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FM 2017 Features Video Announcement

The official features announcement video of Football Manager 2017 with a full properly edited transcript!

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News - FM 2017 Features Video Announcement
Long awaited Football Manager 2017 FEATURES VIDEO has arrived!

32 minutes!!

Enjoy :D

FM17 Features Video Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Miles jacobson and I'm here to show you some of the new features in Football Manager 2017.

We've got plenty to talk about over the course of this video some major additions to the squad, some subtle touches that enhance the football manager experience, but of course we've also left plenty of new things and improvements for you to discover for yourselves as you work through your weight of glory. Let's get straight into it.


New animations improved by decision-making and reactions, a new camera angle and enhanced visuals on and around the pitch are just a handful of enhancements in this year's match engine. Quite simply the Football Manager 2017 match engine isn't just the best-looking, it's also the most intelligent we've ever made.

Let's start with the new camera angle. It's called "behind go low" and it gets you up close and personal to all the goal mouth action. From this angle you can see the trajectory of the ball as long-range efforts fizz into the back of the net and get a good view of how your team's maintaining its shape.

Behind go low is just the first of a massive suite of enhancements to the overall look of the match engine. You'll notice graphic improvements whatever level your graphics card is at; improved lighting and shadows, player models with more bones to give them more natural movement, improvements to stadiums, and even the grass, all enhanced looking for 3d engine. You'll even see dynamic led holdings in the larger side teams.

FM 17 also features more than 1,500 motion-captured elements worked on my friends at Creative Assembly. For example, goalkeepers are more capable of pulling off spectacular reactive saves and players head the ball and shoot in a much more intuitive manner, taking into account the flight of the ball better than before. You'll also notice that players move more fluidly than before. We've enhanced the player models which allows for a more comprehensive set of movements and also lets the players change direction quicker.

As well as these improvements, there are some other welcome additions to the match engine, such as vanishing spray; something that's become prevalent in the world's biggest leagues. Wherever there's a free kick in a dangerous position, the referee now marks where the ball is placed and lays outline of spray marking where the wall must stand, so that can be no disagreements about when the wall is the full 10 yards back or not.

There's also a better pre-match presentation such as showing the players emerging from the tunnel and lining up ahead of the pre-match handshakes or going through their final warm-ups ahead of kickoff.

Speaking of kickoff we've also incorporated the new rule that allows for one player kickoffs, as well as the recent changes can allow a player injured to receive treatment on the pitch and the law changes to deny a goalscoring opportunity, such as a foul by the last man not being an automatic red card. And of course we've updated all the player and league data.

Football Manager 2017 also benefits for a whole host of AI enhancements. The number of decisions a player makes per second has almost doubled, meaning players are more aware of the situation they're in and the options around them, and will consider these when deciding what to do with the ball as well as the opposition players. This leads to more split-second decisions as you see in the real world, especially when a player is close to the goal and the player doesn't have much time to think before that last minute tackle, great save or shot under pressure.

Defensive AI in particular has seen a big boost to the work and other elements of the AI that the Match Engine team have been working on.

Defenders now adapt better to the opponents they're facing dropping deeper when facing quick attackers, but pushing up from midfield when in control of the match. You'll notice that players are positioning themselves better, especially when dealing with crosses and corners and they react better.

Goalkeepers also make better judgments about whether it's comfortable or stay on their line. It's not just players who are more intelligent, AI managers also use player roles more intelligent even before when picking their team and making changes during the match.

The commentary is also being refreshed with hundreds of new and reworked lines of text and it's now more contextual. For example, the commentary will give more detailed information about injuries that are suffered during the match speculating about what the injury might be and what might of caused it.


Our goal when developing each iteration of football manager is to expand on the realistic living breathing world of football that we've created. This year we've introduced something that's been part of our daily lives over the past few years; social media.

On the new dedicated social feed tab, you'll see fans the media, clubs and competitions sharing the news and views on the hot topics in your footballing world. Will they be delighted with your transfer business or start to put the pressure on you after a particularly poor set of results with a carefully worded hashtag.

