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4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.0 for FM19 by ZION

A fast attacking 4-2-3-1 style tactic for FM 2019. A tactic I used with Bologna ALL THE SEASON to WIN the Serie A title.

By Updated on Nov 16, 2018   588146 views   59 comments
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Downloads: 175333 / Size: 43.9 kB / Added: 2018-10-28
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - 4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.0  for FM19 by ZION
The 4-2-3-1 is one of the most used tactics of all time in my opinion in Football Manager.

The big flaw is related to the spasmodic use of the wings, which makes the game monotonous, but thanks to this tactic, you will be able to express a fast game that is based on the wings, but will give great satisfaction, especially when the team will have started to become more familiar with the tactic.

this is my actual team:

As you can see (sorry i take a pic only at the end of the season) my players are all wonderkinds, and not even at the top of the evolution or experience.
Very lucky to have Corbo in Bologna that is possibly one of the best def wonderkid in the game.

Here you can see the results I have achieved using 4-2-3-1 ALL YEAR LONG, ALL THE SEASON, never changed module, at my second year with BOLOGNA FC.

I won against PSG (great match) and i lose against Liverpool, but with this team in evolution is yet a big thing!!

and this is the final position in serie A:

As you can see, i win with distance from the second.

These are the characteristics of the roles:

GK: sweeper keeper / attack, short passing

DCL / DCR .: Ball playing defend / defend, standard pressing, mark tighter, ease off tackles, dribble less, shoot less often.

DL / DR: Complete wing back /, support, standard pressing, mark tighter, ease off tackles, take more risk, more direct passage

MCR: Ball winning midfielder / defend, short passage

MCL: Box to Box midfielder / support, ease off tackles, shorter passage

AML: Winger / support, more direct passage, take more risk, ease on tackle

AMR: Inside forward / support, sit narrower, get further forward, more direct passing, ease on tackle

AMC: Attacking midfielder/attack, Hold up ball, shorter passing, take more risk, ease on tackle

STC: Pressing forward / attack, shorter passing, take more risk

IF THE TEAM IS TACKING TOO MANY CARDS, GO TO TACTICS - OUT OF POSSESSION - and change from GET STUCK IN to STAY ON FEET, or NOTHING!!!. But you ll see that the intensity of tact will go down.

SO Not big changes, except, for more ease on tackle on everyone, was tacking too many yellows cards, and the AMC is offensive now.

IMPORTANT!!!! The roles of the wings can be reversed depending on your players. ALSO I MADE MY WINGS SWAP; here you can see how to change the swap option


The workouts I follow them, I do not disappoint, my players, here is an example:

the training is very easy. just remeber to check your players, you ll see that sometimes they say that the training lacks in something ( defend, attack, ecc)
so you have to start that training. the most important thing is every week put "TEAM BONDING", and evrything that need to pump up match cohesion. speak once at moth to your players to make them play or train better.


i use to give these Tasks to the player with all the opponents before the match:

is very important to pressing and marking, dont like to take too many scores. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL, cause sometimes with some lower level teams dont need to put all these marks, and put too many of contrast can make your team take a lot of yellow cards.

So far it's all, various improvements will be made over time, I'm open to suggestions or feedback!

Good FM everyone

Download Now
Downloads: 175333 / Size: 43.9 kB / Added: 2018-10-28
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Discussion: 4-2-3-1 ATTACK 2.0 for FM19 by ZION

59 comments have been posted so far.

  • omjhody's avatar
    this tactics is amazing, im using in on lower league and struggling to avoid relegation with my team torquay.

    Great tactics, i just add instruction to tackle the opposition winger
  • vagnoncio's avatar
    i've started a new save with this tactic and right now i lost most of my games... (my team is trash, doe)
  • Lynx's avatar
    This tactic doen't work for me. I'm using it in my 8th season with good players, but not scoring goals...
  • Romano338's avatar
    Allowed Valère Germain to score 27 goals in a season. Enough said.

    Ok, I'll say more: amazing tactic. Allowed me to finish 2nd with Marseille and win Europa League (and reach both cup's finals) in first season. My lack of players sometimes cost me, and also a few points lost before using the tactic.
  • Alessandro Berretta's avatar
    I played with staying on feet. I won Serie A with Sassuolo at first season with this tactic (used as 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-2-3) with 83 points (Lazio also takes 83 points, but I defeated them twice). Best victories Napoli 3:0 (H), Milan 3:0 (H), Juventus 4:1 (A). But sometimes at sprinh I got series of draws and losses after I scored 2:0 and get 2-3 goals at 2nd time. Not sure what happened but may be no tactic problem. It was good tactic for me. But 2-3 players often running around opponent with ball awaiting something... Sassuolo scored most goals and 93% of tackling.
  • BugYou's avatar
    Hi Zion, in the tactic the right central midfielder is "Deep Lying Playmaker", while in the description of your post you write its a "Ball winning midfielder".

