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FM+ 23 - Your Time-Saving Game Changer

The ultimate Football Manager companion! Get real-time insights, rock-solid advice, and more playing time - perfect for busy managers! Say goodbye to guesswork.

By Updated on Oct 22, 2023   54687 views   45 comments
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Downloads: 5211 / Size: 4.8 MB / Added: 2023-09-16
Football Manager 2023 Tools - FM+ 23 - Your Time-Saving Game Changer
FM+ is your go-to assistant, specially crafted for managers with tight schedules. Eliminate guesswork and seize control with real-time insights, reliable guidance, best eleven advice and quick player analysis. With FM+, you'll get familiar with any team in seconds and conquer Football Manager effortlessly. Maximize your limited gaming time and experience the thrill of success.

FYI, FM+24 for FM24 has been announced and will be released shortly

Reliable Assistance

Say goodbye to conflicting advice from in-game assistants and coaches; FM+ offers unwavering trustworthiness, enhancing your decision-making and team management.

For those of us with busy lives, FM+ is a game-changer. By eliminating the need for endless analysis and guesswork, it grants you precious hours to truly savor the heart-pounding excitement of Football Manager. Say goodbye to the frustration of deciphering unreliable in-game advice and hello to more genuine playing time, all while nurturing your team to glory.

Everything (except scouted players) operates in real-time, seamlessly integrated with your FM game, eliminating the hassle of loading savegames or creating exports

Effortless Squad Mastery

FM+ provides instant insights into your team's best lineup, player rotations, and youth prospects, making you a tactical maestro without breaking a sweat.

FM+ maintains the immersive charm of Football Manager by keeping star ratings relative to your team, just as you'd find in the game itself. However, what sets it apart is its unwavering trustworthiness.

Unlike other editors that divulge real Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA) numbers, FM+ keeps the mystery intact, ensuring you enjoy the thrill of discovery while confidently relying on its insights for an authentic gaming experience.

Scout with Precision
Quickly identify top prospects by importing and analyzing your scouted player list, streamlining your recruitment process for a more efficient and strategic career in Football Manager

When taking the reins of a national team, FM+ seamlessly adapts its features to cater specifically to your needs. It becomes your invaluable guide in selecting the right players to call up, ensuring your national squad is the best fit for your tactic.

Whether managing a club or a country, FM+ is the ultimate companion for achieving success and glory in the world of football.

Premium Edition

  • No season limit (Free version loads only data from game start year)
  • Import your scouted players
  • Support for managing National teams
  • Calculate best tactic for your team / Compare tactics
  • View World's best players and Next gen list
  • Create filter directly in FM for who to callup for your national team
  • Open player you are viewing in FM+ directly in FM
A premium license key is a one time € 5.99 payment (no subscription)

Download Now
Downloads: 5211 / Size: 4.8 MB / Added: 2023-09-16
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Discussion: FM+ 23 - Your Time-Saving Game Changer

45 comments have been posted so far.

  • coolestrock's avatar
    can i put in my own attributes rather than use the in game attributes as they are not what i use for searching for players
  • poirotketchup's avatar
    Excited for FM+24
  • eduavendano's avatar
    I also had the same problem... unfortunately it doesn't show players older than 32. Also tried to reload and searched them on the search tab and still nothing.
  • ThruDark's avatar
    @DavyDepuydt I don't know if you take "suggestions" but would you be able to look at including an additional squad selection tab that picks your best squad? As in, considering those unavailable through injury/suspension and maybe even fitness and conditioning? Similar to how your old lineup tool would?

    @mattjohn You need to make the tactic within FM+23 so click on the icon that looks like a pencil in a circle above the formation and add your tactic manually (next to the settings wheel).
  • marco83's avatar
    come faccio ad usare questo programma ?
  • mattjohn's avatar
    Afternoon, where does the app get the tactics from as I can not locate my tactic?
  • dommarch's avatar
    @drasche : I've the same problem, no player above 32 show up... i tried to reload, nothing, they don't appear in le search tab
    @DavyDepuydt could you do something
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    There's no trojan in, it's because some anti virusses do not trust the 3rd party auto-updater I'm using because it executes some actions with "administrative priviliges".

    download and unzip the file yourself and it will work
  • ThruDark's avatar
    I like the application, however when I try to update / download the newest version my anti-virus highlights a Trojan. @DavyDepuydt are you able to review your download link?
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @Duplikat, good remark, I'll look into it for a future update
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    No plans on doing any translation. Experience has learned me that making my tools multilanguage cost me a lot more effort vs benefit
  • luisdima17's avatar
    Is it translated into Spanish?
  • Duplikat's avatar
    Hi! I am using a tactic with a Wide Central Back and I think it's missing in the FM+ 23 tactic creator. There's only BPD, CD, LIB and NCB. Am I missing something there, or it's not implemented yet?
  • drasche's avatar
    It's most likely that if they are players aged 32 or older, FM+ will categorize them as staff, as it's usually the players in that age group who are missing. You should conduct tests with these players to ensure they continue to be included in the line-ups as long as they are still active players
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    I'll see if i can fix it, will be probably due to graphics path.
    Can you open:
    delete all folders in there

    @RPGFan, I'll have a look at that and see if something is wrong and update the tool so it can work with that, give me a couple of days

    @drasche: that is very strange, certainly after closing and opening FM+ all data is reloaded automatically. Older players who become staff can be difficult to be detected by FM+, or if you sent them to a B-team. In any other case I cannot reproduce what you are having.
  • drasche's avatar
    Hello, I was using FM+ when I realized that a player was missing. I opened and closed the game, but they still weren't there. I opened and closed FM+ as well, but the player was still missing. Being more careful, I noticed that it wasn't just one player missing; the application was omitting more than one player. I noticed their absence right after loading a national team (when I refreshed the data to show my team, the players were no longer there). Not only do they not appear in position details, but they also don't show up in the search. I advanced days in the game, and they still didn't appear. I loaded a save with a one-year difference, and players were still missing. I even restarted my computer, but the players were still missing :).
  • RPGFan's avatar
    I think I found a bug, seems program cannot accommodate 5 player at same level, when using a 4-5-1, ML is not showing not even when selecting ML button under all positions, is blank, although I do have options available. That might also cause 4 defenders to show cut with one player t-shirt only halfway there.
  • Bloody's avatar
    It doesnt work for me. After launching it, no GUI opens. However the process is running in the task manager.

    It worked once where I could add my directory of player images - even though saving the path made the application crash. However even after reinstalling I cant get this window open again. Is there some settings file stored on the local machine which stays even after reinstall? Or what could be the problem?
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    This will only work on Windows PC and I will not make a Mac version as it's not easy portable
  • RPGFan's avatar
    I do not think so, seems to be PC only as most people use that, but you can try the free version to see if it runs. However I see it does not seem to work with Windows console, is this only for the FM game, or is Windows console also included.
  • jamesh's avatar
    can you use this on mac?
  • jefe1913's avatar
    Thanks DavyDepuydt it works great now I'm not as computer literate as most people around here.
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @adam710, have you exported them with the correct view (FMPlus - Scouted)?
    if so, send me the html (webpage) file to [email protected] so I can check it out.
  • adam710's avatar
    This is great. However, when I go to import my scouted players (downloaded as webpage), it loads for a bit and nothing appears?
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    You have to make an export of your scouted players screen in FM as "web page" (html) while using the view that comes with FM+ (in the views subfolder).
    The popup also explains it the first time you try to use it.

    I'll try and make a video tonight to show if it's not clear

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