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STEVE85 2014 Transfer Update

A FM14 database with over 39k changes as of 1st October 2014. Created by STEVE85/FMST85. Works with 14.3 patch.

By Updated on Oct 01, 2014   224312 views   128 comments
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Downloads: 83024 / Size: 418.0 kB / Added: 2014-04-03
FM 2014 Data Updates - STEVE85 2014 Transfer Update
Hi guys, this is my first time I have posted my database on any website.

I have updated every playable and non playable leagues from all over the world. you will not find a database that covers A to Z of nations leagues Plus over 2214 non-league transfers in England, Scotland and a few other nations. With over 39k changes to the database, transfers, managers, coaches, loans, free transfers, retired player changes.

This update has promotions and relegations, also has new cup winners and runners up.
also new teams for Champions league and Europa league, there will be a second part to the database as some leagues haven't finished yet.

MORE!! Transfer budgets have been updated as well.

Minor problems have been fixed.

Each database has more and more downloads not just on here but other sites
Thank you once again.


Hello lads, So as you know i will be working on FM15 updates soon as the the game is released, I've had some great feedback for my work this year and have been asked to carry on for FM15. But this post is an announcement for whats to come from me for FM15.
New changes to my databases will be:
Awards updated
Cities updated
Media Sources
I will also be updating loads more transfers from around the world.
Manager/Coaches/Loans/Free transfers and a whole lot more.
Changes to playable and non playable leagues. With over 500 hours of editing this year i will strive to work a lot more for FM15.
And my brand new feature for FM15 will be future wonderkids reputation upgraded. AND!!
New to my database will be CA changes. Players CA will be upgraded by +10. No stats will be changed only CA. No player will be downgraded and a player will not have his CA changed more than once. This feature has been asked loads of times to be changed and is a big hit with people who download updates. And one last feature will be that i will be adding wonderkids that SI have missed out on. Really look forward to working on FM15 and hope you all look forward as well to these new changes. Massive thank you to everyone who has downloaded my updates and other stuff that I've worked on.

Ok lads here it is my final update for FM14, more changes mainly free transfers and loans and few manager changes from around the world. Would like to say thank you all so much for downloading my database and leaving comments and info and liking my page. Since the start of FM14 my databases have been downloaded a staggering 168,740k times from various websites and Facebook pages/groups which is amazing thank you so much. I hope you continue to use my databases for FM15. I will be releasing my first update for FM15 the first week of the games release.
Thank you once again.


Updated: 1st October

Installation Instructions

Open the "Files" folder.
Then move the downloaded .dbc file in your Football Manager 2014 editor data folder:

Win Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/editor data/

Please enjoy.

Download Now
Downloads: 83024 / Size: 418.0 kB / Added: 2014-04-03
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Discussion: STEVE85 2014 Transfer Update

128 comments have been posted so far.

  • brummieblue's avatar
    Hey Steve. Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for great work mate. Been using your updates for a while. Felt it only right I should say thanks. Fantastic job mate.
  • drinemralfc's avatar
    Hi steve how it's called your fb page btw you have done very good job keep it up .
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @tieio, If you have Facebook i suggest you join my page where the link is and leave the info that is missing and i will have it sorted soon as you tell me. You have to remember a lot of sites never really cover lower leagues but I'm lucky to find some info, But thanks for the info now and i will sort it
  • tieio's avatar
    I realize these updates are all about the top divisions, but I am disappointed I cannot find a single updated roster file that even comes close to having an updated Accrington Stanley. Dunbavin has been gone for weeks and Adam Buxton has not played AMC in his life. Too many players on youth contracts who have real life full time contracts.
    Fans of smaller teams just can't win in these things.
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @Beggs22 Thank you for the info will sort that out right now
  • beggs22's avatar
    Hi FMST85

    Do you update the backroom as Nottingham Forest staff not correct a number of new staff missing and old staff including David Kelly still showing just thought I would let you know. Great update otherwise use all the time.
    Cheers M8
  • saint821015's avatar
  • mcbn's avatar
    i think in your next update you have to take a look into the danish leagues, i see a lot of transfers not completed. but else very nice database
  • saint821015's avatar
  • rubenmaia's avatar
    tanaka in the SCP
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @dirtyleeds, Being a minus makes him going to be better
  • dirtyleeds83's avatar
    he was definatley fixed pa at 170+ being a -8 he wont ever be top draw, love your work just something I noticed
  • saint821015's avatar
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @dirtyleeds Not sure why he's only -8. You sure that wasn't his PA anyway? I don't change CA/PA
  • dirtyleeds83's avatar
    whats happened to Luke Shaw? hes only a -8 PA now
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @toffeeman, Dont open the file just drag it to the editor data folder

  • Javis's avatar
    Still didn't get u,Steve. Pls,Just tell me what this fake files are named as or where they might be located. I had to delete my game,to check for the fake files. But I have still located it because,I wasn't still able to manage Germany. Pls,I need some help on this & I'll appreciate if u can really assist. This issue didn't happen with the last update before the latest one,so I've run out of ideas.Thanks,as I await ur reply.
  • toffeeman75's avatar
    why cant i open file like normal with 7 zip a box pops up sayin cant open as archive
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @javis You have to delete the fake files your end.
  • Javis's avatar
    Goood job,Steve! But pls re-enabled the option that can allow me to manage the German national team. In your previous update,i was able to. Pls,can u help with that because i really love the german team & i'll love to manage them in the game like before.
  • rubenmaia's avatar
    Sporting Clube Portugal

    Rinaudo,Diego Rubio and Renato Neto is not in the club.

    Freddy Montero not the loan, Scp buy he.
  • Thyge's avatar
    Andre Almeida and Ricardo Costa is not in the club.

    Michel Herrero and Fede Cartabia is on loan away.

    GK Yoel Rodriguez is on loan in the club.
  • boyinthesnow's avatar

    Great Update.

    A few changes.

    William Gros and David Noble have been released by Oldham.

    Isn't Hatem Ben Arfa on loan at Hull rather than perm?

    Thanks for your hard work.
  • Shtazian's avatar
    Alexandru Bourceanu From Trabzonspor to Steaua Bucharest on loan
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    @walkerglenn He shouldn't be mate. He's at Monaco my end.

    What update you using from SI?

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