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Rensie Dark FM21 Skin v2

Rensie's Football Manager 2021 dark skin with the DF11 player profile and several other tweaks.

By Updated on Feb 23, 2021   148502 views   75 comments
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Downloads: 30361 / Size: 11.2 MB / Added: 2020-11-30
Football Manager 2021 Skins - Rensie Dark FM21 Skin v2
The main idea, the same as in the previous years, was to create simple skin based on default skin but with some small changes.

Same as in the previous years, this is mainly my own skin and I’m happy with how it works right now. There will be no adjustments and edits just because of feature requests. Save your time and energy before you will want to edit something.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won’t be supported by them.

How to install FM21 Rensie Dark v2 skin

If you’re in the game just quit the game to eliminate crashes or issues with the game.
Download the .zip archive and unzip it.
Move the extracted folder “FM21 Rensie Dark Skin v2” to your skins folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/skins
Run Football Manager 2021, go to Preferences and select “FM21 Rensie Dark Skin v2” on the Overview screen.

The most common issues

Same as in any other area, there are always things what people always do, ask and moan about. One of them is when their widgets within selectors are constantly changing.

Try to use/have only one skin in the skins folder in the documents. The more skins you will have here, there is a bigger chance they will conflict with each other and some parts will reset or they won’t work properly.
Untick the option “Automatically override custom panels?” in Preferences/Interface.
You can edit player overview panel and player overview big selector panel and delete all widgets you don’t want to have here or set some of yours as default by the code.
Using other skins or just having the Dark and Purple in the same folder is the most common issue.
Mini stadiums in the Club Overview – please remember that you have to download the custom mini-stadium pack (the same graphic addon as faces, logos etc.) to make them work and appear in the club overview. They are not included in the skin, that would mean the skin would be very big.

Remember I’m making this skin with the 1920×1080 resolution.

That means that it won’t work exactly as in the pictures with lower but also with bigger resolution. There will always be something that will be aligned differently due to sizes of widgets and containers.
Be sure to exit the game, move the old skin(s) from the Sports Interactive/Football Manager/skins folder out before you will extract the new one. Clear cache – ideally not only in the game but also in your App data folder.

Not everything is a mistake or issue of the custom skins. Sometimes it’s enough to revert to default skin to check if it works or not.

If you would like to remove the sidebar logo, just:
Open the skin folder/panels/generic and sidebar menu table.xml
Scroll down and delete the <!– Primary Logo –> widget (lines 136-148)
Save the file, clear cache and reload skin. Or just restart the game.


Skin Credits

michaeltmurrayuk for the option to use his base skins, also with the background support option. IF you want to know how to change the opacity, just visit his website or the SI Forum.

Gaz / FMwkdsoul for his idea of the selector in the player overview screen as I saw it in screens from his skins on Twitter and decided to make it by myself.

FMEnhanced as I took the Instant Result option from his v2.0 version.

Wozzie for the help with the player bottom bar and the “i” icon.

PequenoGenio/Marco Morais for his tips and hints during creating skin for himself and help with some graphics.

Download Now
Downloads: 30361 / Size: 11.2 MB / Added: 2020-11-30
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About keysi

You can follow me on Twitter @FMRensie. My blog. The custom skins are here.

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Discussion: Rensie Dark FM21 Skin v2

75 comments have been posted so far.

  • Rtheno's avatar
    Dude please tell me you willl be replicating the dark v2 skin for fm22 loved this skin all the way through fm21 fingers crossed you do another for fm22
  • milodon's avatar
    Also getting windows chime whenever I click on 'Social Feed' screen, apart from that, best skin i've ever used!
  • alpbrge's avatar
    Hello, i have some issue on match screen.

    your match screen is this one but mine is totally different and i dont know why, can someone help me? how can i fix this?

    this is mine;


    please help:(
  • Josildo's avatar
    Josildo2 years ago
    sorry to bother again but I wanted to mention I am having the exact same windows error sound issue as described by comeonman
  • Josildo's avatar
    Josildo2 years ago
    I fixed it following your instruction in the original post, thanks
  • Josildo's avatar
    Josildo2 years ago
    Beautiful skin, the only problem for me is that in the player screen most of the panels reset to 'plans' everytime, and I don't know how to fix this.
  • keysi's avatar
    Not good for me, could you please add 1440 support?
    No, try to find some skin for 1440.

    Hello thanks for the great skin!!
    I also get a windows error sound when I click on social feed(news etc.). Does anybody have the solution for it?

    I have the the latest version, cleared cache, deleted all previous versions and only have 1 skin under my skins folder.
    Sorry to hear but I can't help with something that I don't have. I hear the windows sound only when I hit the ALT+S combination while taking the screenshot.
  • comeonman's avatar
    Hello thanks for the great skin!!

    I also get a windows error sound when I click on social feed(news etc.). Does anybody have the solution for it?

    I have the the latest version, cleared cache, deleted all previous versions and only have 1 skin under my skins folder.
  • kkk812's avatar
    Not good for me, could you please add 1440 support?
  • Kyley84's avatar
    I worked out what was wrong. My laptop is a 15.6" screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Windows recommended a scaling factor of 125% (it does make text in general look better and more easily readable). However i then had to set FM21 at 85% zoomed out and it messed up the panels. Everything works great now with scaling at 100%. Everything else just looks a little small!
  • Kyley84's avatar
    This Skin is awesome! I have one issue; with the match screens. I am running on a laptop with 1920 x 1080, zoom out 85%. However the panels don't fill the complete screen, and it appears i have the notable events panel, and i thought that had been removed on this skin?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Match Day Screenshot
  • Broto's avatar
    also u could add Progress graphic to the training menu like theres on TCS ,it would be great
  • Broto's avatar
    i love everything about it, only thing id change is the face in the player screen, the face is too big for me, i like them smaller
    the rest is 10/10
  • theonlyen's avatar
    The best skin out there. Beautiful, nice text, cool kit number tweak, tidy with all the info at the right place.

    One thing i just miss is the difference between the strong and the weak foot. That we can see how strong the weak foot is.

    But overall: great skin!

    good work man.
  • keysi's avatar
    Download the latest version and you will have this sorted if you will clear cache, delete all previous versions etc. It's all written in the original post about the skin
  • jWzd's avatar
    Hey when i am ingame, I cant make the tablet stuff go away. I cant see the field in highlights if you know what I mean.
  • keysi's avatar
  • ThrillHouse's avatar
    It happens everytime I click on social feed.
  • ThrillHouse's avatar
    Where is the cache in the app data, because other than the Windows error sounds the skin is perfect.
  • keysi's avatar
    Clear cache in your App data folder, restart the game, delete all the previous version and do all the usual stuff like this. It will help.
  • ben14efc's avatar
    really like the skin but sometimes when i click continue or the news tab i get a windows error sound
  • keysi's avatar

    The v2 was updated due to a change of ID within several panels and the game showed circles instead of stars.

    Download links for both dark & purple version are on my website HERE.

    The main changed files were these three:

    player positions indicator small.xml

    player positions indicator small horizontal.xml


    As always - exit the game, delete the previous version, clear cache...
  • keysi's avatar
    You have to open Preferences/Interface and select the "Sidebar icons only" option. It's the same as with the default skin or with a different skin. It's a default option in the game.
  • garrido8's avatar
    Hello Rensie,

    Great work with these skins! I am having just one issue i am not able to have the sidebar like yours with just the icons. Am i missing anything to make this work?

    Thanks in advance
  • alwaysastag's avatar
    like the skin but still no weak foot ability on the player profile screen... :(

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