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Marius2015 Possession for FM15

If you want control with good creation of clear cut chances, this is the tactic for you. It's a pass and move tactic with occasionally running wit the ball movement.

By on Dec 14, 2014   40535 views   47 comments
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Downloads: 6409 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2014-12-14
FM 2015 Tactics - Marius2015 Possession for FM15
Marius was Roman Conzul, the Uncle of Julius Caesar. His goal was domination in military reforms, tactics in battlefield that control the battle, he was always victory hungry and that is why this tactic bears his name!

The tactic is all about possession play with short passes and passes in space which will give the final touch in finishing movements.

Because this is fairly narrow mentality tactic, Run at defense will give the extra touch on unpredictability and stabilize tactic with stubborn defenses.

It is about wing play on both sides and wings are the main attacking and chance creating mechanics of your team. Also player roles are maximum balanced giving this tactic a boost! Counter attacking play is also provided,this is by far the most complete tactic that I ever made!

If you want control with good creation of clear cut chances, this is the tactic for you. It's a pass and move tactic with occasionally running wit the ball movement.

The lone striker is a special player and he will score lots of goals; my young striker Jovic scored 36 goals during the first season!



This tactic has been tested with Red Star Belgrade (League win and cup win), Schalke 04 (League win), PSG (4 trophies in first season Champions league, Ligue 1, cup and community cup).


Download Now
Downloads: 6409 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2014-12-14
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Discussion: Marius2015 Possession for FM15

47 comments have been posted so far.

  • ppfarias1's avatar
    I got to say that this tactic is one of the best that I ever tried in FM15. When I use for example Mauro Icardi as the lone strike he scores a lot of goal and push higher up really works in those type of defenders!
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    Now trying this tactic with Crystal Palace and it seems to be working. Well its working at home where we're picking up great results, beating Man City and Southampton 3-0. But away from home in 5 matches weve not won a game and only picked up 3 points. Dont want our away form to end up costing us a place in a safe position. Any tips or tweeks to make this work away from home would be great.
  • momaoo's avatar
    Speaking of domination :)if your defenders have high anticipation and positioning rating please fell free to push higher up in team instructions
  • momaoo's avatar
  • momaoo's avatar
  • momaoo's avatar
    Hello I wasnt here for some time and didnt play the game recently, but in recent days started playing again with Roma so I made some tweaks if somebody want it let me know,its about player instructions tweaks if you want it I will post it here in the comments section.
  • momaoo's avatar
    End of 2019 season and with these sreenshots I belive there is nothing else to say than this tactic is amazing hope you all have good times with it as I did!Thanks for downloading it and if you got some good rezults share it!

    Momaoo is out :)
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    Dont think i need to find a new striker. Bought Martin Kobylanski into the first team and hes scored 10 league goals in 7 league appearances so far this season
  • momaoo's avatar
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    and yeah we finished second in our first season so those players are good enough
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    got thumped 4-0 in our first league game of the season, safe to say that wasnt in the plan
  • momaoo's avatar
    mgriffin2012 And look you were 2 nd 1 season now you will play in the champions league you will atract better players so just smart player shoping is a must.Let me know whats up!Cheers!
  • momaoo's avatar
    Also did I so I make plan to have good team in 3 or 4 season and it payed off!
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    yeah you might be right,but i havent started the game with a £300million budget. I barely had any money in my first two transfer windows and the same applies for the second, so ive bought the best that i could.
  • momaoo's avatar
    Look my box to box midd. 7.5 mil paid

