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FMI Update 2019 - Hazard special!

The FMInside Update has returned for the 2019 season! This time we have edited the 19.3 database of Football Manager 2019 and have made massive changes to the original database, making over 100.000 changes since the full release back in November.

By Updated on Jun 08, 2019   204614 views   57 comments
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Downloads: 69536 / Size: 1.8 MB / Added: 2018-11-02
Football Manager 2019 Data Updates - FMI Update 2019 - Hazard special!

FMI Update 2019 - Hazard special! – Updated on 08/06

  • Hazard & Jovic > Real Madrid
  • Di Lorenzo > Napoli
  • Ibáñez > Atletico Madrid
  • Diego Carlos > Sevilla
  • Lucas Pérez > Alavés
  • D. James > Manchester United
  • Jota > Aston Villa
  • Alderete > FC Basel
  • Edimilson Fernandes > Mainz
  • Osimhen > Charleroi
  • And many more!

Players leaving when contract expires;
  • Buffon
  • Jagielka
  • Lichtsteiner
  • Diame
  • Sturridge
  • Moreno
  • Llorente
  • Drmic
  • and many more!

Future staff transfers;
  • Lopetegui > Sevilla
  • Conte > Internazionale
  • Petrachi > As Roma
  • Rubi > Real Betis
  • Xabi Alonso > Real Sociedad B
  • Luís Boa Morte > Everton
  • And many more!

Extended contracts:
  • Mbokani
  • Grillitsch
  • Xeka
  • Krul
  • Dabila
  • Onel Hernández
  • and many more!

Overall add-ons

  • Promotion / relegation to leagues that have already finished the season
  • Updated team captains, vice captains
  • Added/Removed Club Icons/Legends/Favoured personnel
  • Altered and Corrected team colours
  • Corrected League Names
  • Corrected Awards and Trophy names
  • Added 30 Wonderkids
  • Added missing players & personnel
  • Added real life media outlets
  • And much much more!

How to install The FMI Update 2019

These are instructions for when you download it directly. If you choose to download it from Steam, the game will automatically add the update to your editor data folder.

  1. Download the FMI Update 2019 by clicking the download button.
  2. Move the .fmf file to the following location:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data/
  3. If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  4. Open FM19 and start a new career.
  6. When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Update 2019 is selected.
  7. After you have selected your database, pick the nations & leagues and start your game!
  8. Have fun!!

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 69536 / Size: 1.8 MB / Added: 2018-11-02
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Discussion: FMI Update 2019 - Hazard special!

57 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    I believe FMTU is the best transfer update. Anyone (with a free member account) can submit missing changes using a user friendly transfer wizard that's much easier to use than the pre-game editor. Then a team of admins approves the submitted changes. 100s of changes are being added daily, while the downloadable update is repacked every night. Check it out at FM Transfer Update.
  • 00jmarsh's avatar
    Does this db include Chelsea's transfer ban?
  • Len's avatar
    @Luke_Shaw: not sure, we have not tried it. If that file only adjusts league structures, it should be fine.
    @Momen111: thanks!
    @gate13: unfortunately we dont alter league structures.
    @sancastparov: check steam
    @cookie: you should download a custom start date. Find it on the web! :)
  • cookie's avatar
    how do you start from a date where the season has ended
  • Sancastparov's avatar
    where i can download FM 2019 patch 19.1 for more update database?thanks
  • gate13's avatar
    Hey, will you do the new Greek league structure?

    Your Greece league was not correct because 2019/2020 has 16 teams, but in reality it has 14.

    Thank you.
  • Momen111's avatar
    nice work
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    This File:
    Future Transfers "not" include to Start a new game, because Future Transfers are using in future, example 01.07.2019 Date = perfect !
    Question: ist this File compatible with Database 19.3 + the Germany File from Dani (to play in Germany with many lower Leagues)
    This is important, to play with realism
  • Len's avatar
    @Lpereira - All are future transfers for now. In our 2019/2020 update all transfers will be completed at the start of the game, this will be released at the end of June after all the leagues have finished and we can process all the promotions correctly :).
  • Lpereira's avatar
    Hello, are the players tranfered or are they as future transfer in the game? Thanks in advance.
  • markelos's avatar
    ok problem with managers done but no have promotions on game eh
  • markelos's avatar
    ok i have this problem. I download it, download fm transfer update from sourti , start new game pick 19.3 version and no have promotions/relegated u write u done on any leagues, no have zidane on real, no monaco manager and other. Can u help me how can i fix it ? ps u done promotions poland leagues ?
  • Len's avatar
    @Momen1111: this will be added in our summer updates. We will be doing 1 more update with the current database, but with future transfers. And then from June 15th or so we will be releasing updated leagues :)
    @Gastofu: sorry, what do you mean?
    @nicolas_style: check out steam. There are several updates that are compatible with 19.1. Just search for FMInside and you will receive many hits.
  • Momen111's avatar
    Can you make Norwich City and the teams that have Promotion to the Premier League ?
  • gastofu's avatar
    Do they also make withdrawals of players?
  • nicolas_style's avatar
    And for version 19.1 ? =(
  • Len's avatar
    Thanks guys for the input! All changes will be added in our next update, which will be released in April.
  • gabriel_jes25's avatar
    Update Alexandre Pato to São Paulo
  • marcusvpstein's avatar
    Please, transfer Diego Souza from São Paulo to Botafogo in the Brazilian League
  • Sebenta's avatar
    Update Shoya Nakajima on Al-Duhail Please
  • Len's avatar
    @CP10: Good to hear m8. Have fun!
    @Asalajayaa00: He will be in our next release. When will it be out? Not sure yet :)
  • Asalajaya00's avatar
    Update Zidane on Madrid please...
  • CP10's avatar
    @Len Ok thanks for your help I was able to find a solution and start a new game.
  • Len's avatar
    @CP10: these leagues you are referring to aren't 'playable' in the standard db of FM19. So, you must have added these through a download.

    We have not tested our database with other league files, so I can't tell you which file you should select. The only thing we can advise is not to combine our transfer update with league expansions or add-ons as these can cause errors.
  • CP10's avatar
    @Len : What other file should I select ?
  • Len's avatar
    @CP10: then you must be selecting another data file as well next to ours. We have not adjusted any league structures or did not added any leagues. Combining Data files could cause errors, that is why we advise against it (as we state in our post above).
    @Rico: A tutorial video has been on our agenda. Unfortunately we have not managed to find the time to create it.

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