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Larethian's Klopp Style // FM20 Tactic

Inspired by Klopp's style at Liverpool. A demanding FM 2020 tactic that requires good physical & most importantly mental qualities. Tested with Leyton Orient and LFC.

By on Mar 23, 2020   102106 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 22932 / Size: 44.3 kB / Added: 2020-03-23
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - Larethian's Klopp Style // FM20 Tactic
Hello everyone,

Tactic which has been built and developed for Liverpool, with strongly offensive movement and combinations, high pressing, and quick attacking.

This tactic could be also used with a lot of other clubs, even small teams with less technical abilities. I used it especially with Leyton Orient. As you can see, results are quite impressive, and we are now a stable club of Premier League thanks to this way of playing.

Some tips for best results

It is a demanding tactic, requiring good physical but above all mental qualities. Regular players, resistant to pressure, determined and focused will be more likely to succeed in this tactic, although you may take players who are sometimes a little less technical if your budget does not allow you to have all the required qualities.

- The most important player is your advanced playmaker. He will often have the highest score at the end of the game and the most key passes. Obviously, you need a technical player, able to withstand the pressure of your opponents, with good passing skills and good at set-pieces.
- inside forwards must be fast to optimise the counter-attacking phases and skillful in front of the goal. Favour also team players with a good quality of pass and very good mental grades.
- the lateral rear ends are key, as they must have a fairly complete profile. To privilege the qualities of center, and the mental aspect (placement, concentration...)
- the central defenders must be fast enough and, like the laterals, must have the best possible mental characteristics.
- concerning the attacker, several possibilities: complete attacker, pressing attacker, even fake new (impression that it works less well); again, the mental notes are important, notably cold blood, volume of play, ball calls... and all this with the best possible finishing note. Big plus if he's a good passer with good vision.


If you are managing smaller teams, or if you have low sweepers or some players with less technical abilities, some adaptations could be useful :
- To be more "Kloppy style", you can use "look for the lateral overlap" (not sure of my translation from French to English...); it will help you to maintain your ball control on the wings. I'm using it quite a lot.
- What I deactivate also most regularly is asking players to play the ball in the area. I often get the impression that this tends to free them from a certain constraint that is intended to restrain them.
- The starting mentality is fixed on Attacking. When you dominate your subject and draw at the 50-60 minute, choose to go on Very Attacking.
- On the contrary, against a very big team that seems to dominate you, sometimes opting for a Positive mentality can allow you to better control the game. I find that it is nevertheless more effective to lower the rhythm of the game to have more possession and to be more stable.
- You can use a Defensive Midfielder instead of a Deep Lying Playmaker. It will reinforce and stabilize your defense.
- Going down the defensive line to "Normal" or "a bit more high" may also seems wise, especially if the sweepers have a low grade in acceleration and speed. But your pressing will be less effective.

Waiting to see your results with it and waiting for your feedback. Don't hesitate if you have any question.

Have a nice game !

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Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 22932 / Size: 44.3 kB / Added: 2020-03-23
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Discussion: Larethian's Klopp Style // FM20 Tactic

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • mienos's avatar
    Hi! I have been using your tactics since the beginning of my career with Marbella (third Spanish series). I got good results and two promotions. Then I went to Marseille, two years, always good results, and now I'm in Barcelona. My problem is that by going up a level, I make few goals in relation to the "strength" of my team. With Barcelona in 10 games (6V 3N 1L) I have conceded only 3 goals and I have scored only 12.
  • Larethian's avatar
    Too bad that doesn't work for some people. A few small tips for adaptation: switch to a positive mentality when facing big clubs, especially away.. Also, adapt the striker's position according to his preferred role. Pivot or pressing striker could be used. Sweepers are very important and should have enough speed en mental attributes to manage the intensity of the pressing.
  • lfcfan1892ph's avatar
    Didn't really work for me unfortunately using Leeds in the Championship. Started of ok but fell off massively and couldn't seem to buy a win until I changed tactic. Conceded far too many goals and didn't create enough or score enough. Kept getting hit on the counter attack far too easily also.
  • JaimeTheLionCFC's avatar
    Not working at all. Playing it with my Chelsea save, and struggling to get results. I bought Haaland and Sancho, so I've boosted my squad, and yet I'm struggling with this formation. I can't dominate possession and even I create many chances, my players don't finish them.
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    It aint that hard to get a tactic to work when using the fm editor and moving some of the best players to your team
  • EightPlusTwo's avatar
    How's everyone finding this? i can't seem to get Vardy going in this
  • jdickinson91's avatar
    I've tried a few games with my Everton side (one of the best in the world). It's good, it dominates and I've had 3 wins out of 3 against Arsenal, RB Leipzig and Palace.

    One thing I've noticed is that the striker gets a poor rating but it is only early days
  • irfanfizzarel's avatar
    I will try it!
  • monkeyhatesbanana's avatar
    i will try it with my gilingham save, hope it works, will give feedbacks later!
  • Larethian's avatar
    Don't hesitate to share your results and give me your feedbacks. It's certainly not perfect, so we can improve it together ;) Thanks in advance.
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