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[FM21] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (216 nations + 10 others)

(Update 21.2) All updates have real (as soon as possible) rules, calendar and structure. Transfers windows are 100% real. All made by @Timo@. So have fun !!!

By Updated on Feb 03, 2021   313341 views   434 comments
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Downloads: 56093 / Size: 16.4 MB / Added: 2020-11-24
Football Manager 2021 League Updates - [FM21] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (216 nations + 10 others)
I stopped FM. I won't be doing any more updates and I'm completely leaving everything to do with Football Manager.
I have been really demoralized by the critics coming from the Sigames Forum, especially from certain moderators. I also have a lot of work to do in my real life and just don't have the time.
My creations are FREE and always have been free.
Thanks to all of you who supported me, who encouraged me and with whom I exchanged messages. I met some very nice people and that's the spirit I like. But unfortunately, it gets lost in the FM community. Don't forget it's a game and in these complicated times, it's better to enjoy and help your fellow man move forward than to push him down. It's so simple to talk and so time-consuming to criticize and say nothing.
Timo, your work is appreciated here by thousands of people (nearly 25K in just over 2 months). I know not many will bother to post a comment and just say thanks, and you usually get requests or critique. Sometimes we take things for granted and don't take a minute to consider the effort put into something that is offered for free.
My advice is to be around people who appreciate you and make you feel at home. Ignore the negativity, it's not worth your time.
You're always welcome here and I hope to see you again soon.

By @Timo@

Each Updates are realized with the real rules (as soon as possible) of the leagues and to the reals calendars (rules of number, registration of team, prim for classification, TV right ...).
All Nation add have prime, Real Cup, reserve / U21 or U19.
Transfers windows calendar are 100% real.

Rules for Yellow Cards change to 4, 7, 9, 11,..
D1 = Level 1, D2 = Level 2, D3 = Level 3, D4 = Level 4, ...

All updates are playable at the same time.


Angola (D1)
Algeria (D3)
Bénin (D2)
Botswana (D2)
Burkina Faso (D3)
Burundi (D2)
Cameroun (D2)
Central African Republic (D2)
Chad (D1)
Comoros (D1)
Congo (D2)
Cap-Vert (D1)
Djibouti (D1)
D.R.Congo (D2)
Egypt (D2)
Equatorial Guinea (D2)
Eritrea (D1)
Eswatini (D2)
Ethiopia (D2)
Gabon (D3)
Gambia (D2)
Ghana (D3)
Guinée (D3) & Academia
Guinea-Bissau (D2)
Ivory Coast (D2)
Kenya (D4)
Lesotho (D2)
Liberia (D3)
Libya (D2)
Madagascar (D2)
Malawi (D2)
Mali (D2)
Mauritius (D3)
Mauritania (D2)
Mayotte (D3)
Morocco (D4)
Mozambique (D2)
Namibia (D2)
Niger (D2)
Nigeria (D3) + Academy
Reunion (D2)
Rwanda (D2)
São Tomé e Principe (D2)
Senegal (D2)
Seychelles (D2)
Sierra Leone (D2)
Somalia (D2)
South Africa (D4)
South Sudan(D2)
Sudan (D2)
Tanzania (D2)
Togo (D3)
Tunisie (D3)
Uganda (D2)
Zambia (D3)
Zanzibar (D2)
Zimbabwe (D2)


Anguilla (D1)
Antigua & Barbuda (D2)
Aruba (D1)
Bahamas (D2)
Barbados (D3)
Belize (D1)
Bermuda (D2)
Bonaire (D1)
British Virgin Islands (D1)
Caymans Islands (D1)
Costa Rica (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Cuba (D1)
Curaçao (D1)
Dominica (D1)
Dominican Republic (D3) Apertura & Clausura
El Salvador (D3)
French Guiana (D2)
Grenada (D2)
Guadeloupe (D3)
Guatemala (D3)
Guyana (D2)
Haïti (D2)
Honduras (D3)
Jamaica (D3)
Martinique (D2)
Mexique (D5)
Montserrat (D1)
Nicaragua (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Panama (D3) Apertura & Clausura
Puerto Rico (D3)
Saint Barthélémy (D1)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (D2)
Saint Lucia (D2)
Saint Martin (D1)
Sint Maarten (D1)
Saint Pierre et Miquelon (D3)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (D2)
Suriname (D2)
Trinidad & Tobago (D3)
Turks & Caicos (D1)
U.S.A. (D4)
US Virgin Islands (D1)


