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FM20 Realistic Injuries

Added 85 NEW injuries, and reworked 90% of injuries to be more logical. A database for FM 2020.

By on Jan 31, 2020   36994 views   14 comments
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Downloads: 6064 / Size: 75.3 kB / Added: 2020-01-31
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - FM20 Realistic Injuries
With 114 injuries in FM, on the surface there seems to be quite a bit of depth. But looking closer, many things are unrealistic.
Blisters are treated by physios, pulled wrist ligaments take only a day or two to recover from, injury amount is only 70% of real life, and goalkeepers are invincible.

This file attempts to add a whole new layer of depth and strategy to your game:
* Learn to rotate your squad better
* Plan matches and training ahead of time, to prevent injuries to a star player
* Keep quality backup Goalkeepers on hand, in case your starting Goalkeeper is injured
* Use the Medical Center to keep an eye on players with high injury risk
* Make sure you have the best physios available
* Balance training, recovery, rehab, and rest
* Let your Club Doctor do his job, and plan for the financial hit
* Fully scout prospective players to weed out those susceptible to injuries
* Decide whether to bring in more loans/backup/youth players, for a squad capable of handling an injury crisis
* Determine if you should dump out of a cup early, so your thin squad can focus on the most important competitions

and so on..


* 85 new injuries, added based on research
* Added a new grading system for some injuries
Many injuries in real life are classified by grade.
I = the most minor, a sprain or bruise
II = more severe, likely some ripping or tearing
III = the worst, complete tear
Now, your Club Physio will tell you the "grade" or severity of the injury. For example, is it strained, partially torn, or completely torn?
OPTIONAL: Increased injuries to be near 100% of the amount in real life (compared to the 70% of default FM)


* Added correct Classifications and Sub-Classifications for all injuries
* Changed ratio of injuries to be more day-to-day and less major
* Made injury lengths much more accurate
Example: Pulling your wrist ligaments in real life takes roughly 2-4 weeks to recover from. FM had it set at 1-3 days, but now it takes 2-4 weeks.
* Added Realistic Causes
Example: Sprained knee ligaments were only turning, sprinting, jumping. Now, they can also be caused by impact or a bad tackle or wear and tear.
* Added Realistic Treatment Options
> Reduced excessive physio use
Example: Way too many injuries are unrealistically treated by a physio. Why is a cold or a cut hand treated by a physio?
> Reduced amount of injuries able to use injection
Example: In real life, recommended treatment for a bruised thigh is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Rehab. It is a minor injury. Doctors say "You may also use a protective device." Yet, FM prescribes either an injection or physio.
> More injuries allow players to play with protective equipment
Example: Continuing with the bruised thigh - protective equipment is a much better option than injection.
More medically and anatomically accurate names for injuries
Example: A "broken lower arm" is now a "fractured humerus".
Fixed inaccurate seasonal injuries
Example: Shin splints no longer only occur in summer...
Removed unrealistic injuries
Example: A stubbed toe, that is treated by physio, but you can't use protective equipment? how many times does stubbed toe leave you unable to walk or run?)
* Removed duplicate "different" injuries (IE: a broken toe(45 minimum days) and a fractured toe(15 minimum days, but everything else almost the same


Increased Goalkeeper injury possibility
Goalkeepers can now get 47 new injury types
Fixed injuries with blank Goalkeeper Percentage assigning too many injuries to Goalkeepers


Because everyone will have their own idea of a correct amount of injuries, setup a test save similar to the one you will actually play. Run it for a few hours, or even overnight, while you sleep. Take a look at the league you want to play in. Go to Stats > Injury Table. See how many players are out for each team, and for how long. Does it look right to you?

Alternative Version

Reduced Frequency Option (all the fixes, but no increase in amount of injuries)
Download Alternative Version

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Downloads: 6064 / Size: 75.3 kB / Added: 2020-01-31
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Discussion: FM20 Realistic Injuries

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • Telutelu43's avatar
    hello could you help me? and sorry for the inconvenience, I have installed the realistic injury patch in FM20, but the in-game player injury language is in English, how could I change it to Spanish? thanks.
  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
    This mod is not that bad. Its not a fun/easy mod. Its a challenging mod. It will add some scenarios where one/some of your players get worse/didn't reach its after so many injuries, just like Wilshere, Pato or Diaby. You still can work with those injury prone players, but you need to be careful(and luck of course). It's also affect AI teams too, so its not making game too hard. My only concern is when you face team with most of them are grey players, so they don't really get affected with injuries. Thanks for a good mod!!!
  • yungMars's avatar
    Worst mod ive ever had.
  • archon's avatar
    we dont want many standart injuries .. we want max 3 players injury and 1 of them injury maybe 6 months maybe more than 6 months .. it will be more realistic ...

    i want to say ... you can check yourself : ((more than 1.000.000 euro per year contract players)) ( like 1200 player ) when game start (100 of them normal injury less than 2 weeks) (15-20 of them more than 6 months injury)....

    original game after 3-4 years can see ((more than 1.000.000 euro per year contract players)) (like 1400 player) but nobody injury more than 6 months .. this is not realistic ... (80 of them normal injury less than 2 weeks) .. and 0 of them more than 6 months injury). nobody injury about 1400 player.. this is big unrealistic...

    your pack after 3-4 years .. you can see ((more than 1.000.000 euro per year contract players) ( like 1400 player) = 150 of them is normal injury(less than 2 weeks) = this is little big high ( my view must be 120) ... and only 2 of them more than 6 months injury ... this is also so something for this
  • joaquin87's avatar
    PLEASE, DO NOT SAY "REALISTIC" BUT THAT ISN'T REALISTIC. This is your opinion about injuries, not a FACT.

    If you think your opinion is best that hundread of people that work in FM, still isn't a FACT that is realistic.
  • Doddo04's avatar
    The File is great but it supports not the german language i play in german language and the injuries the new ones only assign in englisch language. Is it possible to update this?That german language will be supported?
  • majesticeternity's avatar
    @richbell82: yes, the same.
  • majesticeternity's avatar
    Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.
  • Meggel's avatar
    how to install?
  • MICASYT's avatar
    where to install?
  • Revontuli's avatar
    Thank you! That look promising! I will test it in my next save
  • richbell82's avatar
    Are all these data files the same as on sortitoutsi or are they updated?
    just wondering whether I need to download all again.
    Thanks in advance
  • DAZS8's avatar
    All editor data files require a new game
  • zbladzg's avatar
    working on the current save...or we must Start new save
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