As part of a wider revamp of news and inbox, the social feed is the new home of fan polls and reaction to the big stories, as well as the place where major news stories are broken and transfer rumors start to sprout. You'll even see posts containing video links to multiple goals which you can view in a pop-up player.

Once your personal assistant will set up some recommendations for you to follow, you can also add clubs, competitions and players to follow yourself.


Your inbox is now the place where you receive email from your staff at your club, your board, agents and players. In fact anything related directly to the club will appear here. It's also where your personal assistant will forward really important information to you, such as clips of interviews with your players or news about your club.

As part of this revamp, we've made big changes how certain types of information is presented. For example, choosing your captain is now much simpler; you get more information within the news-item allowing you to make a quick informed decision.

You'll also get more information when organizing friendly matches and when you pick your team for a training camp. In short you'll get a lot more information by email, reducing the need to navigate away from the inbox when faced with tough decisions.

Staff members now give you their opinions on a wider variety of subjects than before. You've got a player who want to go into contract discussions, your staff will give you hints on what to do, even if they think he needs to offload the player. There's a player in your B team playing well, well your staff might well bring this to your attention and suggest you bring him into the first-team squad. Your back room staff have always been important, but from now on they're going to be more important than ever.

We've also introduced dynamic images for the first time. For example, if you sign a new player you'll now see unique tailored image of that player in your squad. Or if you had a game canceled due to bad weather, you'll see exactly why that happened. These direct visual representations will bring the news to life in a way that we've never done before.

Something else that's changing is the way we calculate match odds. Now you'll see dynamic odds throughout the season based on your team's performance. If you're pushing up the league against the media's preseason predictions, you'll see your odds plummet. On the flipside, failing to get results will see your arms lengthen and can be a stark reminder of the pressures that football managers find themselves under a weekly basis.

As you can see, this is a huge change to the way you deal with media and your staff will affect the way you can find out things about the game world. You'll be more informed that in a way that's both easier to digest and more relevant to contemporary football.


We've strived to make Football Manager 2017's transfer market the most authentic in the series' history. With a host of new additions that replicate the situations that real-life managers find themselves in when buying and selling players.

A big change to how transfers and contract renewals are conducted is the addition of pre-contract conversations for players who might not be that interested in joining in or who have interest from other clubs. These will take place with either the player's agent or the player himself and allow you to set out how you see the player fitting into your side, their expected goals for the duration of their contract or responsibilities you want them to take on. In effect, it's a chance for you to sell your club to them. Once these have been agreed, they'll be set as promises that you will be expected to keep.

You'll see a greater focus on transfer activity with transfer that play out over a long period, sometimes even from the duration of the whole transfer window. While certain clubs will identify a single world-class player to be the sole transfer target, a Galactico as some call them, you can keep up to date with all the latest comings and goings on the new dedicated transfer window panel.

Clubs are now more intelligent when identifying targets and may even ask for clauses to delay selling one of their players to you until they signed a replacement; or they might hold off accepting if they think they can get a better deal from another club.

Bearing all of this in mind and might be worth getting your transfer business done early, but for those of you who prefer to get involved with the drama of transfer deadline day we've made a few improvements there too.

Not only journalists come to you more often looking for the latest scoop for their editor, but you'll also notice some outlandish rumors circulating on social media. We've added in the ability to adjust your transfer and wage budgets on deadline day.

And for those of you who leave it until that very last minute to make a crucial transfer, you'll now also get advised that a loan deal with a view to a permanent transfer could be the best and only way to get the deal done if the time is tight.

Players and agents have more power in the transfer market than ever before and as a consequence you may see some players holding out for a better offer before deciding whether to sign for a club or not.

Also when multiple clubs are involved in trying to secure their client's signature, agents now get back and forth between the clubs to negotiate the best deal. Agents can be useful to managers too, as they now offer more detailed feedback in contract negotiations and then also get in touch with you via email if their client wants to reenter negotiations after previous talks have broken down.

