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MacAssistant RT for FM22

Fully featured real-time scout utility and editor for Football Manager 2022 and Mac. Works with Mac OS X 10.13+ and the latest Football Manager 2022.

By Updated on Dec 19, 2021   15676 views   22 comments
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Downloads: 2955 / Size: 15.9 MB / Added: 2021-11-19
Football Manager 2022 Tools - MacAssistant RT for FM22
MacAssistant RT22 is a real time scout tool / real time editor for Football Manager 2022. It supports Mac OS X 10.13+ and the latest 22.1.1 Steam version of FM2022.
Exclusively available from

MacOS's System Integration Protection (SIP) needs to have a flag disabled for MacAssistant RT22 to work. The only flag that needs to be enabled is "debug" which allows applications that identify as debuggers to access another running application's memory area. If you do not enable this flag in your system's SIP settings, MacAssistant RT22 will NOT work. There is no other workaround.
For information on SIP and how to enable the debug flag see here:
SIP and how to enable the debug flag

MacAssistant RT22 is now compatible with Apple Silicon Macs!

Released: 19 November 2021

Redistribution Policy:

People who want to put MacAssistant RT on other sites, you may link back to this very page but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!


Current MacAssistant RT22 supports:
  • FM22 versions 22.1.1, 22.2.0 (All game modes except Online) (Steam version only!)
  • macOS 10.13, 10.14 and 10.15


In-Game Assistant is back!:

  • Intuitive native user interface, optimised for macOS. Backwards compatible to 10.13+
  • Apple notarized application
  • 64bit optimised
  • Support for dark mode!
  • Massively fast engine. Loading a game takes roughly 3 seconds!
  • Quicksearch! Never again do you have to fiddle around with the filters when all you looking for is something you know its name.
  • Fully customisable table views that are automatically saved for when you next launch MacAssistant RT22! Customise the search results table columns by choosing from hundreds of different options!

  • View/Edit a player's Age, value, weight, height, caps and U21 caps, and presets to Heal, Destroy and Unban players.
  • View/Edit a player's playing and personality stats, fitness, condition, jadedness, CA/PA, Left/Right Foot, and Reputation
  • View/Edit a player's contract wage, start/expiration date, squad status, squad number, transfer status, contract type, bonuses and clauses (value/type)
  • Move players between clubs by swapping them!
  • View the player's Positional Rating

  • View/Edit a staff member's Age, Names and other basic info.
  • View/Edit a staff member's Coaching / Personality / Business etc. stats, CA/PA, and Reputations
  • View/Edit a player's contract wage, start/expiration date, job type, bonuses and clauses (value/type)

  • Freeze a Player's attributes from changing after setting them too high! (or too low..)
  • View/Edit a player/staff 's Age, value, weight, height, caps and U21 caps, and presets to Heal, Destroy and Unban players.
  • View/Edit a player/staff 's playing and personality stats, fitness, condition, jadedness, CA/PA, Left/Right Foot, and Reputation
  • View/Edit a player/staff 's contract wage, start/expiration date, squad status, squad number, transfer status, contract type, bonuses, job type and clauses (value/type)
  • Move players between clubs by swapping them!

  • View/Edit Attendances, Year founded, facilities (youth/training), chairman status, morale
  • View/Edit Finances: Balance, Transfer Budgets, Highest Wage Allowed, Season Tickets/Ticket Prices, Transfer Embargos, Wage Budget, Sugar Daddy, Sponsors and Debts
  • View/Edit Club Colours and Kits
  • View Club Teams and view/edit Team Reputation. Heal/Remove Unhappy/Remove Bans/Destroy whole teams!

  • View/Edit Stadium data
  • View/Edit the Stadium Coordinates on a map!

  • Create/Edit/Delete Shortlists
  • Easily drag-and-drop players from the results table to your created shortlists to add them
  • Automatically loads Football Manager Shortlists and directly modifies them. No more need to import in the game, just open it!

Please note, that you will notice things that are not functional or missing. These will be gradually enabled as we near the final stable release at the end of this month. Please do NOT post bug reports about things that are not working, other that what's on the above list.

Support MacAssistant RT

You can support the development of this tool by purchasing a license which unlocks the editing features for the 2022 version. This is an one time upgrade which costs $5.99 / £5.99 / €5.99 (VAT is included in the price!) Please note that license purchases are non-refundable.

