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[FM24.4] Japan League System (Level7) & J.League 2024 Real fixtures

Unlock the Japanese football pyramid down to the 5th tier with this FM 2024 database.

By Updated on Apr 11, 2024   31390 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 6810 / Added: 2023-11-11
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - [FM24.4] Japan League System (Level7) & J.League 2024 Real fixtures


Before starting the game, you must delete the following files.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2024\data\database\db\2400\dbc\permanent

j league non player.dbc

For instructions on how to delete files, refer to the following webpage.
Enter text for the link here...

Update 14/4/2024
​​​​​​​24.4 supported

Update 18/3/2024
Players DB added
Players Contract fixed
Some fixed

Update 4/3/2024
24.3 version supported.
J.League & JFL 2024 Real fixtures (League schedule only)

Update 30/12/2023
Univ CUP added
University Club reputation fixed
Some fixed

Update 16/12/2023
Participating club correction for 2023 CWC (Urawa Reds)
Some bug fixed

Update 4/12/2023
Some bug fixed

Update 28/11/2023
Comp added
Regional League Div.2
Pref. League Div.1
Club Team Soccer Championship

Fixed some bugs

Update 20/11/2023
J.League & JFL 2023 Real fixtures (League schedule only)
Univ. League Added.
Univ. Cup Added.

Update 13/11/2023
U18 Cup Added.
Fixed some bugs.

Competitions unlocked

Regional League Div.1
Regional League Div.2
Pref. League Div.1

(University League)
University League Div.1

(U-18 League)
U-18 Premier League
U-18 Prince League
Emperor's Cup
Levain Cup
Fujifilm Super Cup
All Japan Adults Footall Tournament
Club Team Soccer Championship
Kanto League Ichihara Cup
Kansai League Cup
Chibagin Cup
Ibaraki Soccer Festival

(University Cup)
Prime Minister Cup
Inter Collge

(U-18 Cup)
Club Youth Soccer Tournament
J Youth league
Inter High School Championship
High School Soccer Tournament


Rules for all tournaments are as similar to real life as possible.
Also supports changes in the number of teams that will occur in the 2024 season.
Corrected obvious mistakes in match rules.

Download Now
Downloads: 6810 / Added: 2023-11-11
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Discussion: [FM24.4] Japan League System (Level7) & J.League 2024 Real fixtures

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • pjwolf's avatar
    hey so how would i do this for game pass or can i not?
  • asapas's avatar
    some players (like Mata, Gomis etc) are duplicated. How can this be avoided??????
  • bramcarella's avatar
    I got a Crash dump when starting a new save with real world mode
  • badgeradam's avatar
    Super quick update, Legend!
  • Fwied's avatar
    Does the database work?
  • BartySo's avatar
    Is it possible to become a high school team manager? or regional tier is the lowest?
  • DivinityV12's avatar
    I dont know what Im doing wrong but when I try to load a save and choose a club the J league and japan eventhough I set it to playable cant be selected no matter what I change.
    Can anyone help me on where Im going wrong pls
  • Dosukoi's avatar
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2024\data\database\db\2400\dbc\permanent


    If these files are not deleted, the Japanese club name will become a fake name and the staff's name will become a fake name.

    Regional league competitions and clubs will also be removed.
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @rayz0rcakes In last actualization SI just hide all teams in Japan, right now in database is only 131 teams...
  • rayz0rcakes's avatar
    I'm getting errors :/ Can't use the league system at all. Says it needs more teams for the regional football leagues
  • guga20gu's avatar
    Hey bro, can you put Bolivia league? Thanks!
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