Also new for FM 17 is a third transfer lock option that lets you agree to lock down a specific clause or bonus in a transfer deal or contract, but not locked down its value giving you a little bit more leeway in negotiations.

Speaking of clauses, we've added several new ones, including separate wage fees in a loan deal, depending on whether a player actually plays or not, minimum fee release clauses if the bidding team is involved in continental competition and mandatory future fees attached to loan transfers.

It's not just players who can get transferred, it can happen with managers too. And you can now arrange for these to happen at the end of a season just in case you don't want to leave your current club in the lurch.


Last year we introduced the new manager on the touchline feature, where you were able to create your own manager avatar. This time around we've taken that a step further by adding the capability to add your face to the game direct from a photo.

To do this, all you need is a picture of yourself which you load into the game and add some guidance points. From there some very clever technology from my friends at facegen means you'll be met with your very own manager avatar.

As you can see from this picture of me, there's far more detail added along with facial hair options and even glasses so you can fully tailor the avatar to look as much like you as you want.

We've also made changes to how your avatar dresses, giving you more freedom to change and mold your outfit to really suit your management style. You can rock a suit will be closer to the action in your very own tracksuit and due to public demand you can even change the color of your tie.

Now when you load up Football Manager you'll be met with your very own manager on the Start screen. We wanted to give you the feeling of really being within the game.

We've also made some under the hood changes to manager reputations. New managers will now have more realistic reputations which will ensure that managers are picked up by clubs are realistically more likely to approach them.

If you start as a Sunday league manager, don't expect any of the big boys notice you until you've achieved some serious success. You're going to have to really work hard for your next step up, which will give some more depth to long-term lower-league management saves.

This will also affect the social media aspect of the game, with fans be more cynical and vocal when a manager with a lower reputation is hired.


Fantasy draft made its debut last year as a multiplayer mode and proved to be a popular addition to the series. For Football Manager 2017 we've added a few new features to this mode, not least of which is the addition of AI managers.

So now you can play fantasy draft just about any way that you want to, entirely on your own against AI managers, against friends or a mixture of the two. You might even recognize some of the AI managers; some of our friends have kindly let us immortalize them in the game. The AI managers will have their own preferred formations and you'll be able to choose which manages to compete against.

You can still choose to play against up to 31 human managers or start a fantasy draft with a mix of human and AI managers.

In addition to the new ways to play fantasy draft, we've also changed the squad budget options. You can now select to start with more incremental options up to a maximum of 250 million.

While selecting your starting budget, you can also choose whether to include a midseason transfer window near draft. And this gives you the opportunity to remove unwanted players from your squad and reclaim the money that they initially cost you. You can then spend that money and any money you have left over from the initial draft on players released by your opponents or players who were drafted first time round.

Once you're into the draft itself, you'll notice a number of changes that make it easier and quicker to make that all important pick. You can filter out unaffordable players and we've increased the size of the timer to make it easier to see how long you have left to select your pick.

There's also a new panel detailing the number of players that you have drafted in each position.

Finally you can now import and export your fantasy club and kit using every fantasy draft that you play rather than having to type in the details each time you start a fantasy draft game.


Something else new for Football Manager 2017 is that when you're starting a new game you'll be able to choose between advanced and Quick Start modes, with the latter -as the name suggests- you'll get into the action quicker than ever.

To demonstrate this we'll start a new game right here and I'm gonna go through it until it's finished loading. As you can see we've streamlined the way you pick your team and the leagues in your game, so you're now picking your team before the game is set up.

The QuickStart mode uses recommended leagues depending on what team you select to get the best database setup tailored for you and your club and your computer. The game will load in bigger reputation leagues as well as relevant and more local leagues to enhance the experience you have as a manager, giving you a large pool of players and teams at your disposal to scout and potentially sign players for your club.

