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Indonesia in Europe FM20

Bored getting stomped by East Asian/Middle Eastern teams regularly? Now you will get stomped by European teams regularly. Update 1.5

By Updated on Apr 06, 2022   15340 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 961 / Size: 132.5 kB / Added: 2020-09-14
FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - Indonesia in Europe FM20
It is recommended to activate Liga 1 only, If you want to activate lower division, please read Bonus feature section.

Indonesia moved to Central Europe
San Marino moved to South East Asia
Each Indonesian team has First team, U-23 and U-19 team
Indonesian National team start from National League D
Added Poland as nation rival, because why not!!!

Competition Structure:
Liga 1 (Division 1)
20 teams, 4 relegation spots
Liga 2 (Division 2)
2 Sub division, 40 teams, total 4 promotion spots, total 8 relegation spots
Liga 3 (Division 3)
4 Sub division, 80 teams, total 8 promotion spots, total 16 relegation spots
Liga 4 (Division 4)
8 Sub division, total 16 promotion spots

4 Cups for each division
Piala Super Indonesia, Liga 1 winner vs Piala Indonesia winner
Under 19 and 23 leagues for U-19 and U-23 teams
2 Transfer windows, July-August and January
National competition start around August to May
No foreign player limit anymore, just home grown/national grown requirement
Added Poland as nation rival, because why not!!!

Indonesia's national attribute and club's aren't modified(except added rival), so it is compatible with youth rating/economy mod

Bonus Feature/Bug:
Asian champions league and AFC Cup were deleted. So, while San Marino has been moved safely to Asia. I can't figure out how to move Indonesia to Europe without bugs. These bugs made Indonesia still exist in Asia's coefficient list. That's resulting Indonesian teams still has to play on Asian Champions League and AFC cup. To avoid these problems, these two competition has been deleted.
Also there is a bug (might be from FM engine) which increase/decrease of non-activated league reputation won't affect TV revenue nor competition prize. So, if you want to play Liga 2 or lower from start of your save, you need to edit TV revenue and competition prize of division you want to play using pre-game editor. If not, it is recommended to activate lower league only when Liga 1's reputation reach top of the rest European domestic league.

- Can't promise fixing those or other bugs, so if anyone want to fix/modified and upload this mod, you got my permission.
- Can't promised it will work with other than FM 2020

New update v1.1
Created competition color changed for better readability
Doubled rival fixed

New update v1.2
Fix competition name
Fix Liga 3 reputation

New update v1.5
No more B and C team
Restructuring all division to decrease match congestion
New Cup format for each division
Change to lower league's TV revenue and competition prize. See Bonus feature section for more details

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 961 / Size: 132.5 kB / Added: 2020-09-14
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Discussion: Indonesia in Europe FM20

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
    Malaysia is already added by default, alongside with some South East Asia's nations

    I think i realized what you're talking about. Sorry, but i just preferred my game to be free of political and other controversial issues
  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
    Sorry double post --'
  • Hyuzen's avatar
    It is neither Netherland and San Marino. for me, I think solda saying it's Malaysia, And yes as Indonesian I admit it.
  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
    @soldatodelre Not sure it is Netherland because of historical reason or San Marino because they took Indonesia's chance to win the glorious SEA Championship. Maybe i'll add nboth on next patch

    @mono18 I want to add Monaco too. But then, since Monaco isn't an active nation, i though it will be pointless. But i'll add anyway in the next patch

    Next patch will be done after I managed to get Liga 1 reputation to reach 1st in europe, so i can check whether financial side is OP or not. It will take probably months.
  • mono18's avatar
    The Polish rivalry stems from the flag. The Polish flag is an upside down version of the Indonesian flag. Perfect reasoning for a rivalry! It's something that's believable too. Monaco should be a rival too. The same flag as Indonesia.
  • soldatodelre's avatar
    there is one particular nation that I recommend to you to be added as fierce rival to Indonesia in your next update. I won't say the name because maybe it will get me trouble. Nation with blue and white color in its flag.
  • UselessPatheticNoob's avatar
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