    Which one is right? Cause it's a quite different tactical role !
  • FMScout123's avatar
    what are good traits for players to have with this tactic?
  • Jamie2k's avatar
    Why do the inside forwards immediately swap sides once the game has started? Same after half time. I'm playing with Dortmund and Reus on left, Pulisic on right and as soon as the game starts they swap sides and it shows on tactic screen as well. Is this a bug? It's annoying the hell out of me.
  • ikeuslel's avatar
    Great tactic so far!

    playing a low 2.div norwegian team. so far unbeaten.
  • millers's avatar
    Great tactic!! Won the league in my first season as Valencia. Highly recommended. Didn't have to change anything on the tactic.
  • ZION's avatar
    soon i'll put a .zip with three tacts, 2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2
  • Gruzztig's avatar

    i now tried this tactic with Marseille and Brøndby, but I found that I get a lot goals against me. special in away games. I get a lot of chance but the goals doesn't come, tried to tweek the tactic but no luck
  • ryan666king's avatar
    This tactic has worked brilliantly for me.
    I'm managing newly promoted Wolves and after 9 premier league games I'm undefeated and in 1st. (8-1-0)
    Hopefully we can carry on performing well with this tactic.
  • ZION's avatar
    hi guys sorry all but didnt play for a while.
    cant answer for all, happy to know thta for big part of you tact work weel. for everyone who take too many red cards, change aggressive tackle, and remember that you can change the roles of your players, without problem, you can change everything you want, you can experiment
  • webba1337's avatar

    i use this tactic with 1. FC Kaiserslautern ! 1st season 3rd league winner - 2nd season 2nd league winner , 3rd season rank2 in the bundesliga and dfb pokal winner, now im season 4 and playing champions league. The only changes i did was pressing defensiv line to costum and offsidetrap off. pressing forward to complete forward. attacking mode only at home or vs worse enemys.
    Very nice tactic. Thx a lot !
  • RonaldoR9's avatar

    How do i change so the Wingers dont switch position during the games?

    And also i changed so the Left Winger is IF and the right players is a regular winger, does these things matter? I also only have one Ball playing defender that suits my team (everton) The other defender is Zouma and he has 10 in passing, surely he cant play BPD?. And did some minor tweaks aswell, can these changes affect the tactic in a bad way?
  • BobaTeeee's avatar
    Would it be fine to make the AML an inside forward also? I'm using Liverpool and I feel that using Mane as an inside forward would get the best out of him. Let me know what you think.
  • PRJ's avatar
    Very good tactic! Did a few changes to fit my team, Palermo, better. But all in all really great, won Serie B with 9 rounds left and currently nr. 1 i serie a after 30 games with only 19 goals againt me!
  • ajie's avatar
    Hey Zion thanks for your input man-- I have been using your formation for a lower league team, oxford united (league 1) and you would be pleased to know that it still works pretty well and that I find myself on top of the league table after the first 2 months of the season (media expectation of the team is to be the 6th).
    Just one problem though-- I have Diego Forlan as my striker who does not fit into the role of a pressing forward (as the colour of the system display), his best role appears to be either a poacher or a deep lying forward, would you say I should stick to having him as a pressing forward or do I let him play the role that he prefers?
    Hence, would u say its wise to amend the crossing from mixed crossing to a lower crossing and Forlan does not seem to be a particular great header.

  • OohAhCantona's avatar
    I'm moving to the "scripted" camp on some of these FM / tactics issues. I was facing Hertha BSC as Dortmund, I'm 1st in the league and they are 8th. I was up 1-0 until a very suspicious late penalty made it 1-1. I was so pissed off I did a side save and tried to see if I could shore up this tactic.

    I must have played through at least a dozen games, using different tactics and making tweaks here and there, and it seemed like the game had decided I wasn't going to walk out with a win no matter what i did. Half the games featured red cards for my team, all of them a loss, and the other half were draws where Origi just walked through my back line and scored in the last 5-10 minutes of the game.
  • nufcmichael's avatar
    The tactic is great, no doubt about that. However there are some games, more than I like, where you have those typical FM matches with lots of missed chances and your opponent scores on very few chances.
  • Marco1992's avatar
    Hi Zion, i´m using this tactic on my club Porto. I put inside forward on the left because i have Otavio and Winger on the right (Marega), with this changes i have to switch the roles of the mcl & mcr?
  • OohAhCantona's avatar
  • adursu's avatar
    tried this tactic with real madrid, besides sometimes conceding 2 goals, it works amazing. tried it with getafe and lost 5 in a row
  • ZION's avatar
    yes boudji, in my opinion is a game issue, do as i wrote down here to make a better situation, but anyway sometiimes defnders get crazy

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