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How to create facepacks (cut-out)

A guide to create your own cut-outs, for a whole facepack or just a single player.

By Updated on Jan 15, 2013   61016 views   3 comments
Facepacks can be a big improvement when playing Football Manager, and with this guide you can create your own. A single player could also be made, particularly if creating your own manager and don't have a cut-out picture.

Step One: Creating the Folder

First of all, we need to have the graphics folder made and in the correct place:


It is not always the C drive, just usually is. It will be where ever your FM13 documents are. The graphics folder won't also be there already, you just simply make it yourself.
However I am unsure where they go on macs, so if anyone could comment I can edit it in.

Step Two: Getting the Right Programs

Photo editing programs are vital for this. I use Paint.NET as I find it easy to use, but stuff like photoshop etc is fine. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it's possible to do them or normal paint.

You can download Paint.NET here
You have to pay for photoshop, but you can get a 30-day trial Enter text for the link here...

So although I will be using paint.NET for this tutorial, but it is pretty much the same process on photoshop.

Step Three: Starting the Facepack

After opening the program you downloaded, you need to select the canvas size. Select new from the file dropdown list, and then this box should appear.

Change the size to 180, like shown and select okay. After that you should get a screen like this:

Step Four: Finding the Right Image

Search for the image you would like to turn into your facepack. Google is pretty good for them, but any other sites will do. Find the image and copy and paste it into the program. You may get this message:

Click keep canvas size, and then re-size the image yourself until it is a good size. The best pictures are the straight on shots, as they are easier to cut-out. Like this one:

Step Five: Cutting Out the Image

Right so far you should have something like this:

If not, then read back and make sure you've done everything correctly. Click the button I have highlighted with the red box. This is the magic Wand, shortcut key is S.
You should see this toolbar towards the top.

If so then, change the tollerence so it's around 30-35. This will get the best cut out image possible. If the image is of poor quality, then change it to 10 and you will have to cut-out very small chunks.

Click the background, and it should highlight with dotted lines like so:

You now need to press delete. It should cut-out the image like this:

Step Six: Saving the Image

Click FILE, save as and then locate the file that you created at the start, your graphics file. Create a file in there, and call it what you want the facepack to be called. For Example, I would create a Torres file, as that is the only image I am creating, where as if you were doing the whole Liverpool team you would create a Liverpool file.

Chage the image type to PNG, this is very important.
Make sure you call the file name the players unique ID. You can locate this in game through going to your preferences and then display and sound. You should then tick show unique ID. Go to the players profile and it will be there. Torres' Unique ID is 821112 eg.

It should then look this this:

You're now done creating the image.

Step Seven: Creating the XML File

To get the image to work it needs to be accompanied in it's file by an XML file. You can create this yourself, but it is much easier to use a XML creator.

I got mine from here, but there are other places and a quick google search will throw a couple of them up.

Once downloaded, open it up and it should look like this:

Click browse and then locate the file but don't open it, just click on it. Press okay, and the file location should fill up that space.
You need to now make sure that these boxes are ticked.

The ALL FILE NAMES ARE IDs needs to be clicked for this to work.
Press go, and this should come up:

The number of files added will depend on the number of pictures you have in the file.
Click okay and then close. Your folder should now look like this:

If it does then you're good to move onto the next step.

Step Eight: Opening The Game

Open up the game, and then go to preferences and click the display and should tab. Make sure that these boxes look like so, it won't work if they are not.

Then click confirm, and wait for the skin to reload.

I hope this helped, feel free to comment if you have any issues. If you are, others probably are too!

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Discussion: How to create facepacks (cut-out)

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    it doesnt work for me and i dont know what to do, could you please help me
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    hi kane could you update this please for the fm 16 because they have no display and sound so i dont know how to get the id number thanks
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    Great guide Devil! Will really come in handy for some people :)
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