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JmG's Control 4-1-2-3

Slow tempo, control tactic for Football Manager 2016. You start off with a 4-5-1 basically, which when in possession will pretty much turn out to be a 2-5-3.

By on Dec 23, 2015   62481 views   17 comments
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FM 2016 Tactics - JmG's Control 4-1-2-3
So, this tactic was created to play at a slow tempo and control the game, without necessarily controlling possession. You still create a lot of chances, but more patience and passing is the aim of the game.

You start off with a 4-5-1 basically, which when in possession will pretty much turn out to be a 2-5-3. This is because the wingers cut inside (Inside Forward Role) and the Fullbacks are set to attack, so they push up to midfield and above, making the midfield packed, and having 3 good attacking options moving inside. With this you're still able to control the width of the entire field.

Yes, you are a little open to counter attacks, but as long as you're controlling the game, you shouldn't be conceding a lot of goals.

Player Roles
There's nothing very special about these, all set to help keep the ball on the ground and build up the attack from deep. The Midfield is pretty much all playmaker roles, the Roaming Playermaker is a key player, the heartbeat as it's told on the description. Sweeper Keeper is another that I'm not sure is popular with a lot of people, but for this tactic it offers a bit more help in defence to cut out the counter attacking threats.

Team Shape
Very low tempo with the entire width of the field, and as mentioned before, with the fullbacks pushing higher up the field, it'll be sure you wont be caught short on that part.

Slightly higher defensive line, we don't want this set to the highest because it will increase the counter attacking threat. Slightly high gives you enough that you can still stay close to the rest of the team up field. Closing down is set to the highest, pressuring the opposition constantly to win the ball back, all part of controlling the game, forcing risky/poor passes. Tighter marking and preventing short GK distribution are other forms of pressing the opposition to control the game.I prefer my players to get stuck into tackles, receiving cards isn't a big issue. But this could be set to stay on feet, with the same effect, but may vary the effectiveness.

Build Up
Playing out of the defence is the best way to go, keeping the ball on the ground and picking out passes to move forward bit by bit. Personal preference if you want to "pass into space" or not, I use it as I have a lot of players with great vision and great passing ability, so if they see a key pass into space, they take it. If you don't have a player like that, best to take it off and allow it to create naturally with short passing. "Be more expressive" again, a lot of players with great creativity that I am comfortable with them having that freedom, but you can uncheck this if it doesn't suit your squad. It wont affect the overall gameplan, the only thing it does, along with not passing into space, is give you a lot more of a solid approach.

Look for overlap, work ball into box. They all speak for themselves really. Overlap, because we have those inside forwards cutting inside and the fullbacks pushing high up the field, over-powering the defence of the opposition. Low crossing is to help keep the ball on the ground, as well as maintaining control of the ball throughout, rather than pumping the ball into the penalty area to lose possession.

Set Pieces
Corners, keeping them short, keep the ball, building slowly to move into the box, also, with Run at defence set, this can create some lovely runs from the wingers, pushing into the box with the ball from the corner. Always keep your fullbacks and DM back for set-pieces, ensures you have pace and presence if you lose the ball quickly, also having one of the CM's lurking outside the area, giving a better passing option.
Free Kicks, set to near post to help keep the ball, my personal preference is to have it set to "short", this allows the team to spread out and utilise the full width of the field, either choice wont affect your tactics, so do as you please here.

My first tactic, so any constructive criticism is welcome.

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Downloads: 12647 / Size: 39.9 kB / Added: 2015-12-23
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Discussion: JmG's Control 4-1-2-3

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • polist4ever's avatar
    Excelent tactic! 7m 5w 1d 1L so far with Liverpool, second season.
  • JmG88's avatar
    @Nando_Oliveira Yes mate, as I've said below, I use this tactic with much weaker teams, you may need to change some of the player roles but the overall effect should be the same, controlling the game.
  • Nando_Oliveira's avatar
    Do you think this tactic would work with FC United?
  • JmG88's avatar
    @Tunchi_09 Hi, you wont need to restart your saved game, just load the tactic as normal.
  • tunchi_09's avatar
    should i restart my saved game?
  • JmG88's avatar
    @Romano338 I created that tactic at Barcelona, but I've been using it on my Journeyman save, where I started at Berwick Rangers, and then moved to Sporting Gijon B. with Berwick I won the league and got into the Quarter Finals of the Scottish Cup, beating Kilmarnock and Motherwell on the way. and Gijon, I'm sitting 8th in the league at the moment.

    Please try it out and test it :D It's not a "winning" tactic, it's to play the game a certain way, everything else is up to your players and their ability.
  • Romano338's avatar
    I'm always skeptical when tactics are tested with Barcelona, Man Utd,... I mean, winning with those teams doesn't mean the tactic is really good. Not sure if I try
  • JmG88's avatar
    @SimenThaMan Thanks mate, good to hear.

    General training is set to attack for most of the season, changing it up every so often to defensive, ball control etc to help player development.

    Individual Training, I usually go with the advice from the Assistant Manager, but only if I feel it fits. For example, my assistant keeps asking "we should ask Neymar to stop cutting inside", when this is something I need for the tactic.
  • MartinsenSM's avatar
    Loving the tactic so far mate, but how do you do your individual training and general training?
  • JmG88's avatar
    @Edenmcc I have an 88% win ratio, 312 goals for, 70 against in 111 matches.

    I have lost only 8 games.
  • edenmcc's avatar
    Is it working well for you?
  • JmG88's avatar
    @Stam, Thanks mate :D Someone must have missed that while proof-reading during validation LOL
  • Stam's avatar
    Fixed the typo to remove the 12th man on the field :) LOL
  • JmG88's avatar
    @johnaros777 Opposition are set per team, I only use them against the key attacking players, CF, Wingers etc. Never use hard tackling though, but that's just my opinion.

    @Drinemralfc I have an 88% win ratio, 312 goals for, 70 against in 111 matches.

    @Jemo81 Damn you! 2-5-3 of course it's supposed to be, I just got carried away on how good I think it is.
  • jemo81's avatar
    4-5-1 basically...will pretty much turn out to be a 3-5-3. I like the fact that you get another man on the field :P no wonder it's supposed to be good then :P
  • drinemralfc's avatar
  • johnaros777's avatar
    Hello my friend!!!!!!!!! What about OI????
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