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Introducing The FM Network

Expanding our network and giving back to the community. A platform to showcase new and rising creators, while helping them grow and reach a wider audience.

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News - Introducing The FM Network
FM Scout has been a standard in the community over the past 16 years. We have always supported content creators to showcase their work here, and many of them have become very popular at what they do. From database creators to skin makers, and from tacticians to kit makers.

With Football Manager expanding its audience this year to new platforms (Epic Games, Xbox), there is an influx of new creators in the community. Consequently, there's more content being produced and it's getting harder to find it or keep up with what's good.

Some creators prefer to be independent, and not line up with any fansite. That is understandable because some fansites tend to compete for exclusive content, which can be frustrating. We believe exclusivity should be a personal choice of each creator.

Here at FM Scout, we are always looking for quality content and new contributors, but at the same time we want to give something back. Introducing The FM Network; a platform to showcase new & rising creators.

Essentially we are branching out and increasing our scouting network, but make no mistake. This is a genuine effort to support independent creators, no strings attached. There are no requirements to "partner" with us, showcase a banner/logo, or return the favor in any way.

In conjunction with our new Community Manager; Jonny/JDFM (find him on Twitter and YouTube), we'll be pushing hard to help you grow and showcase your talent to a wider audience.

You will find The FM Network at the forefront of our future and he is the right man to take it forward to help you, as creators, achieve and succeed.

And now a few words by Jonny:
The FM community is renowned for being a nice place. A warm cosy pub full of your best mates chatting football. Full of life, relaxation and revelry. Wrapping its arms around you in a warm embrace. It has always been an easy place to feel wanted, to feel part of a community.

This community has been a place of joy for me, a platform to meet like minded people who all have a common goal; to create content to the best of their ability, whilst meeting some great people along the way.

Throughout my time in the community, I have met people I class as friends, discord channels have had people baring their souls to strangers and produced tears of laughter.

Seriously, it is a good place to be a part of.

FM Scout have been a cornerstone of the FM community for many years, helping the community in many ways and always being a platform for support.

Today, we wanted to take that one step further. We at FM Scout would like to introduce to you, The FM Network. The platform to showcase new and rising creators.

We want to see YOU grow; we want to see YOU succeed. All we will do is provide the platform, tools, techniques, expert advice, support, tutorials and guidance along the way.

This is led by the community, for the community.

So, what are we going to do?

Each week we will be showcasing some of the new and rising creators that have caught our eye. You will be promoted on our platforms and we will provide tools and tips to make you the best creator you can be.

We will not just be focusing on YouTubers, we will be seeking out the newest blogs, the upcoming graphics, the talented streamers. All of you who are plying your trade but just need that little bit of luck, we want to help you.

We are the community and we want you to be part of this initiative.
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