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FM20 Tactics by Knap: KASHMIR

Kashmir tactics for FM20 by Knap. This is a set of 17 tactic variations. Extreme gegenpress for elite teams.

By on May 12, 2020   49730 views   3 comments
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Downloads: 8700 / Size: 822.0 kB / Added: 2020-05-12
Knap Tactics for FM20 - FM20 Tactics by Knap: KASHMIR
This is Rober's favorite tactic as it takes no hostages and goes forward chasing goals no matter the costs. That means you might win by a big margin (say 9-0), or you might lose.

Extreme gegenpress combined with 3 strikers and often attacking wing backs, no one is looking to stay calm here. We want goals!

The midfield has a CM and a Mezzala who both get forward as well, leaving the DLP alone with the two ball playing CBs, as the wing backs also want to score!

Playing out of defence with short passing means you will need great players. In fact this tactic demands it all. Stamina and physics as you run all day chasing either the ball or a goal. High mental attributes to make the right choices under pressure. And of course technique to handle the tempo and tiki taka.

Elite tops teams only.

Who plays like this: Zednek Zeman's teams.

Knap has been creating Football Manager tactics since FM 2008. Knap tactics have raked up thousands and thousands of downloads because of his constant testing and tweaking throughout updates of Football Manager, making Knap one of the best tactic creators in the community.
This year he is back with more than 20 tactic systems! We aim to present them all here at FM Scout, and welcome you to test them out and give us feedback in the forum.

What's included in the KASHMIR Bundle of FM20 Tactics

You will find 17 variations of Kashmir Tactics inside this bundle. They all apply to 20.4 Match Engine version.

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 433 MM P106 FA CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 41221 MM VOL 5 P105 EC FA

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR POSITIVE 4321 VOL 6 P102 FA CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR VOL 6 4321 P103 EC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR VOL 5 4141 P103 ALL CUPS

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR VOL 4 22123 P16 EC FOR 142

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR VOL 8 DL 4321 P101 ALL CUPS

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 4312 Narrow VOL 6 P104 FA CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 41221 VOL 7 P101 ALL CUPS

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 433 VOL 5 P102 EC CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR VOL 5 4312 P101 EC CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 41221 VOL 6 P103 EC CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 23221 VOL 5 P101 EC CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 23221 P103 FA

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 433 VOL 5 SP P101 ALL CUPS

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR 433 VOL3 P110 EC CC

  • FM20.4.1 KASHMIR VOL 2 433 P107 EC

  • FM20.4.0 KASHMIR 433 MU P111 ELITE TEAMS

Kashmir should be suitable to elite teams, as it's an extremely demanding tactic.


Most of the text above is written by Rober and RDF Tactics. They are the driving force behind our effort to bring you Knap Tactics in a way that does justice to his work.

At the same time we aim to making it easier for the community to familiarize with all the different variations and the relevant sets, because keeping up with his creations and figuring out all the what / where / why can be overwhelming.

Thanks to Knap for the kind permission to share his work on FM Scout. :)

Download Now
Downloads: 8700 / Size: 822.0 kB / Added: 2020-05-12
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Discussion: FM20 Tactics by Knap: KASHMIR

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