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FM20 Match Physics Patch by Thiago

The beautiful game patch is mods that changes, adds and removes strings or numbers from the variations of how we see physics in 3D and 2D graphics.

By Updated on Oct 28, 2020   38770 views   59 comments
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Downloads: 3524 / Added: 2020-10-23
Football Manager 2020 Mods - FM20 Match Physics Patch by Thiago
FM Engineers – Thiago (The beautiful game patches)

Different versions

  • Billgates v6.0 (Official)
  • Verge 6.9 (Official)
  • Billgates v7.0 (Official)
  • Thiago v2.0 (Official)
  • Hongik v3.0 (Official)

What do Thiago 2.0 do compared to Billgates 7.0 and what about Hongik 3.0?

That is an often asked question. And there is no clear answer. Statistically speaking, the numbers are too similar to say “This does more crosses, this creates more of that, and less in this.” In that sense are they simply, way too similar.

We all see and feel differently, and everyone trying the different versions, knows there's a difference, but explaining it, is a whole other thing. Placebo is also in play, when we talk about what someone felt was different compared to another version. Some few even still claim that it's all a hoax. tsk tsk

So all we can say about choosing a version, is to try them for a few games yourself, and see how it makes you feel. That is the best indicator for you, your tactics, your team, the league, for the players, and for the overall experience for a long term save. No one can tell you how you feel.

What have we changed?

  • We have changed numbers and values in the strings.

  • We have added new strings, that adds new delay, speed, acceleration and deceleration with possibilities in delays, theoreticals, min, max, and potentials having a different outcome on players' physical behavior.

What are we not changing?

  • We are not changing AI behavior. This is controlled by attributes, tactics, roles, instructions, and possibly more things that we are not in control of. But we are not saying that those things are not indirectly influenced by physics.

  • It does not change animations. Animations got their own speed values and time signatures. This however is possible to change, but we sincerely doubt we are going to do it with a small team. +200k lines of coding. Just alone “Pass Ball - Standing” make up for 368 strings and variation of passing the ball while standing. Anyone still saying SI did not spend a lot of time on the ME? You are wrong.

How does it impact what you see?

  • Depending on what physics we change, will it affect what you see on the pitch.

  • Our key words are Balancing, subtlety, realism, flow and fluidity, when we are trying to find the correct changes in physics to implant. These words are subjective, and how we see the beautiful game, adding to that, each developer also sees these things possibly differently.

Will it change the match engine?

  • Yes. Is the short answer.

  • The numbers we have changed, will not impact your results in any noticeable way. Only extreme numbers in the strings would heavily influence the statistics and results.

  • Old fixtures are already done and dusted, and are therefore not influenced.

  • This means, depending on what numbers and strings we change, the outcome of games compared to the normal json is altered.

  • @Sports interactive – “Making changes to the match engine is an incredibly complex balancing act to try and find the most enjoyable but yet also completely realistic representation of real life football.”

  • We agree with SI, that it is hard to find the correct balance between enjoyable football to watch and realisme in the outcome of results. We believe that enjoyable football to watch is a tiny bit more important than perfectly balanced tables, and specific teams having the same goals scored each season.

  • We have claimed the opposite, “no statistic changes,” this was due to corrupt data input. We are sorry for this misunderstanding. We could definitely 100% change the Match engine and the results if we wished to do it.

  • FM enginners Statistics spreadsheet

  • We, the players, are the deciders of what realisme is to the majority. Not a small staff at SI. And we say that realistic gameplay is subjective. Therefore multiple ME versions.

Plans for the future?

  • That depends entirely on Sports Interactive. We have no inside information about FM21, or if this will be patched in a way, where people no longer can apply it.

  • IF they allow us to continue this work, would we of course start working on FM21’s json file, when released. Same goes for keeping FM20’s json files up to date, with new stuff we learn and can apply to it.

How to apply the mod:

Close football manager 2020, download the mod, unzip the file, (backup original file) and replace it with the new (physical_constraints) file, in:

Steam: Local disk:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/physics

Epic games: :/Program Files/Epic Games/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/physics

Mac steam: Library/application support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/physics

Mac epic games: Users/Shared/Epic Games/FootballManager2020/data/simatch/physics

If you change to a newer/older json file, the game might crash in the load up. This is due to adding or deleting strings. The game has a hard time with such changes. It takes 1-2 tries before the game recognizes the changes. The maximum we have seen is 5 crashes in row when trying to load FM20.exe. When it works, will it do so, until you change the json file to another version again with new or deleted strings. This behavior also seems to be different from machine to machine, and platform to platform. Many never experience this.


We do not wish to showcase this ourselves (modding team), at least not directly. We let the community not involved with the modding, do it for us. And we believe the community is the best to deliver a fair assessment of this mod. Anyone that wishes to showcase this, can do so.

We hope some content creators, and others with commentary gifts will make videos. Bad or good, or in between, all reviews are welcomed. We consider it good feedback in any case.

