause my team is not really strong (in that position there Poli....)and i need more cover, i hate to take too much goals.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    @Stam: Roger that mate, I'm just afraid that the tactic will be useless if I'm not follow it strictly to the detail :)
  • Stam's avatar
    I'd personally alter the roles to be a better match to your players' strengths. No point trying to force a role your player doesn't have the required key attributes to pull through. You either buy players to play certain roles or you go with what you have and opt for their best roles.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Hello.. thanks for sharing the tactic, I'm currently managing Manchester United and want to ask some questions:

    What if I change couple of the position role so it will be more suitable for my players natural position role? What I have in mind are following:

    BBM or BWM I will change to DLP
    PF I will change to TM or Poacher
    CWB I will change to WB

    What do you think of it? Will the tactic still working fine? Thanks :)
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