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Football Manager 2020 Competition Colour Fix

FM20 Competition Colour Fix gives a must needed facelift to in-game competitions.

By Updated on Nov 25, 2019   26034 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 8382 / Size: 15.0 kB / Added: 2019-11-19
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - Football Manager 2020 Competition Colour Fix
FM20 Competition Colour Fix gives a must needed facelift to in-game competitions that are not licensed or are using their nations primary and secondary colours. Leagues such as the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League & Spanish La Liga mirror their real life colour scheme.

This fix was created for my own personal use to make the game feel more authentic with it’s presentation. If you have any suggestions for future updates, please feel free to recommend them.

This file is save game compatible.

How to fix competition colours in FM 2020

1. Close or Quit the game (f the game is running).
2. Extract the contents of the pack to a temporary location.
3. Find the latest database folder (in this example, 2010)

\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\database\db\2010\

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/database/data/db/2010/

4. Open the folder named `lnc` and then click into the `all` sub-folder.
5. Move the `FM20 Authentic Competition Colour Fix.lnc` you extracted into the `all` folder within `database\db\2010\lnc\all\`

What Has Changed? v1.1

This release adds colours to the following competitions:

What Has Changed? v1.0.0

This release adds colours to the following competitions:


Download Now
Downloads: 8382 / Size: 15.0 kB / Added: 2019-11-19
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Discussion: Football Manager 2020 Competition Colour Fix

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • Neobir's avatar
    can u add Turkish league??
  • JackieChan126's avatar
    Hyundai A-League?
  • idrisz's avatar
    can you share your tweaked logo?
  • 6Times's avatar
    Works on FM19?
  • lovehatefm's avatar
    v1.1 added. Mexico and Russian leagues/cups edited. Readme reflects new db folder.
  • mhajiloizis's avatar
    I followed all the steps but still not working?
  • PequenoGenio's avatar
    Now with the release of the game ths will be updated?
  • fabiognascimento's avatar
    @spskeen could you please send these 3 logos to my email? Would it be possible? [email protected]

    I mean UCL, UEL and Premier League logos.
  • Nano1711's avatar
    @spskeen idk, i do all the 5 steps, but the competition color doesn't change at all
  • ParanoidBuddha's avatar
    Please can you do the same even for Brazilian teams?
  • lovehatefm's avatar
    @fabiognascimento I got them from Google, cut them out and recoloured.
  • fabiognascimento's avatar
    @spskeen could you tell where you got the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League logos? Standard logo packs has different logos and does not fit the colours of your file.
  • lovehatefm's avatar
    I think we will be keeping the Bundesliga (1-3) white for now. I don't see a reason to change it based on the way they present their brand online and in the media. The closest argument would be for a red background but I'm sure that will clash with the logo.

    @Nano1711 can you explain what is happening? Happy to help.
  • downloadkct's avatar
    thanks man
  • Nano1711's avatar
    I dont know why, but cant make it work..
  • Nobnab's avatar
    the old logo of the german 3. league was green white. the current one is rather black and white.

    3. Liga Logo
  • Doddo04's avatar
    German 1 and 2 Bundesliga you can make red text on silver the 3 liga are green white
  • lovehatefm's avatar
    @Triv & @idrisz FMScout standard logo pack. I've tweaked a few of the logos to be a better fit for my set up.

    @Chavez07 He usado Goolge Translate para esto. Intentaré México en la próxima actualización. // I've used Goolge Translate for this. I'll attempt Mexico on the next update.

    @Doddo04 I was unsure if I would touch the Bundesliga. The black text on white works well and matches the presentation styles I can find with the only alternative being a black text on silver so wasn't sure if there would be much point. I could use white on red but that could cause issues with the Bundesliga logos.

    @map788 Can you describe the issue with the Russian Premier League?
  • map788's avatar
    Russian Premier League need fix
  • Doddo04's avatar
    German Leagues i missing please do them for the next update
  • Chavez07's avatar
    Puedes corregir los colores d elas competencias en mexico?
  • idrisz's avatar
    Hi, can you share the competition logopack?

  • Triv's avatar
    On the examples given what logo pack is used?
  • Rivanov's avatar
    AH it's savegame compatible. Nice.
  • Cosmic34's avatar

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