Purchase a license for MacAssistant RT22


Instructions for the First Run

The first time you load the app, it will ask for your password. Please fill it in because it's important that the app will run with elevated access, otherwise it won't load your game.

Bug Reports

MacAssistant RT will also need your help! If you encounter any bugs, please report them by sending an email to [email protected]


For support queries regarding licenses, please contact [email protected]. For any other support queries, please contact [email protected]

Feature Requests

You can always request a feature that you want that will make this tool better! Just leave a message in the official MacAssistant RT Forum!
Any doable feature requested will make it in the next release if it's not that time consuming. But if it is, you'll probably have to wait a few releases. It's still gonna be added!


MacAssistant RT is a fully featured assistant tool created by Thanos Siopoudis.
App logo by Stam.
With MANY special thanks to everyone who donated or purchased a license over the years! You are the ones who keep this project alive!

Download Now
Downloads: 2955 / Size: 15.9 MB / Added: 2021-11-19
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Discussion: MacAssistant RT for FM22

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • BSahota's avatar
    Struggling to import license on MAC, txt file greyed out - please help/advise?
  • gp123's avatar
    I’m having a bit of trouble with shortlists crashing MacAssistant. Any suggestions or assistance you could provide to fix the issue would be really appreciated.

    When the ’shortlists’ subfolder doesn’t exist, MacAssistant loads the game data successfully. However, when I create a shortlist in my game, and the ’shortlists’ subfolder appears in the game folder, MacAssistant crashes when attempting to load the game data.
  • rvde92's avatar
    @Thanoulas Great work! I will buy the extended version just to support you! Keep up the good work :)
  • thanoulas's avatar
    22.2 support added, as well as Apple Silicon support
  • tororosso's avatar
    would love to know if the 22.2 update is on the way!
  • Spizzle's avatar
    Any update for 22.2 yet ??
  • Boiadeiro's avatar
    Any updates for m1?
  • rvde92's avatar
    I think there is a problem with a update, cant run the Assistant anymore. Big thank you btw for all the afford!

    I work with the MacAssistant RT fm22!
    Worked fine, just check if you complete all the steps.. with the terminal.
  • mortus's avatar
    Have someone got it to work yet? I got a Macbook Air macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 and dont bother doing all the things if it doesnt work.. hope someone answer :)
  • thanoulas's avatar
    I am getting an M1 Mac tomorrow so this will be resolved soon
  • regi's avatar
    Any updates? Still does not work on M1 with Monterey.
  • El Profesor's avatar
    Hi, very excited about the new MacAssistant RT for FM22, can't wait to use it! I followed all the instructions on the SIP and enable the debug flag. Unfortunately I still receive the error message "No access to process". I work with a MacBook Pro with MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3

    Can you please help me fix this problem?? Manu thanks from El Profesor!
  • stannie203's avatar
    Hey, excited about this... but despite pointing the folder option in the Preferences menu to Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2022, i get this message:

    MacAssistant RT found a running FM process, but its version is not yet supported. Please make sure you are running the latest version of MacAssistant RT and Football Manager. If you updated FM recently, and there are no MacAssistant RT updates available, please rest assured we are working on it and it will soon be available.
  • thanoulas's avatar
    Thanks everyone for reporting this. Unfortunately this looks like a more serious issue that I thought it would be, so I won't be able to fix this until I get access to an Apple Silicon mac.
  • kostas_sko's avatar
    Does't work to M1 with macOS Monterey
  • alxfg0's avatar
    Same issue here on a M1 MacBook Air.
    Here are the crash logs :
  • thanoulas's avatar
    can you send it to [email protected] please via Pastebin? thanks
  • MattB's avatar
    Same, crashes before loading
    Have logs available, how to send?
  • thanoulas's avatar
    Any chance any of you can get me the logs? You should be able to find something MacAssistant RT22 related in
  • petitpont's avatar
    It doesn't work on my Macbook M1 either :(
  • Rivanov's avatar
    Doesn't work on my 14" MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and macOS Monterey.
  • Fatalit14's avatar
    Application does not work on new M1 with Monterey. I was so happy but after all I can't run the program.
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