Bolivie (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Chili (D5)
Ecuardor (D3)
Paraguay (D4) Apertura y Clausura
Peru (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Uruguay (D4)
Venezuela (D3) Apertura y Clausura


Afghanistan (D1)
Bahrain (D2)
Bangladesh (D2)
Bhutan (D3)
Brunei (D3)
Cambodia (D2)
China (D3)
Chinese Taipei (D1) + University (D3)
East Timor (D4)
Guam (D2)
India (D3)
Indonesia (D3)
Iraq (D2)
Iran (D3)
Japon (D4) (No players)
Jordan (D2)
Hong Kong (D4)
Koweit (D2)
Kyrgyzstan (D2)
Laos (D3)
Macau (D5)
Malaysia (D4)
Maldives (D3)
Mongolia (D3)
Myanmar (D2)
Népal (D4)
North Korea (D2)
Northern Mariana Islands (D3)
Oman (D3)
Pakistan (D1)
Palestine (D4) and 3 Gaza Levels and cup
Philippines (D1)
Qatar (D2)
Saudi Arabia (D3)
Singapore (D7) With Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup)
South Korea (D4)
Sri Lanka (D3)
Syria (D3)
Tajikistan (D4)
Thailand (D5)
Turkmenistan (D2)
United Arab Emirates (D2)
Uzbekistan (D5)
Vietnam (D4)
Yemen (D3)


Albania (D3)
Andorra (D3)
Armenia (D2)
Austria (D10)
Azerbaïdjan (D4)
Bulgaria (D5)
Belgium (D6)
Bosnia (D3)
Crimea (D1)
Cyprus (D3)
Czech Republic (D5)
England (D9)
Estonie (D2)
Faroe (D4)
Finlande (D5)
France (D6)
Georgia (D4)
Greece (D5)
Greenland (D1)
Hungary (D4)
Iceland (D4)
Ireland (D5)
Israël (D5)
Italy (D5) Bêta without real Coppa Dilettanti
Kosovo (D4)
Latvia (D3)
Lithuania (D3)
Luxembourg (D5)
Malta (D4)
Moldova (D3)
Montenegro (D2)
Netherlands (D8)
North Macedonia (D4)
Northern Ireland (D10)
Poland (D5)
Romania (D4)
Russia (D4)
Scotland (D7)
Serbia (D5)
Slovakia (D3)
Slovenia (D4)
Sweden (D6)
Switzerland (D5)
Turkey (D6)
Ukraine (D5)
Wales (D5)


American Samoa (D2)
Australia (D10)
Cook Islands (D1)
Fiji (D2)
Kiribati (D1)
Micronesia (D2)
New Caledonia (D2)
New Zeland (D4)
Papua New Guinea (D2)
Solomon Islands (D4)
Samoa (D2)
Tahiti (D3)
Tonga (D3)
Tuvalu (D2)
Vanuatu (D4) Regional Groups
Wallis-et-Futuna (D1)


Arab Club Champions
Campeones Cup
J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship
Oceania Champions League


WAFU Competitions


(Start on April or May 2021) Custom Start
Remove all injuries
Remove all Loans
Remove all Supsensions
Remove all Injuries, Loans & Suspensions

How to add Megapack By @Timo@ on FM21

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.
Move the .fmf files to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2021/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.
Open FM21 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected.

If you like my creations, buy my a coffee ^^

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 56093 / Size: 16.4 MB / Added: 2020-11-24
@Timo@'s avatar
About @Timo@

I love Football Manager Update so my only game is FM Editor

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Discussion: [FM21] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (216 nations + 10 others)

434 comments have been posted so far.

