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Football Manager Save Ideas for what Club to Manage

Struggling to find a save idea for your Football Manager career? We've asked the community how they select a club for their saves and put together this brilliant list of FM save ideas for you.

By on Nov 04, 2020   208206 views   3 comments
Club Insights - Football Manager Save Ideas for what Club to Manage
On our twitter feed, we asked the community how they pick a club to manage for a Football Manager save. We received not only plenty of votes in the poll but many comments across our social media network. First off, we would like to thank you for your feedback.

In this article, we have divided up after sifting through everyone’s responses how the community selects their clubs or national teams to manage. With FM24 right around the corner we have taken the time to gather the wide range of unique ideas people have come up with and have listed them out here by subcategory.

We hope this article can serve the purpose of helping you find a club to manage or come up with a new save idea – either on Football Manager 2024 or on any other FM version.

Save Ideas for your next Football Manager career game


  • Most local side to you within the game.

  • Most local side to you within a particular league.

  • Download a league expansion pack on FMScout and choose local from there.

  • Create a club which is local to you.

  • Club that you have physically visited.

  • Clubs from a city or country that you have physically visited.

  • Select a club that is not in their own country. Example: Swansea and Cardiff in England, Wellington in Australia, etc.

  • Picking an obscure league but then pick the most isolated / obscure team within that league.

Club Circumstance

  • Manage a club with LOTS of money.

  • Manage a club with Excellent Facilities (i.e. youth, training, stadia, etc).

  • Manage a club with a terrible media / worldwide reputation.

  • Manage a club with the worse media prediction in a particular league.

  • Manage a club who starts out with a negative points tally.

  • Manage a club who are “fallen giants”.

  • Manage a club who can “go very far and develop into giants.”

Based on a Save

  • Manage at least once in the MLS.

  • Go back to an old club you managed in a previous FM version.

  • Select a ‘historical’ club – around since the beginning in a certain country or league.

  • Selecting a club who were relevant or been in a certain competition / league periodically.

  • Manage a club based off the need to “rebuild” it.

  • Try managing in a country you have never managed before.

Inspired or Motivated by Real Life

  • Manage a club where you feel you could perform better then the current manager.

  • Manage a club where their current form is shocking / they are underperforming.

  • Manage a club where IRL they are a mess in the transfer market.

  • Manage a club where you try to go that on step farther compared to their IRL previous season.

National Teams

  • Go for both a club and a national team.

  • Manage a national team which you could qualify playing for.

  • Build up the reputation of a club and the nation in which that club is from.

  • Choose a historically great footballing nation.


  • Let the FM Gods control your fate and start off unemployed.

  • Load as many leagues as possible and start off unemployed.

  • See which club sacks their manager and bring that club back to the top.

  • Simulate first season, purposely destroy the interview, and take whoever is still desperate enough to offer the job.

Club You Like

  • The team you love and support (if they are in the game).

  • A club you have a “soft spot” for.

  • Choose a club off a specific player you would like to manage or build around.



  • Literally spam the random button when you start a save.

  • Put all teams you are considering into a spinner or hat and draw from there.

  • Order a mystery box with a random football jersey in it, open it up and that jersey is the team you start with.

  • Use FM Scout’s Random Team Generator.

  • Use FM Scout’s Club Finder.

If we have missed an idea above, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear how you come up with selecting a club to manage for your saves.

For now, please stay safe and enjoy your Football Manager saves!

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