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FMI Update Transfer Deadline Special

The FMI Update for the 2019/2020 season has been released and will take Football Manager 2019 to the next level! Start a new save today and play as if you are playing FM2020!

By Updated on Sep 03, 2019   422775 views   126 comments
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Downloads: 144947 / Size: 2.8 MB / Added: 2018-11-02
Football Manager 2019 Data Updates - FMI Update Transfer Deadline Special

FMI Update Transfer Deadline Special – Release notes

Last update: September 3rd 2019

All summer transfers and changes have been corrected and added to Football Manager 2019 until September 3rd. This means all summer transfers have been added into our update, making it the most complete transfer update in the FM community.

Transfer highlights:
  • Alphonse Areola > Real Madrid
  • Thierry Correia > Valencia
  • Chicharito & Bono > Sevilla
  • Nacho Monreal > Real Sociedad
  • Maxime Gonalons > Granada
  • Keylor Navas, Mauro Icardi & Sergio Rico > Paris-Saint Germain
  • Jean-Kévin Augustin, Wissam Ben Yedder & Tiemoué Bakayoko > AS Monaco
  • Stanley Nsoki, Kasper Dolberg, Alexis Claude-Maurice, Hichem Boudaoui & Adam Ounas > OGC Nice
  • Renato Sanches > Lille
  • Jonas Martin, Joris Gnagnon & Raphinha > Stade Rennes
  • Dereck Kutesa, Dario Maresic & Anastasios Donis > Stade Reims
  • André Silva & Bas Dost > Eintracht Frankfurt
  • Patrik Schick > RB Leipzig
  • Kwang-song Han > Juventus
  • Ante Rebic > A.C. Milan
  • Alexis Sánchez, Cristiano Biraghi & Romelu Lukaku > Internazionale
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Chris Smalling & Nikola Kalinić > AS Roma
  • Fernando Llorente & Hirving Lozano > Napoli
  • Rachid Ghezzal, Bobby Duncan, Pedro, Franck Ribéry & Dalbert > Fiorentina
  • Matteo Darmian > Parma
  • Falcao, Taylan Antalyali, Mario Lemina & Florin Andone > Galatasaray
  • Luiz Gustavo, Mevlüt Erdinc, Adil Rami & Zanka > Fenerbahce
  • Mohamed Elneny & Abdoulay Diaby > Besiktas
  • Marcos Senesi > Feyenoord
  • Van Hau Doan, Joey Veerman & Alen Halilovic > Heerenveen
  • Greg Taylor, Jeremie Frimpong & Lee O'Connor > Celtic
  • Ryan Kent > Rangers
  • Wesley Hoedt, Steven Defour, Kevin Mirallas > Antwerp
  • Yannick Bolasie & Fernando > Sporting CP
  • Nicklas Bendtner > FC København
  • Yevhen Konoplyanka > Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Alex Kral > Spartak Moscow
  • Oscar Hiljemark > Dinamo Moscow

What can you expect from the FMI Update?

  • Promotions and Relegation completed for ALL playable leagues in FM19
  • Updated starting lists for the Champions League & Europa League
  • All transfers up to 01.07.2019 have been completed
  • All squads have been updated for the 19/20 season
  • Managerial changes from all over the world
  • Updated captains & vice-captains
  • Added new clubs / Removed old clubs / Merged clubs
  • Added & Removed: Legends/Icons/Favoured personnel
  • Corrected League names
  • Corrected Award and Trophy Names
  • Added missing players & backroom staff members
  • Added real life media pundits
  • Corrected Kit Colors
  • Added over 50 wonderkids


How to install The FMI Update 2019

These are instructions for when you download it directly. If you choose to download it from Steam, the game will automatically add the update to your editor data folder.

  1. Download the FMI Update 2019 by clicking the download button.
  2. Move the .fmf file to the following location:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data/
  3. If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  4. Open FM19 and start a new career.
  6. When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Update 2019 is selected.
  7. After you have selected your database, pick the nations & leagues and start your game!
  8. Have fun!!

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 144947 / Size: 2.8 MB / Added: 2018-11-02
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Discussion: FMI Update Transfer Deadline Special

126 comments have been posted so far.

  • batleyvic's avatar
    are these downloads only transfer down loads or all game update, bug fixes??
  • Marko12101983's avatar

