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FM22 World Super League by Olivier v1.2

You've all read about that European Super League a few months ago right ? This time I'm bringing you the WORLD Super League !

By Updated on Feb 28, 2022   19949 views   22 comments
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Downloads: 2443 / Size: 35.1 kB / Added: 2022-01-02
FM 2022 Fantasy Scenarios - FM22 World Super League by Olivier v1.2
We all know that this European Super League was not fair with every clubs right ? Now I've decided to create a worldwide Super League !

400 teams from 50 countries (32 in Europe and 18 in the rest of the World) divided in 20 groups through 8 levels of competition, this is a fancy challenge right ?

It's not all ;) I've also added 5 League Cups (for clubs in Division 3 to 7) where you'll be able to show how strong you are compared to the teams in the same Division as you ;)

Is that all ? Still not ;)

You'll also be able to compete in 2 big competitions : the World Champions Cup and the World Euro Cup. 2 Big competitions with the biggest teams with one goal : rule the world ;)

It might be it but it's not (almost finished don't worry guys ;) ). I've also added the World FA Cup where all the upsets can be made, every team is playing this cup so you might see some surprises ;)

It's over for now, if you see any issues/bug please write them in the comments and I'll try to fix them.

Also if you think about improvements in the database write them in the comments and I'll try to make a v2 of it ;)

Quick tip while setting up your save :
  • If you plan to manage one of the Japanese teams, tick the "Add players to playable teams" option
  • I advise you (in any case) to add as many countries/regions/continents in the custom database options

Update v1.2 :
  • Database tested with FM update v22.3
  • Changed the yellow cards rules to 6.12.18... This rule is less restrictive for you and it should be easier to play now :)

If you want any new features in the database just use the comment section below :)

Download Now
Downloads: 2443 / Size: 35.1 kB / Added: 2022-01-02
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Discussion: FM22 World Super League by Olivier v1.2

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @ricrib you can change the names in the pre game editor
  • ricrib's avatar
    Amazing work here, would just like to know if i can change the competition names and how that works.
    I would like to keep some League One A, League One B, League Two A etc, instead of the current names that make it hard to understand which league is it.
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @DopeSensei you can check prize money in the league rules ;)
  • DopeSensei's avatar
    where can i check prize money?
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @berkegonec if you mean how many available subs there are the answer is 9 and you can make 5 substitutions (but only 3 stoppages)
  • berkegonec's avatar
    how many bench players are in the game squad?
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @durstbj what do you mean by the divisions working together ? If you win the league in Division 5 you'll get promoted to 1 of the leagues in Division 4 and so on
  • durstbj's avatar
    Do the divisions all work together in a promotion/relegation model? So if I have team in Division 5, will they be able to continue to move up the ranks if they keep winning?
  • kongen77's avatar
    how to fix about the yellow cards...?
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @larykoek what do you mean by U23s not playable in 7th Division ? Also Den Bosch are in 2nd Division of Holland so I'd need to add way more clubs to have them in the database ;) But I'm thinking of adding way more clubs in the database, maybe after next FM update stay tuned ;)

    @19cap86 I'll try to change this in a later update (for example if I try to add way more clubs) but thanks for your feedback :)
  • larykoek's avatar
    in the 7th division there are a "lot" of youth teams that you are unable to play as (Juve u23, Jong Ajax etc.) maybe an idea to remove those and get actual playable clubs in them? FC Den Bosch for example ;) (Please add FC Den Bosch if you can :D)
  • 19Cap86's avatar
    the amount of yellow goes to scale
    Usually 5 yellow card 1 stop
    Before 4 yellow card 1 stop
    3, 2 and 1 is the last step.
    I hope I'm making myself clear.
    Last things
    The choice of the number of
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @19Cap86 what do you think would be a better disciplinary rule ?
  • 19Cap86's avatar
    Hello, this is a good mod but the disciplinary rules isn't good before 10 match i have all player squalificated
    2 yellow card 1 stop
    next yellow card 1 stop again.
    it's impossible to play
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    @Gaffa yeah I've changed the finances in all the divisions and cups to give some money to the winning clubs (and also per wins in the cups and league starting in 4th tier I believe). What teams did I forget ? I'm aware that some clubs might have been left behind but I had to make some choices unfortunately...

    @SebastianB I have no clue how Darthfurion made his WSL so I can't really help you, I've made this one 100% by myself and haven't even watched what other people did

    @michaelandrews yeah it's a whole new pyramid, there's no domestic leagues and cups alongside the WSL, there's be too many games to play for the teams. They have enough games to play there lol

    @Luke1985 You have to copy/paste the downloaded file into the "editor data" folder. Then start a new save and in the first panel in the top-right corner tick the box called "World Super League" and it'll be it ;)
  • Luke1985's avatar
    sorry, complete newbie here,how do i make this playable via windows? do i need to save the file to a certain area? Thanks
  • michaelandrews's avatar
    Are national leagues and traditional european cups replaced by this world super league or is this a competition playable with the rest of the competitions?
  • SebastianB's avatar
    What's the difference comparing your 35KB WSL version with the WSL (2021) by Darthfurion which file size is 25MB.
  • Gaffa92's avatar
    Hi, just loaded this database up and looks really amazing, can't wait to get started in it. just quickly have you made any changes to the finances? I played another super league database and he had made them a lot higher due to the competition being harder. something like 2.5m per win in the cup competitions and like 60m if you win them.

    Also is there any reason why in the world super league division you left out some of the big teams?

    Thanks Dan
  • Mateyson's avatar
  • Olivier95160's avatar
    what do you mean 5-7 subs ? I've put 5 subs (3 stoppages) out of 12 is it too much ?
  • poom's avatar
    I want to 5-7 subs. please.
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