And something techy that many of you have asked for. If you have an operating system that can handle it, there's now a 64-bit version of the game alongside the old-school 32-bit version, which allows the game to run quicker and utilizes much of your computer's memory as possible.

Back to quick start. As you can see the game is already set up and you're ready to get started on your career as the next big thing in management.


Assembling a good backroom team has always been important, but with the changes with backroom advice that I touched on earlier, getting the right people in is crucial if you want to get the best out of your team.

Back room advice is now spread across the game rather than just being placed on a single screen, with relevant staff members providing contextual advice to the area of the game that you're looking at. Now when you click on a player's profile you may get advice from one of your coaching staff on his training schedule or if you look on the tactic screen you may get tactical suggestions from your assistant manager.

Backroom advice now covers more content including suggestions on how to deal with unhappy players, as well as more detailed feedback and the ability to apply all of the recommended advice.

In addition to expanding backroom advice, we've also added new staff roles, specifically data analysts and sports scientists. Data analysts form part of your scouting team and will provide you with detailed pre and post-match reports, looking at tactical trends in your positions previous matches, as well as your own performance. Sports scientists support your medical team and work to reduce the likelihood of injuries reoccurring.

It's not just the new staff that have been given attention. Your returning staff from previous games have been improved to. For example, your assistant manager will give you his recommended formation which you can view on the tactic screen under the formation drop-down menu.

Your physio will also highlight how injury-prone a player is after they've assess them in the medical.

Another trend we've noticed in football over the last couple of years has also made it into the game. Some players now start their coaching badges before they retired, if they're thinking of staying in the game once they've hung up their boots.


In recent years we've seen advances in real-world football scouting that place a greater emphasis on statistics, data analysis and video technology, to give scouts more tools at their disposal than just the naked eye. You've always had a lot of that power in our games, given so many real-world clubs use our database as part of their scouting too. And in Football Manager 2017 you can utilize all these methods to give you a fully rounded view of any potential signing.

A major change to the scouting module is the redesign next opposition reports. These contain more information on key players and your opposition's overall ability. In addition to key stats from the competition you're facing, we've also included details on your opposite number in the dugout in the report. You can see that likely formation laid out on a horizontal pitch, as well as their likely playing mentality.

Something that real managers deal with on a regular basis is viewing highlight reels of potential signings. When scouting a player you now receive the highlights package of the player in action. Your scout will supply this as part of his regular updates on the player, with the highlights displaying in a pop-up player.

Scouts will also inform you of injuries that prevent players from training full-time. It's not just for your opposition though or even other team's players; the team report panel has been revamped with the overview screen now giving you a more detailed breakdown of your team's strengths and weaknesses in the same way that you'd see in a player scout report.

There's also relevant statistical information that helps you judge in what areas your team is performing well and where there's room for improvement. On the squad depth screen you'll notice that we've laid out your current formation on the graphical pitch display, giving an appropriate and clear view of who the strongest players are in each position.

Player searching also has some improvement, even going as far to having the ability to search for the number of days the players spent in a country, which is particularly useful for finding out how long that will take a player to become a citizen of that country or a homegrown player.

You're now also able to sort secondary sort playlists tables. So for example, you can sort primarily by value but then have a secondary sort on the players current wage.


The match analysis module received its biggest overhaul in last year's game with our partnership with Prozone leading to a huge variety of new events to look at in detail. We've continued the work we started last year and introduced several new features to Football Manager 2017's in-game match analysis. And with Prozone having recently rebranded to STATS that's happening game too.

Now if you want to see a snapshot of where a game was won or lost, you can do just that by selecting the new overview screen on the analysis drop-down. This screen displays heat maps of both sides and picks out the key statistical information that illustrates which formation and style of play was more effective over the course of the 90 minutes.

There are new events too as you can now see where on the pitch possession was being gained and lost, as well as where individual touches of the ball were made. In addition to these new events, there's also a new graphic on the action zones screen to show the focus of attacks during the match. We've also added in assists as a selectable category, so you can see how that perfectly timed pass came about.


