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Football Manager 2017 Features Wishlist

A selection of suggestions made for FM 2017 on our social profiles. Updated August 17th, 2016.

By on Aug 17, 2016   32856 views   8 comments
News - Football Manager 2017 Features Wishlist
Today marks the day of the first Football Manager 2017 announcement, which basically revealed the official FM17 release date.

Even though the feature meetings are over since February, we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter in what ways they are hoping that FM 2017 can be better than FM16. We received over 650 comments and in this article we present you with some of the best we've read so far.

It's always interesting to know what the community wants and expects from Football Manager 2017, and to find out how these ideas will match the new features SI decided to introduce in the new game.

By the way, remember to like the dedicated Football Manager 2017 page we created on Facebook to stay tuned with the latest news and discussion as it happens.

Suggestions from the FM Scout community

Most requested:
  • Manager Salary: Investing wages on a club (stadium, players, facilities etc.)
  • Managing Youth Teams: Being able to start as a manager of under 18’s/under 21 sides
  • Having the option to control a real life manager

Match Engine:
  • Actual stadiums
  • Building/choosing your own stadiums
  • More realistic celebrations after goals/famous celebrations
  • Pitch invasion after promotion
  • Morale dropping when facing in-form opponents
  • Certain stadiums and how full they are should negatively affect player morale for the visiting team
  • World class striker (e.g. Neymar, Messi) with no angle to score and teammate on the box with nobody marking him… the striker still tries to score kicking the ball straight to the fans

Youth Academies:
  • Youth academies around the country and around the world
  • Set focus for youth academies so they can be more focused on different attributes (e.g. tiki taka style = better passing, movement, balance, etc)

  • Setting goals/objective for new signings/fringe players
  • For players not interested to join, you should be able to set out your goals, e.g. will bring in more players your level, will build the team around you, etc
  • More realistic swap deals
  • Make offloading unwanted players easier because asking the players to find a new club currently has no result at all

  • Basic kit changes every season
  • Staff additions: club doctor, dietician, psychologist

  • Decrease the frequency of having backup or youth players moaning about their play time
  • Talk to unhappy players to resolve their concerns before it can affect their performance and the backroom
  • Address fans after a season or after a loss to rally them
  • Bring back mind games by randomly talking to the press about any manager
  • Expand the fans response do something like social media
  • Interact with agents to build rapports and then they can help convince their players to join your team
  • Community work and more interaction with the fans, including charity events

  • New job: Be the interim manager and stay if you can fulfill the board’s requirements
  • Being able to sign a pre-contract with another club (similar to Pep Guardiola and Manchester City)
  • Build a coach team (assistant manager, fitness coach, gk coach...) who will join and leave clubs with you

  • Regen players under the age of 14 joining youth teams
  • Option to disable newgens or limit the amount they’re being generated
  • Option to filter out newgens in advanced player search

National Teams:
  • Competition ratings - The World Cup should be 6 stars. Even though the CL is a huge competition, it cannot be at the same level of importance with a competition that occurs once every 4 years
  • Training for national teams

  • Limit sponsorships - negotiate available spaces on the uniform and stadiums... having 43 sponsorship deals for the same season is unreal
  • Update the Asian market as they have been paying a truckload of cash for players and players are actually going there
  • Better breakdown of finances for lower league clubs
  • Keep transfer funds intact - saving money over the course of a few seasons only for it to be 'stolen' by the board over summer and 'given to shareholders'

  • Ballon D'or Award - The winner is always the highest rating player with good enough reputation despite not winning any trophies
  • Low potential players with the right guidance and direction could become stars (e.g. Vardy and Mahrez)

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Discussion: Football Manager 2017 Features Wishlist

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • esemiks's avatar
    There should be player value graphics. And our salary as a manager means nothing this should be changed too.
  • sezerecep's avatar
    Actual training data would be great like that gps vests, more dynamic attributes for staff and players
  • sezerecep's avatar
    You can sign pre-contracts when another team made an contract offer to you just select end of the season
  • downloadkct's avatar
    I hope they give us something to do with our wage
  • macca's avatar
    I'd love the option to take control of a real life manager such as Pep or Jose Mourinho and only use their tactics and player roles.
  • scott1701's avatar
    being able to sign staff members on pre-contract i.e. 6 months before their current contracts expire
  • scott1701's avatar
    being able to name stands in a stadium, being able to choose from 4 new names for building a new stadium, being able to appoint a supporters spokesperson yourself, being able to interact with fans more regarding transfers and tactics, when joining a new club you should be able to take certain staff with you, choose regens yourself, being able to instruct a director of football or chief scout, what type of players you're looking for, being able to freely approach higher reputation clubs of your choice to be your senior affiliate, being able to interact with the FA when choosing national tactics and philosophies, being able to include players as part of a loan deal, being able to offer non-continental qualification release clause amount, being able to do swap deals for youth players, setting youth academies in countries or regions of a country, being able to choose kits for special commemorative events, i.e. national independence day or veterans day, being able to create tournaments for charities etc.
  • MarcAnthony95's avatar
    Thats a good point in the Various section, cause Messi always wins the Ballon'Dor despite Ronaldo, Bale and Lewandowski scoring 10+ more goals, 5+ more assists, winning the league and champions league (Bayern or Madrid always win first 3 seasons in my saves),, like what???
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