  • Benry2000's avatar
    Good to see you back Timo!
  • Atesz's avatar
    Hello.For Football Manager 2021. Could you please update this mod to 21.4.0 because it cannot be loaded in the game. Thanks.
  • EntSolo's avatar
    I like to know if this packs was compatible with fm 22 . Bcs the modder stop to work on this mod. Or any modder plan to remade it for fm 22 ??
  • burdula's avatar
    is there any german lower leagues database?
  • ruuddude73's avatar
    I've downloaded this DB and then started a save, making all leagues playable. However, for many countries I can't apply for jobs or declare interest
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    @neilwillo - essentially this will mean loading them into current version then saving them - as long as test ok.

    Before commenting - i'd suggest reading the top part of this post, as the author has said that has stepped away from FM.
  • Elpas's avatar
    Hi,albania and kosovo dont work with 21.4
    Edit nvm just read he left,sad news he was the only one who cared to fix albanian tier
  • delneri's avatar
    great work!
  • sasa8y's avatar
    dudeeeee,i got to 2049 with your pack on fm 2020,that saus enough :) !!!!!!!!!
    cmonnn we need you your the best :)
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    Jesus, what an over reaction. Learn to take criticism
  • nealwillo's avatar
    Hello everyone, sadly we have no @Timo@ for an update to make this file compatible for 21.4 ... Does anyone know how we can achieve this? It'd be a shame not to be able to use all of his hard work on the new update.
  • Iwanamzan's avatar
    Who have FM21 Leagues Mega Pack version 21.3?
  • Broto's avatar
    thank for everything man
  • Broto's avatar
    do european leagues already have teams in UCL or UEL? cause i remember once i played with a team in Faroe Islands and couldnt play in european leagues
  • teonesofle's avatar
    Sorry to hear that you are leaving. I play the Oceanic leagues because I am from the Islands -- so my mates & I appreciate the thought, effort & time you put just in that league alone. You'll always have fans from the Polynesian Islands. Much Respect!
  • Mojonaso's avatar
    Not sure if the author still reads the comments, but here it goes. I'm from the Dominican Republic and we being a small league will probably never be featured in games like these. I started playing FM about 3 years ago and your packs have been awesome as they let me play with teams I know and on my league. Thank you very much.
  • Mauve's avatar
    Great job ruining this person work, maybe come from your lazy ass and do it yourself. Always the same people doing nothing and only complain.

    @Timo, thanks for all the work mate, sorry to see you're quiting, good luck further in life mate.
  • Nevixbj's avatar
    Hey, any update to 21.3?
  • bizio77's avatar
    Timo, j'ai vu ton travail toutes ces années, Je peux comprendre ton dégoût pour quelque chose qui s'est passé sur le forum SI, il y a des gens qui n'ont rien à voir avec ce forum mais qui apprécient ton temps pour améliorer l'expérience de nous tous. J'espère que tu y repenseras, un accueil chaleureux.
  • Matteo87varese's avatar
    how can you help? if it's an easy process, some files I can do with the basic editor
  • emmedue94's avatar
    I have a request: Since Timo will no longer make databases for FM also due to some asshole unfairly muddying him on the Sigames forum, someone could take over his databases to make them compatible with the winter update of FM21 released recently !? Thanks
  • Muserock2a's avatar
    Hello Timo, i hope you are fine and i would like to thank you for all the work you've done in recent years.. I'm so sad you quit that after the latest FM Update i don't even want to start a new save withouth your files, did'nt expected that withouth your work FM seems unfinished to me !
  • Arran_Thomson's avatar
    Nevermind i fixed it by getting a skin that adds Japanese information, hope this helps anyone else
  • Arran_Thomson's avatar
    Been playing this mod pack for a while now and have been enjoying it lots but I was wondering if the information tab for the Japanese teams were messed up for me or maybe something to do with the mod. Ps sad to see you go man
  • Benry2000's avatar
    Screw everyone that put him down. We just lost a huge creator.

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