Feedback & Donations:

This is a completely free mod of course. No strings attached. But we would love feedback from anyone interested in making this mod better. We started this project with only one intent, to have more enjoyable content to watch in our favorite game. But we have come to the realisation that we are interested in creating, and not only editing. Whatever that means, and toward what purpose, is too early to tell.
So with that in mind, are donations welcomed, and open to whomever that wish to donate to the FM Engineers:
Donate via PayPal
FM Engineers discord server

– Credits –

FM forums across the globe

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Downloads: 3524 / Added: 2020-10-23
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Discussion: FM20 Match Physics Patch by Thiago

59 comments have been posted so far.

  • nemojack80's avatar
  • nemojack80's avatar
  • dmcgrath82's avatar
    Sorry I'm using v2. Also, picked up few red cards.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Remember this download is v.1, there is an update on the FM eng. site
  • harrow's avatar
    Well what I have seen with the latest is that there are way too many wayward passes, tackles from players with rating of 8-12 are pro slide tacklers and strikers are ineffective. That's my opinion with my save after 5 consecutive matches.
  • dmcgrath82's avatar
    Anyone having trouble with ineffective strikers on this mod? They seem to get fewer chances, and poorer conversion rate. Or am i just imagining it, and this shouldnt be effected?
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    @maczidane, looks like you have been reamed inside out. Just accept this mod in the spirit of all the others that you don’t seem to be so offended by.

    the game is improved by this, end of.
    I had a chat with a tester earlier today, the json file is still editable, so too late to change now.
    # obsessed.
  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
    @ Den1s I'm not complaining actually and it is indeed more realistic. It's just my hobby of beating giants with smol team, and I'm just trying to analyze this modded ME
  • RellomQ's avatar

    As far I know, is the donation at 0 in Billgates PayPal. Like someone else pointed out, donations are just donations, nothing more, we are not demanding money from anyone lol. In best case, would it bring us nitro for discord servers, or enough for a .org or .net homepage. So no, this is not about money – I would be a retard to spend this much time, for absolutely nothing, if that was the case. No, this is about having spend +20k hours of my life in this game, and wanting more from the game.

    We can't really stop people from believing that we change the AI. I think I have said it 300 times by now. We are not changing AI decisions. The problem is, not everyone understand what AI vs physics is, but that doesn't mean that there are no changes, or what they experience are not better. It clearly is, for a ton of players, even if they don't understand directly what have changed per definition.

    I understand why people would believe there are AI changes, since I my self, do have my brain tricked by what I see in the games. It do look like AI changes from time to time, but that is just how physics interact with animations and how it will make it all look a little more smoothed. I guess humans are stupid like this, and do see changes where there are non.
  • MacZidane's avatar
    @RellomQ - You've done a marvellous job convincing people that these changes make the game any better than what it is already - I'll give you that. But then we live in an age where Johnson and Trump were voted into power, so it's no real surprise there's so many gullible people around. There's even a guy a few posts below amazed at how the players off the ball behaviour is so much better, when this is clearly AI related which cannot be changed. People really do see what they want to see. Sad, really. Hope those donations are flooding in, that's what it's really all about, isn't it?
  • RellomQ's avatar

    Are you kidding me? Being disrespectful, is having believes that would directly interfere with how others like to play. I have no idea how many thousands are playing with any of our versions, but for the most part, are people perfectly happy, and if not, they can just stop using it. You are the minority, not liking it.

    To hope SI will be party poopers and say WE are disrespectful, really do trickker me. Excuse my language, bugger off dude, your believes is by definition disrespectful to everyone who simply wish to play this game, how they want it.
  • Den1s's avatar
    @MacZidane People want this, they are sick with the old ME so whats your problem? If you think its not good to change the gameplay just dont do it and play your unmodified game, its that simple.
    You have no right to tell anyone what to do or block their ability to do it because you dont agree.
    You are the one being disrespectful.
  • Den1s's avatar
    @UselessPatheticNoob Hm, but isnt the new result more realistic, I mean why would you expect a small team to dominate Man City? Though I see its in year 2031 I dont know what kind of players you got but if they are like a ligue 1 team then its normal losing to City.
  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
    So, after tried this mod for a few hours, this is my "subjective" and "temporary" opinion (might change it later).

    Overall, 3d animation is smoother, or maybe well timed. Tackling animation is better timed. Players behavior when off the ball is better and more active, more beautiful dribbling, more creative passing and ball physic is also seems smoother than vanilla.

    Tried this mod on my arsenal save and feeling satisfied. great build up pass, nice dribble, beautiful shot, no clunky tackle, unlike vanilla. So far, i like it

    Then i tried it with my average class team which is similar to English league 1 sides (Portsmouth, Sunderland), and in this save is where i find more difference between vanilla and this Thiago mod.

    With Thiago mod, my formation structure is completely destroyed by man city players, either with their superior speed, dribbling technique or creative pass.

    With vanilla version. opponent players didn't outspeed nor outskilled my team as often as with Thiago mod, so my team still can keep its formation structure and do something. Although we are still losing.

    For now, this mod is a must for my top league saves and so far i kinda like it. I'm not sure whether this mod is better in realistic/tactical aspect compared to vanilla, but I'm excited with new possibilities this mod brings to this game.

