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Football Manager 2024 Patch 24.2.1 - Minor Hotfix Update

This update brings brings stability changes, data tweaks in Germany and Japan, as well as gameplay fixes. Patch 24.2.1 for the final release of FM24.

By Updated on Dec 12, 2023   15663 views   10 comments
News - Football Manager 2024 Patch 24.2.1 - Minor Hotfix Update
Sports Interactive have just released the third hotfix patch for the final retail version of Football Manager 2024.

This minor update includes numerous changes under the hood that should go a long way to making the game more stable.

The database has been updated further to address some changes in both Germany and Japan. As always, database changes will require a new save game to take effect.

There are two changes to player appearances; one within the Match Engine to ensure players no longer incorrectly appear identical, and another in the backend to ensure NewGen UID’s correctly correspond with their player picture.

Elsewhere, changes in the game include; Restoring the use of the custom profile picture, reformatting Korean currency to now show in the correct long/short form, fixed an issue that caused users to remain in charge of their club’s B-Teams after resigning and have made a change in the Pre-Game Editor to allow custom scores to appear in-game.

Football Manager Pre-Game Editor 2024 has also been updated on Steam, Epic and Microsoft Store.

Date Released: December 11th, 2023
File size: 227.2MB

24.2.1 List of Changes

Licensing / Database

- Removed some duplicated player photos in Japan.
- Changes to the database in Germany.

Match Engine

- Fixed a problem where all players appeared to look the same in game.

Bug Fixing

- Various stability fixes.
- Korean currency now shown in correct short/long format.
- Restored the option to use custom manager profile picture.
- Updated NewGen UID’s in backend.
- Post match analysis report only showing one key finding.
- User remains in charge of B teams after resigning.


- Fixed issue with custom scores not appearing in game.

As usual the update is save game compatible, so you don't have to start a new save game.
*For database and competition specific changes to take effect, a new game is required.
To update you will need to close down Football Manager 2024 and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam or Epic.
If that doesn't do the trick, then verify the game cache will.

If you encounter any issues post update, please use the official FAQ for troubleshooting suggestions. You can also contact [email protected] or use or SI's FM24 Bug Tracker for further support.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2024 Patch 24.2.1 - Minor Hotfix Update

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • Sanchez's avatar
    Many people whine, but no one even writes about the fact that in the game the teams (judging by the match reports) make crooked substitutions. They change players without injuries in the first half, sometimes right away in the 3rd minute, and sometimes even the goalkeeper. There is also a violation of the substitution rules: 5 different players enter the field for substitutions and each of them separately, which is prohibited (you can only have three substitution slots, or 4 if you make one substitution after the first half). This is what needs to be fixed and as quickly as possible, since it doesn’t seem to be difficult - just prohibit computer teams from making substitutions in the first half (if there are no injuries). I'm tired that no one even tries to raise this issue, no one cares, I already wrote on the si forum, why am I the only one doing this?
  • fnk's avatar
    worst fm in recent years
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    Thank you for your kind warning. There is no room for harsh criticism on the games forums, they block them immediately.
  • Stam's avatar
    @serkanedabasar: I'd suggest to report your feedback on the official SI forums, but your tone and way of writing will likely lead to a ban from SI moderators. Either way, spamming complaints here won't have any effect with the developers. I suppose a suitable place to share your opinion of the game would be by writing a review on Steam (or whatever platform you bought it from).
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    I left it anyway, I'm not stupid enough to play with a broken game :)
  • Phildw's avatar

    Just stop playing it and do us all a favour.
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    pay for the game 24,1.24,2 24,3,24,4........... Start playing without any errors after 6 months, it's officially a scam
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    With this version, you will understand how slow the game is and how the reaction time decreases.
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    Look at the release date of the game and look at the number of bugs they fixed, I feel stupid for paying money for this game.
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    The new update has made the game literally garbage, now I will post a video here, but there will be no producers left.
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