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FMA Italy Advanced (7th level) + 53 Other National Leagues

Fmanager86 activated all the Italian championships to promotion (Level 7) with the advanced panel of the editor. Plus 53 other national leagues.

By Updated on Feb 02, 2012   27541 views   4 comments
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FM 2012 New Leagues - FMA Italy Advanced (7th level) + 53 Other National Leagues
In this file I have activated all the Italian championships to the Promotion (Level 7) with the Advanced panel of the editor.

I created two versions of the file:
- FMA Italy Advanced that contains only the Italian championships (you can find it here).
- FMA Italy Advanced + 53 Others National Leagues that contains 53 other national championships.

All leagues have been created with the Advanced panel, so if you have problems with this file or crash dumps and do not ask me to SI (Sports Interactive), because the Sports Interactive does not support the advanced panel.
Like last year I recreated the championships with the Advanced panel of the editor.

Leagues included

Italy 7th Level

Serie D (9 groups)
Eccellenza (28 groups)
Promozione (54 groups)
Poule Scudetto Serie D
Coppa Italia Serie D
Eccellenza Regional Cups (19 cups)
Coppa Italia Dilettanti
Promozione Regional Cups (19 cups)

CAF (21)

Algeria - 1st and 2nd Level
Angola - Level 1
Burkina Faso - Level 1
Cameroon - 1st and 2nd Level
Congo - Level 1
Ivory Coast - 1st and 2nd Level
Egypt - Level 1
Gabon - Level 1
Gambia - Level 1
Ghana - Level 1
Guinea - Level 1
Equatorial Guinea - Level 1
Liberia - Level 1
Mali - Level 1
Morocco - 1st and 2nd Level
Nigeria - Level 1
Senegal - Level 1
Sierra Leone - Level 1
Togo - Level 1
Tunisia - 1st and 2nd Level
Zambia - Level 1

AFC (8)

Saudi Arabia - 1st and 2nd Level
UAE - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level
Japan - 1st and 2nd Level
Guam - 1st and 2nd Level
Macao - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level
Qatar - 1st and 2nd Level
Thailand - Level 4
Uzbekistan - Level 1

UEFA (19)

Albania - 1st and 2nd Level
Andorra - 1st and 2nd Level
Armenia - 1st and 2nd Level
Azerbaijan - 1st and 2nd Level
Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1st and 2nd Level
Cyprus - 1st and 2nd Level
Estonia - 1st and 2nd Level
Georgia - 1st and 2nd Level
Faroe Islands - 1st and 2nd Level
Kazakhstan - 1st and 2nd Level
Latvia - 1st and 2nd Level
Lithuania - 1st and 2nd Level
Luxembourg - 1st and 2nd Level
Macedonia - 1st and 2nd Level
Malta - 1st and 2nd Level
Moldova - 1st and 2nd Level
Montenegro - 1st and 2nd Level
San Marino - Level 1


Jamaica - 1st and 2nd Level
Trinidad and Tobago - 1st and 2nd Level


Bolivia - 1st and 2nd Level
Ecuador - 1st and 2nd Level
Paraguay - Level 4
Venezuela - 1st and 2nd Level

Oceania competitions I have not created because my file is compatible with what you find here, which contains the sampled oceanic and continental competitions also correct.


Cook - Level 1
Fiji - Level 1
New Caledonia - Level 1
New Zealand - Level 1
Papua New Guinea - Level 1
Solomon - Level 1
American Samoa - Level 1
Western Samoa - Level 1
Tahiti - Level 1
Tonga - Level 1
Vanuatu - Level 1

The file is also compatible with the file of the English 7th and 8th level by uncle ron.

The file was created for Football Manager Advanced, if you want it in your forum ask me by sending me a private message, and I will insert myself so I can put any updates and to answer questions about the file.

If you have problems with this file ask here.

Download Now
Downloads: 4095 / Size: 617.5 kB / Added: 1970-01-01
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Discussion: FMA Italy Advanced (7th level) + 53 Other National Leagues

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