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Football Manager History... The Game

You can simulate into the future with Football Manager, but what about the past?

By on Oct 15, 2016   3853 views   1 comments
We all know that FM is a database. It is loaded with players, leagues, information, and just an overwhelming amount of data for the simulated future and past. Now we know already that you can simulate 100 years into the future if you really wanted and see how FM simulates the footballing world. It is fun and entertaining trying to build a team with players that do not even exist in the real world.

Then a really cool idea popped into my mind – what if you could go into the past before going into the future?

What if you had the ability to not only watch the history of football unravel before your eyes and live some of the millions of fabulous moments this great game has brought, but also have the possibility to completely alter its history?

Just hear me out on this for a moment…

Now this is a lot more than just having the ability to purchase, create and play with some of the greatest ever players to grace the pitch. You can easily do that through a downloaded database and input it into your game. Picture this.

It is Saturday, 8 September 1888 and the first ever match of the Football League is being played, not only in England… but throughout the world. At the end of the season, Preston North End… unbeaten throughout the campaign won the inaugural season… and you… you were in charge. You watched from the sidelines with your glorious mustache and tailored suit as your star striker John Goodall score 21 goals in 21 matches, and your keeper James Trainer only concede 13 goals in 20 games. A time when anyone played anywhere on the pitch… a real pig skin and bladder flying around on what was supposed to be a pitch… but it is now just a mud bath. The birth of football.

You managed that side and you moved on through history, watching as the game slowly changes. The rules change, new leagues in England are formed with multiple teams signing up to play just a simple game. You watch as the format changes and leagues start popping up throughout the globe, it is no longer just a fun past time… it is now becoming the world’s game.

That would be pretty cool.

Imagine all the challenges you would face throughout that time frame. Yet this game, Football Manger History or FMH for short, is not just allowing you to start at the beginning. It allows you, to start… at any time in the history of football.

Does that not sound amazing? Imagine purchasing some of the greatest ever footballers who ever lived! Giving England more pride than just their World Cup win of 1966. Imagine taking control of a club from a newly independent Yugoslavia… the possibilities are endless.

Would anyone like to play this?

Suggestions, ideas, comments? Let me know and message below.

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Discussion: Football Manager History... The Game

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