    @RellomQ and other modders. Please continue your work buddy, you have done awesome things for this game

    @Richardcharlston You are right. this is why i always buy/play FM after winter patches are out
  • MacZidane's avatar
    Of course it's different. Other modders are only changing how the game looks, you're trying to fundamentally change how the game plays. Which is hugely disrespectful to the game developers. Hopefully, this access will be denied sooner rather than later.
  • RellomQ's avatar
    What we do are no different from other modders. You said it your self, SI don't have time for skins, real faces or kits. I would say neither have they taken time to make the physics more smooth interacting with animations time signatures or other parts of the ME. We can't confirm anything that should point toward us changing longterm changes to the stats, or the short term for that matter, so how is this anything more, then what an 3D kit, or better sound pack do? Pretty much nothing, excerpt from getting me, and plenty others more immersed in the game.

    Is that really so bad? Me and others having a better experience playing the game?

    I already have a 20k folder with new gen faces from modders, I don't want SI to waste time on that, holy cow THAT IS A WASTED TIME. Same with them doing anything to the json file, we can do that fine...and if they open up more to the modders, then we can do that too, or someone else can. Why would SI do all the hard work, when they clearly don't have time for it anyway? They should focus on what modders possibly can't change. The freaking ME and a 3D engine. Everything else, open it up to modders, and let us do hard work.

    Look at CK3, perfectly fine game, released 3 months ago, and got thousands of great mods already, and the fanbase are loving paradox atm for focusing on the right things, with better modding tools coming out all the time. It is not that hard to build a game around the community and still earn a truck load of money, with happy consumers buying 2-3 DLC's a year. SI could easily do the same.

    Really sad how much some peoples po po hurt from time to time over this physical file change. Get over it.
  • MacZidane's avatar
    Also (as if this really needs explained) but the modders who do great work with kits, facepacks, skins etc are only changing the aesthetic of the game, not the core gameplay. SI don't have the time to create 40 skins for the game, or the licences to have multiple real faces or kits. One area they could improve on massively is newgen faces, but again, that's just the look of the game. Your comparing apples and oranges.
  • MacZidane's avatar
    "The game has gone downhill for last 7 years" - And yet, each edition sells more than the last one, and is played by more people than the prior ones, and all this without any expensive marketing, flash graphics, or any sort of decent multiplayer mode. Hardly a sign of the game going downhill. And to call the coders at SI 'poor' is hugely insulting. You try making a football management sim from scratch, see how you get on. I look forward to playing your bug-free, error-free perfect simulation. I'll wait.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    He is deluded. Seems to trying to convince himself.

    the game has gone downhill for last 7 years.

    The full release of the game takes 6 months to get rid of basic bugs, the coders at SI are poor.

    Mczidane, you are insulting the many guys out there that improve the game with better skins, better kits, better sounds.....need I go on?

    or are you suggesting you stick with the purple skin
  • O_Thiago's avatar
    @MacZidane, stop embarrassing yourself.
  • MacZidane's avatar
    You are aware the whole point of the beta is to identify any flaws in the game so they can try and be fixed for release? Tell me you are aware of how that works? Of course, the experienced team of around 8 coders and multiple QA testers won't be able to do as good a job with close to three million lines of code as some smartarse in Korea sitting in his bedroom putting random numbers into one physics file. I've got some fresh air in a can here, only £100, interested?
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    And the good news is the latest test version has the json file, I doubt they have time to change that before the flawed beta is released
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Really not sure why somebody not connected to SI is so worried about people improving the game.
    every element of the game needs improving by mods, the base game is simply not good enough anymore. SI are complacent.

    at the end of the day it’s a choice, use the mod / don’t use the mod- no need to cry about it
  • RellomQ's avatar
    This got nothing to do with trusting in me, or FM Engineers. People can play with the changes or not. Completely up to each individuel. One thing is for sure, it is not harming anyone to replace one file, and try it, and delete it again if it is not to their liking. This is copy/paste replacing. Nothing hard in that, so the whole point with SI having extra work and bug reports posted, is just idiotic. 99% people downloading this, know how to replace and delete a simple file again.

    I trust SI to do exactly what they have done for so many years now – Pretty much nothing with the ME. They may say they do, and they do have a lot of coding (That much is true,) but the outcome is dreadful. I love the game, but I loved it more 15 years ago, where it was still up to date. All I want, is an up to date game and I feel FM is getting outdated and only speak to an audience +40 AKA - People who started playing with text simulation. I want a simulation game, where I actually also see football, and not some scuffed low textured 2003 2D ME, that was updated 10 years ago to an facelifted 3D rendered version, of the extract same thing. That is pathetic for a simulator game in 2020.
  • O_Thiago's avatar
    @MacZidane this is my version of the mod, I'm telling you: NO, we CANNOT change ME, no decision making is influenced by this .json, we only change the RESULTS of some actions, such like: speed of the ball, speed of the players, accelerations, decelerations and some delays.

    The SI team already did wrong with those things I told you and they created this constraint file to make changes after game release, so I still dont like some of their values and I changed them.

    You can use it or not, nobody cares.

    About hamper their work, you got be kidding me. You dont understand a bit of coding, SI or FM, you are just throwing out your lack of knowledge.

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