Press conferences can make or break a manager. A well-placed answer or two can turn you into a media darling, buying more time when the pressure's on. However, a poorly thought out response can easily turn the fans and media against you.

Football Manager 2017 features a range of new more contextual questions and with the presence of social media for the first time, you'll need to think carefully about how what you're saying will be perceived. As part of the extra context in the questions, you'll find more questions about match events, transfers, player happiness and injuries too as journalists seek their next big headline-grabbing story.

You'll also see other teams managers contributing their own comments. For example, you could see other managers chiming in with their own opinions, extending the life of the narrative and creating extra drama.


Football Manager 2017 also adds a further layer of depth to player's characters with improved player personalities and progression modelling.

Personality traits have been enhanced this year and are more versatile, working with a wider range of features. A player's ambition, loyalty, determination and professionalism amongst others have an even larger bearing on how successful they will be throughout their career. For example, a player with a low adaptability will now be less willing to move abroad for the fear of missing home.

There have been several changes to the way players change over time. You'll find more attributes now start to decline as a player enters the twilight of their career as they would do in real life. The algorithms used to judge a player's decline have also been significantly improved to take into account things such as club's training facilities, the amount of first-team football he's been getting, and how long he's been playing first-team football for.

Players can now approached you and tell you they want to join a specific club, even if another team is interested in them and likely to make a higher value offer. This can also create a stir on the social media with some fans turning on the player in question and others excited about the prospect of him joining their club.

Players can also conduct exclusive interviews with the media to try and force your hand if they're unhappy about a particular issue. For example, if a player wants to play first-team football but you've overlooked him, he may decide to tell the local press how he feels to turn public opinion in his favour.

In addition to the improvements in player personalities, interaction and progression, we've revamped the player and staff comparison screens. There's now a lot more information on the overview screen, including star ratings and a clickable coach report as well as their season stats.


Create a club made its debut last year in the desktop version of Football Manager, having previously been exclusively available to Football Manager mobile. This year we've added a couple of new features to the popular game mode.

The first of these is something that a number of people have been asking for; the ability to add more creative players to a squad. Now you can put together a full squad of you and your mates and lead them to glory. For those of you that prefer to work with real players, we've also brought in the ability to search for specific players just as you can in the fantasy draft mode.


Getting the board on your side is crucial to becoming a successful manager. After all, these are the people who dictate how much money you have to spend, who can give you the go-ahead for new building projects and of course have the power to remove you from your job. In Football Manager 2017 boards behave in a more dynamic and realistic fashion and work more closely with their manager.

You'll notice that the board come to you more often than they used to and will want to discuss a range of topics, such as contract offers, budget adjustments and changes to the size of your staff. Some chairman will also seek your opinion on budgets and the club's facilities after a takeover. The board will also give you more input on your relationship with affiliated clubs.

You can now negotiate existing partnerships to ensure you're getting the most out of the arrangement for your club. There is more information about certain affiliations too, such as whether the partnership is a long-term arrangement and how commercially lucrative the deal is.

The interact with board option on the transfer offer screen has been revamped too. In the right circumstances, boards will be willing to part with their hard-earned cash on a player they've identified, especially if it's a marquee name.

Sugar daddies, those owners who like to invest heavily in their clubs, now also operate more realistically. Firstly, they're now dynamic which means that they'll change the type of investment they put into the club as their team moves up or down divisions.

There's a new type of sugar daddy for this year too. Underwriter who expects return. This type of sugar daddy will take over a club outside of the top flight with good prospects, even if they have some sort of debt. They will then pay off that debt with a loan that will have to be repaid if the club reaches the top division, as well as taking profit out of the club over the long term.

One final thing to note is that tycoons now use more advanced logic when choosing a club for a takeover.


As always there are a huge number of subtle but significant features that helped create FM's immersive game world. Here are just a selection of some of these features that highlights the level of detail that you can expect from Football Manager 2017. There are loads more of these that you may discover yourself while playing the game.

