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The Illogical Goalscorer // FM20 Tactic

A very attacking 4321 (Xmas Tree) tactic for FM 2020 which scores a lot of goals using the striker as the main goal source. This tactic defies all logic and shouldn't work, but it does. :)

By on Jun 02, 2020   20602 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 2857 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2020-06-02
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - The Illogical Goalscorer // FM20 Tactic
After spending years of not creating content for Football Manager I have been tempted (or shamed depending on which way you look at it!) to start creating tactics again.

After starting an online game with the great tactician that is BJT and winning the Chamipons League with OM, I was challenged into using my own tactics and not using (as BJT would put it) my trusted assistant Knap and his wonderful tactics!

BJT also came up with the name as he says this tactic defies all logic and should not work so credit goes to him for the name!

So after reading thread upon thread that the strikers never score enough in FM20, I have tried to make a tactic where my striker is my main goal source.

In my opinion this tactic is most effective with having full backs who have good crossing and a striker who not only has good finishing but also good off the ball and anticipation skills as this tactic is set up to have the full back whip in low crosses to the near post for the striker to nip in ahead of the CB for a lot of his goals.

As this is my 1st tactic in many years, I appreciate any feedback, good or bad, and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did while creating it.

I hope this is the 1st of many tactics I can make as I have a 2nd already in the works. If I get positive feedback and people are finding them helpful, I will try get the next tactic finished and published!

Also as a fun idea I thought I would welcome any suggestions for a name to be given to the 2nd tactic. So leave in the comments what you think the next tactic should be called, could even have a tactic named after you and I will let BJT pick what he think is the best name to be given!

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Downloads: 2857 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2020-06-02
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Discussion: The Illogical Goalscorer // FM20 Tactic

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • Victorhugo4222's avatar
    Hey Tosh yeah i agree it is very attacking and can be leaky in away games. The tactic has been tweaked by the tactic creator, Lisa from FM base, Which i intend to release on here pretty soon. Still a tactic for elite teams but it has even better results than before
  • toshimitzou1's avatar
    After watching a few games I've seen it in action. V.Often back post cross gets recycled to WB who zips it to ST. Pure counter-intuition throughout. If you could tighten it up that would be a serious tactic as I have had to abandon use in BIG away games. Keep it up!
  • Victorhugo4222's avatar
    Well spotted about the crossing! When i was testing i found the have the desired effect i had to set the crossing to far post hance why this is called the illogical goalscorer as everything that i wanted to do i had to set the instructions to do the opposite! I am looking at making av2 of this that should make it more defensive and not leak as many goals hope to get some time this week to work on it
  • toshimitzou1's avatar
    Hi. Good looking tactic.
    Playing as Arsenal.I use this as my second tactic against BIG teams who gegnpress (Liverpool etc.). It works a treat home and away in those scenarios. For 80 per ceent of my games I use my own xmas tree formation which has a DLP set as regista and the am's on support with a balanced mentality.After download I discovered that all player crossing instructions are set to far post, yet in your article you specify that near post crossing is central to this tactic. Can you elaborate or is this an error?
  • lfcfan1892ph's avatar
    I used this on a Newcastle save and then on one with Everton and what happened quite quickly was that the 2 attacking midfielders very quick got a bad relationship with the striker as well as each other. It started off very well but somewhat stuttered after that. Does this actually matter or is the bad form just a bit of a placebo and is there any ways I could try and fix this?
  • Giorgio78's avatar
    Do you think this tactic could work in FM18

  • BJT's avatar
    Haha, was inspiration for creating my own illogical system also =) look forward to your next piece of work! - Look forward to being on the panel ;)
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