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4-1-2-1-2 The Lennart

By Updated on Jul 24, 2011   27229 views   2 comments
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In my exploits through out the world of football I've brought about a tactic that's proven great in every leauge I've tried it in. It provides some great attacking movement and good cover at the back as well. The idea is to play with an offensive- and a defensive triangle, both being supported by wingbacks who takes care of the flanks and two supporting MCs who make sure that we always have the upperhand in the middle as well as moving out wide to offer support if needed.

What to look for:

GK: just a generally stong keeper

CBs: I like to go for physical monsters. At the moment I'm using Bassong/Zapata at Udinese, they're both rating around 7.4 and we're conceding very few goals as well as clear cut chanses

WBs: Fast and technical are the leading words here. The offensive skill is more important than the defensive, though both are to prefer of course. Crossing, passing and anticipation is vital so that they help keep possesion as well as providing a threat with killer-crosses

DMC: The anchor-man, my man! If he doesn't help cover for the CBs when they go out wide to support the wingbacks you're plain and simply f***ed! He should have pretty much the same defensive/physical skills as the CB, as far as his offensive skills go he just need to be relaxed as there will always be easy passes for him to play provided that he is capable of picking them out

MCs: pure supporters, good enough technical skills to keep the ball within the team, good enough defensive skills to delay the opposition's attacks and preferebly good enough long-shots to be a threat from outside the box

AMC: depending on who is avaliable to you, the AMC can be used as a trequart or an advanced playmaker in a supporting role. The trequart is prefred as he proves more of a threat in the box as well, but it requiers a far more complete player to do this.
Regardless of wich role he takes on he needs to be a brilliant passer and strong on the ball. The advance playmaker needs passing, anticipation, creativity, technique and first touch. The trequart needs the attributes mentioned above along with decision-making, flair, agility, dribbling, off the ball and finishing

STs: The strikers can be very varied, most styles work as the attacking-ways of the tactic are many. This said, my favourites are the fast, technical players. There are both advantages and disvantages with these guys as the strikers often drift wide into space working the cross into the box. Here it's obviously good to be fast and technical, however it's also deireable to have more of a targetplayer on the other end of the cross. You might say that it's better to play a big man/small man partnership here but since the ball comes down both flanks i prefer having all my players being able to handle it. To make up for the lack of height I like to look for brave little men!

Set pieces

I just use the standard set-up. Moving a third man in front of the keeper might help on offensive corners. Moving other strong arial players to 'mark tall-dude' on defensive corners can also prove helpful providing that they are in fact stronger on the head than their opponents.

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Downloads: 5707 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2011-07-24
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Discussion: 4-1-2-1-2 The Lennart

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