On the club's history screen you can now see every single player who has played for your club, arranged by season with details of where they are now; perfect for those of you enjoy long-term saves.

The club history screen also features plenty of new records, including the most goals in all competitions in the season, the most clean sheets in the season and the most wins in a season. And it's not just records that have been added. There are now pre-season odds for awards such as top goalscorer and player-of-the-year.

Newgen names have also been tweaked and they now feature double-barrelled surname to reflect the way things are in the modern game and in the real world. And just to show that we really are sticklers for authenticity, there are even now more naming choices for Danish newgens, which has been a problem in the past.

You'll notice that the scrolling status bar at the bottom and the processing panel has been given greater prominence with more stats now being shown.

In Australia we revamped the youth league system to reflect the new conference system that was brought in the end of last year.

Meanwhile, MLS managers will notice that AI managers are more intelligent with their selections in the superdraft, choosing players who can improve the weaknesses in their squads.

Kosovo and Gibraltar have been added into the qualifying groups for all international tournaments that they are eligible to compete in.

FFP rules have been fully updated ahead of the new season to include a new range of embargo restrictions that allow you to make loan and transfer offers within the parameters of Financial Fair Play sanctioned limits.

Customizable columns have been added to certain league tables, allowing you to view tables for the first and second halves of the season.

We've also added in the facility requirements and accurate prize money rules for our newest licensed league; the Polish Ekstraklasa. This is on top of fully updated competition rules around the world and an up-to-date squad and player data.


This season's network game experience is quicker and more intelligent. A host of new options allow you to progress through the game quicker without missing any important managerial business. Hosts can now set a maximum number of times that their game is allowed to stop on any one day.

There's also a new customizable timer that can be put in place, that gives managers a set window of time to deal with things like board meetings and submitting their squad. If you choose to use the timer, then you can also select whether you want the game to stop the time and move you past certain news items, such as job interviews and board meeting requests.

There's an additional online game preference that forces all users to have their assistant manager take control of their friendly matches, saving time during pre-season; should everyone agree that that's how they'd like to play the game.


This year Football Manager Touch has been separated from Football Manager 2017 on PC, Mac and Linux. It made it into its own standalone game with a distinct experience compared to its sibling. The focus, as ever, is to give you streamline football manager experience, concentrating on some of the key aspects of football management, such as transfers and tactics.

Football Manager Touch 2017 is the quickest version yet, as new features and optimization allow you to progress through the game more quickly than before. Many of the new and enhanced features that we've spoken about for FM 2017 are in Touch too. The match engine improvements, transfers and contracts, social media, the inbox, player improvements, AI improvements and a lot more besides. But let's look at some specific FM Touch features too.

There's now the option to instant result midway through a match, ideal if you've seen enough of your team's performance or in short of time. The rest of the match will simulate and you'll be taken straight to the result.

You can utilize your back room staff a lot more effectively too, delegating more tasks to them than was previously possible, allowing you to concentrate on getting the team ready for match day. You now have the option to let your director of football handle contract negotiations for you when the time comes for a player's contract.

You can also delegate the responsibility of setting scouting assignments to your chief scout, saving you even more time. Speaking of scouting, that area of the game has seen a wide range of improvements for FM Touch. A streamlined version of the scouting assignment panel is now available, so you can see where your scouts are in the world at any given time.

The scout report news item has also been redesigned in a similar manner to how that news item now appears in football manager, while the training overview screen has also been redesigned to feature more graphical information.

There's lots more to explore and some new challenges for challenge mode, but with the streamlined experience that you've come to expect from Football Manager Touch. And you can still cross save between PC, Mac, Linux and the high-end Android tablet and iPad mini 2 and above and Pro versions.


So that's a taste of what to expect from Football Manager 2017. We're very proud of the announcements and improvements that we've made this year's game, that make it the most immersive and realistic management simulation that we've ever produced. And I hope that you'll enjoy experiencing it and finding new things out for yourself.

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