    Stiker 3.4 mill.paid

    This one I bouth for free and look how much he is valued now

    Perfect full back

    Perfect dlp

    And their roles are first or second choisefor them and position natural .
  • momaoo's avatar
    Ok Prodl is bad choise for bpdeff por passing and tehnic.
    Januzovic is ok
    Jan Kirchoff ok
    Eljero Elia is right footed cant utilize wing role on the left,you have to have left footed player on left wing and left footed on the right as inside forw.
    Felipe Gutierrez is ok
    Davie Selke is ok
    Pirmin Schwegler is ok
    What I have seen you need better fulbacks,ball playing deff that can actualy pass the ball,and you need to work on your wings you need better players there,Elia maybe to be trained on the right as inside forw. And on the left some left footed ot both footed skilled player so that is what you need to concetrate when you buy players.So in the middle tehnical players,on the back one passing deff,on the fullbacks more speed,and on the wings you need to sort out players that can utilize roles.Right inside forw must be left footed,left wing both footed or left footed also.So your squad is average on that 6 positions and you have missplaced players so carying this tactic is little difficult for them to the lack of quality,try sorting it out if you dont have player that can play a role which is required sell him no mater what his name is and buy someone who can utilize roles!
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    okay that failed. First XI:
    GK: Jesper Cillessen
    RB: Marnon Busch
    CB: Jan Kirchoff
    BPD: Sebastian Prodl
    CWB: Santiago Garcia

    DLP: Pirmin Schwegler

    BBM: Zlatko Junozovic
    AP: Felipe Gutierrez

    IF: Izet Hajrovic
    W: Eljero Elia

    AF: Davie Selke
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    Okay this is the squad that lost the Supercup final on penalties to Bayern Munich, after taking the lead after 17 seconds and having another goal ruled out for offside wrongly.

    First Team (Although some players are injured atm):

    Rest Of Squad:
  • mgriffin2012's avatar
    okay have managed to get to the first game of the season against Bayern Munich in the supercup. Have worked on fitness all pre season so will post screen shot of the squad once this game has finished
  • momaoo's avatar
    First Eleven

    Subs but also great players that fits in the sistem

    Please forgive if I dont spell something right I am Serbian after all :)
  • momaoo's avatar
    marin87 As I promised here are the stats
    Deffense in tackles won 85 procent and pases 80 procent completion rate this is yearly season stats look

    Goal ratio for and against

    One season only 40 goals conseded 157 scored

    Rival games some home and away against same teams

    So as you can see dont have the problem there are some draws but drawing at Dormund away is a good result and ass you can see above my deffense plays wery good when you compere goals given and taken.This is one balanced team play on both end attak and deffense solid .So it must be the way you managin other things like team talk,good coaches,training,media.Fit all in and should work great!
  • momaoo's avatar
    Ssjstexx Its great resolts my friend,you know you cant win them all but resoult in the end is what maters the most and you got it!Play Rotariu as inside forward on the right he will be more efficient there he is left footed I think he scored 36 goals for me in that position!Just be smart when you buy new players its not the names you should buy its players who can utilize maximum of their roles ,that one you should buy!try acwaring Gil Romero as box to box mid. He is a stormer there!Nemanja Gudelj can play as box and advanced mid. So that is good invesment.And by al means Alvares Balanta in the deffense !Let me know what happend in trasfer market!
  • ssjstexx's avatar
    Yeah i guess it could have been more if my players didn't lack bal*s in big games,but in the end we won trophy and thats the most important thing after all :)
    Stats:Jesse Lingard-46 Games,11 Goals,12 Assits
    Bellerin had 8 assists but won the POM award for 3 times which is awesome to me :D
    My striker Denis Stracqualustri was fine but not as much fine as i would like(13 goals in 38 games so far)Im gonna aim to attract better player since now ill join BPL :D
    Rotariu had 8 goals and 7 assists(I used him on the left wing by the way :)) Im not concerned about it that much,considering the fact that he had 2 injuries in a row for about 5-6 weeks >> So i count to he will prove his full potential next season...Ill keep you in a touch as soon as i finish my first BPL Season :D
  • momaoo's avatar
    Ssjstexx Wow 91 point thats great
  • ssjstexx's avatar

    Went all the way and won Skybet :D All u guys need are fast backs and wingbacks and ull get job done :D

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