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FM21 World Grand Prix

This is a World Clubs Championship with 300+ teams from ALL over the world. A database for FM 2021.

By on Dec 07, 2020   21310 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 1459 / Size: 17.0 kB / Added: 2020-12-07
FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - FM21 World Grand Prix
If you're looking for an interesting challenge, try this database and fight against from around the world for glory (and some hefty prize money too!).

first qualifying round
number of teams : 300
details: - 150 games

700,000 (£) winner
250, 000 (£) loser
holding 50, 000 (£)

second qualifying round
number of teams : 150 (from the first round)
details: 24 teams enter this phase, totaling 174 teams
totaling 87 games

750,000 (£) winner
350, 000 (£) loser
holding 50, 000 (£)

third qualifying round
number of teams : 87 teams from the previous round
details: 11 new teams enter this stage, totaling 98 teams and 49 games

1 000,000 (£) winner
500, 000 (£) loser
stake 100, 000 (£)

fourth qualifying round
number of teams : 49 teams from the third stage
details: 11 new teams enter this phase, totaling 60 teams and 30 games

1 000,000 (£) winner
500, 000 (£) loser
holding 200,000 (£)

last qualifying round (GRAND PRIX CUP)
number of teams : 30 teams of the fourth round
Details: 2 teams join this phase, totaling 32 teams and 16 games

6 500,000 (£) winner
1, 000 (£) loser
holding 250, 000 (£)

group stage
number of teams : 16 - 4 GROUPS

quarter finals

9,000,000 (£) winner
3,000, 000 (£) loser
share 1 000, 000 (£)


18,000,000 (£) winner
9, 000 (£) loser
share 1 000, 000 (£)


36,000,000 (£) winner
12 000, 000 (£) loser

How to play the World Grand Prix on FM21

1. Move the downloaded file "World Grand Prix 2021.fmf" to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2021/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

2. Open FM21 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure "World Grand Prix" is selected.

Download Now
Downloads: 1459 / Size: 17.0 kB / Added: 2020-12-07
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Discussion: FM21 World Grand Prix

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • gicajordi's avatar
    A mi no me funciona, dice que falta verificarlo con la ultima actualizacion del football manager.
  • Captain's avatar
    21.4 por favor
  • del8boy's avatar
    Pretty good, seems to be working well. but just have one slight moan, which is that I am unable to pronounce / read most of the names examples Anbualagan Janagaraj or Lachimana Gandi Kaathishesaan. Shame will go back to the default and wait for the WSL version
  • clouston1's avatar
    Hey mate, is there a list of teams that are the first tournament? Or how does qualification work?
  • omaurtorsac's avatar
    Is there a chance to create a new one and not replace the Fifa World Cup?
  • ferrenberg's avatar
    I love this! Used on fm20 and am using now. But unfortunately it has the same issue: it crashes with international dates in september and late march, plus it postpones domestic cup dates - resulting sometimes in 4 matches in a week. Maybe less matches wotld be ideal? Anyway, thank you!!
  • gomesromao's avatar
    In place of the FIFA Club World Cup, which in the standard database, and in the real rule, will be every 4 years from 2022.

    This championship replaces the current and the new, and adds many more clubs from all over the world, facing each other in eliminatory and pre-eliminatory phases, a group phase and a final round.

    All with good prizes in each phase.
  • ReekyDrop's avatar
    What is this competition in place of - how does it fare when fitting into the current schedule - do games clash with internationals etc.
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