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FM Genie Scout 2008

The popular scout utility returns for Football Manager 2008. Discover those FM 2008 gems faster and easier than AI clubs.

By Updated on May 18, 2008   1037044 views   13 comments
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Downloads: 531262 / Size: 2.0 MB / Added: 2007-12-04
The long awaited successor of Genie Scout 2007, was here as a limited beta (build 83) since December 2007. FM Genie Scout 2008 returned with a public beta (build 90) 4 months later. The first public beta fixed some data loading errors, the second public beta (build 92) fixed more than 20 more loading errors, and the third public beta (build 93) solved shortlist problem with non-visible regens, updated staff training rating system and corrected even more loading data errors. It is the last beta before pre-release version.

How to use
Unzip the FM Genie Scout 2008 folder, then run the FMGenieScout.exe file that you will find inside of it. No installation needed.

History and Credits
This software is created by Eugene Tarabanovsky. Eugene is from Ukraine and one of the most popular personalities throughout the FM community for his stunning work with FM Genie Scout 2007.

Thank you Eugene for keeping up your great work and for giving the new scout utility to the world as a freeware once again!!
Current Status
The current version is the third public beta (beta 3, build 93) and it's very close to the final version.

Known Issues
See the forum post FM Genie Scout 2008 Bugs and Workarounds for reference regarding the limited beta (most bugs listed there shouldn't apply to the public beta).

Your best bet to get this beta version working
1. Make sure you have FM08 and not WWSM08
2. Make sure you disable "Compress Saved Games" within the Game Preferences and Confirm it
3. Save your game and Load it in FM Genie Scout 2008

- This version should work with all FM2008 versions, including 8.0.0, 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 and their updates.
- Compatible with Windows Vista. However, Vista users should right click the downloaded FMGenieScout.exe file and run as Administrator, as well as running FM2008 as Administrator (otherwise Genie Scout won't be able to access the protected memory area of FM2008 - that's the way that viruses/trojans traditionally install themselves into other programs on your computer).
In addition, Vista users should also turn off User Access Control (UAC - Google "Turn off UAC" if not sure) if they are still having problems.

Chinese Simplified, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian

A Big Request
If you are using limited beta, please don't send any emails to Eugene with bugs of this program.

Older versions
If you are looking for the limited beta (beta 2, build 83), sorry but it's no longer available.

Why have made available the download of limited beta and not
The file might have been leaked through the official SI forums, but it was Eugene himself, who uploaded the file online, in the known download folder of FM Genie Scout 2007. And of course, FM addicts were spying on this, until recently unprotected, folder all the time. The file was already available from Rapidshare (and still is) before we added it here.

Download Now
Downloads: 531262 / Size: 2.0 MB / Added: 2007-12-04
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Discussion: FM Genie Scout 2008

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • andreas210000001's avatar
    the dont work please help!
    i cant download
  • sergioma33's avatar
    filefront doesnt work u try to download but finnaly it doesnt work
  • monkeyme's avatar
    dont bother answering my last comment.
  • monkeyme's avatar
    hi, i dont see what the big thing about genie scout is. Why cant u use FMM to view all this?
  • gladys's avatar
    gladys13 years ago
    i had no problems before. and i do have 1 right now. the both values (value and sale value) on the latest genie client are around 76% from the game's values. does anybody know they way out to fix this little problem? thank you. cheers.
  • gladys's avatar
    tudor199113 years ago
    hello!my genie scout worked fine until few days when i tried to load my game(on v802) and i got an error: " Data file seems to be corrupt.Wanted to read 4 bytes, could ony read 0 bytes"!what should i do?thanks...
  • myers1987's avatar
    on the beta 2 version my game still works in 2014 if u dont compress u saved file
  • crazyscotsman's avatar
    does this work with MAC?
  • Stam's avatar
    after you disabled "compress save game" and confirm, you actually have to save a new game for it to load in Genie :p
  • gladys's avatar
    zervinho13 years ago
    i have the same problem with dj hawkey. i have 8.0.2 version and when i try to load it says "it's not a valid fm file".What should i do help me newbie :D
  • gladys's avatar
    ploppo13 years ago
    Apparantly, it breaks anyway after about a year of gameplay. To resolve this I started a new game and saved it - this is now a dummy file. I then carry on playing my original save (that no longer loads into Genie Scout). Save a player search as a shortlist - load Genie Scout - load your new dummy saved game - open the shortlist from your current game.
  • Stam's avatar
    From what we know so far, you need to start a new game with 8.0.1, have the "compress saved game" disabled, and then save your game again. it should work this way. please check the info below, it will be updated the moment we learn something new.
  • gladys's avatar
    djhawkey13 years ago

    I do not know what happen but when I try to load my game using genie, it says that my game is not a valid FM file. I have disabled the "compress saved game" but it seems that my saved game can not be loaded either.

    I am using the patch 8.0.1

    Any recommendations about my problem??hope you can get me through this problem.

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