    Does this update affect the tactics?
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    You need to add Ryan Tunnicliffe to Luton
  • Yesutor Kofi's avatar
    can it be played on 19.1?
  • A.Manu3l's avatar
    Where the stats of some players like sancho and joao felix updated in this database as well?? @Stam
  • gnicolau10's avatar
    Unfortunately this database has a problem. Some leagues have too many or too few teams and this causes an error to start.
  • gnicolau10's avatar
    Need to be at version 19.3? When I create a save, some leagues are unavailable, including Spain.
  • sidius0's avatar
    It isn't possible to add the Spanish or Italian league to play when you start a new game
  • manager1983's avatar
    wanneer komt de nieuwe update uit ?
  • TheCed's avatar
    Hey, good work. But you mind removing these "corrected" names who are in Dutch? Most of us already use name fixes or play in other languages.
  • pikkedief's avatar
    when is the next update of this magnificent update? ^^ Bayern will be a fun team to start with :D Thanks for all the effort en work you guys put into this!
  • Afluko's avatar
    as soon as I click on advanced option, the data processing ribbon appears and my game crashes. Help me. Sorry for my English, I m french
  • Phildaman82's avatar
    Why dosent anyone do as ive done many years. I take one year back on the player history, and add the games played and goals scored and transfer fee for the player. This is easy and ive done it on many times. Yes it takes time, but if you are more than me you could easily do it in not so long. 10 teams take about 2 hours i guess. When the players just moved and with no transfer fee, it dosent look good i think.
  • thenexone's avatar
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem. When I wanted to add Spain and Italy to playable leagues, i couldn't check the box as it says that there are more/less teams than maximum/minimum required in lower division and it's the same with few other nations also. Thanks for a helpful reply.
  • arsenalthebest's avatar
    Have you updated the contracts for players still at the same club as last season who haven’t signed a new contract for Example Mustafi from Arsenal contract expires in 2021 in the base DB will it now expire in 2020 to represent it being a year later then the in-game date
  • Len's avatar
    @The _crazy_coach - yes, a special Premier League Deadline Day update will be released
    @Sauffe - tonight. Not an exact time yet, but it will be available before 0:00 am
  • Sauffe's avatar
    when will you release latest update?
  • The_Crazy_Coach's avatar
    given that in a few days the transfer market will close in England, do you plan to release another update immediately after the end of the transfer market? Thank you :)
  • Len's avatar
    @Luke_Shaw, Aha, I finally understand what you mean.In that case I have to say sorry, but we don't that. We did our research and asked the community many times what they wanted. The majority wants completed transfers and not future transfers. Sorry, but we will not be creating it like this. Also because we want to create an update with updated league rosters and CL participants.

    If you want to start in 2019, you can use a custom start date from Susie and use that. However, the game will simulate and transfers will be completed in the simmed season. That way the teams will not be correct for the 2019 season.

    I dont have any experience with real results and how to implement them. Better ask at Susie.
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    @ Len: okay, when it is possible, to play the FM19 with "your" files, then is my Question, what are the Steps to do, that i can:
    - start in example Mai or june 2019?
    - when that is possible, what are the steps to have include all real results of Saison 2018/2019? because, example i choose Hamburg in Germany, then i want to have the 2019 Team, "and" i can see, in past, the Results, the Transfer History and more.
    is this possible?
    Thank your, for giving Introduction, what are the Steps, to use your files + real results + Starting in May/June 2019.
    Thanks a lot.

    * this is the only Way for me, to acceptale, to play FM19 with Starting in Year 2019 at the Beginnning.
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    @Len: you miss understand me. What i mean is:

    Start a career, regular, 2018/2019, example Juni 2018 in germany
    . - future Transfers are include, "but" with real Transfers Date, example Griezmann to Barcelona in July 2019.

    The Miss understanding is, that i do not want all real results or the teams, that are getting, example from League 2 to 1 (Relegations, Promotions)
    - i know, that only "all" Stuff is possible with "all" Changes (Transfers+Relegations+Results)

    What i mean is, "only" Transfers Changes (incl. Stuff) to real Dates, like Griezmann = so, you start a Career in 2018/2019 and you play normal with the Teams (Relegation/Promotion), but you can see in Transfer Chronik, example Barcelona, that Griezmann coming in future, July 2019, to the club. = that is the way, that i ask for
    ....and this create this People in meistertrainerforum....
    but only for German 1-3 Leagues and only some international Transfers
  • Len's avatar
    @LukeShaw - As I said earlier: it is not humanly possible to add future transfers, set a future start date and have updated leagues for the 19/20 season.

    If that were possible the update creators like Pro, FMEditor or ourselves would be using it...dont you think...?

    Why isnt it possible? Using a custom startdate like susies will have you start in the 19/20 season yes. But to reach that date, FM19 will sim a season.

    If you then want real tables and correct promotion/relegation/cl by then, you will have to add real results for all playable leagues (cause we have updated them all, so cant miss any). Meaning: you have around 200 leagues you have to create real results for. Good luck creating that!

    Then if you are ready creating that file (which will take 100s of hours) you will have to give every single club in the FM Database a transferban, cause you don't want them to complete any transfers (transfer fees, loans or free agents) during the simmed season if you want to start with the correct squads at the custom startdate by susie. Any idea how many clubs you have in FM19?

    SO again and this is the final thing I am going to say about this: No, its not possible.
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    Hi @Len: in german meistertrainerforum, a user (YasoKuul ) create a Transfers File, for realistic Settings: example future Transfers right to to 01.07.2019, because this is the realistic Transfer Date = he only change all new Transfers 19/20 in germany (League 1-3) + some Transfers in other Big Leagues - Result: it is working/possible - so, you create Transfers for the World League, not only for german 1-3, please change your Settings for future Releases of your files, to can give us most realisitic Stuff the way: past some weeks, also created this Files for realistic Date (01.07.19) - for reasons, i dont know, they changed their Files, to use them at the Beginning of a Career - thats bad, i think. Thank you, Len, for your Works !
  • Len's avatar
    @saptint007 - Thanks for the explantion. We are looking into this and will release a fix in our next update. The problem seems to be Gil Vicente, who have been promoted into the first tier without any reasons.
    @Luke_shaw - You can stop looking because it is not possible with FM. Trust me, if it was possible we would be using it...
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    i look forward to play FM19 with a new Career + Database File (Transfers, Stuff, WOndekids), who the Transfers are saved to Juli 2019 and "not" June/July 2018
    = no File is possible ? i only find Files, like this, with Tranfers saved to June / July 2018 = and for me not realistic
    thanks for Help !!!

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