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Material Skin 2.0.22 V2.1 by budwaiser4

Material Skin 2.0.22 based on default dark skin with panels and color custom. Optimized for 1920x1080 screen resolution.

By Updated on Nov 14, 2021   28332 views   47 comments
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Downloads: 5922 / Size: 83.4 MB / Added: 2021-11-03
Football Manager 2022 Skins - Material Skin 2.0.22 V2.1 by budwaiser4
Hi everyone!

First of all, I sincerely thank all those who appreciated the work done last year and who have given their contribution by leaving feedback on the skin and at the same time I apologize if in the last period I have not been able to make the changes you requested.

But also this year the Material Skin is ready for you!
It is still in beta and improvements are likely to be made in the next few days.

I hope you will enjoy my work again this year.


Bug Fixes
Fixed Data Hub
Fixed meetings staff
Fixed hardly visible texts on a dark background
Customized as much as possible for now Deadline Day panels

Fixed other text hardly visible
Fixed popup instruction single player
Added background overlay for custom background
Changed colours of analyser poligon stats
Fixed choose team when start game
Fixed main menu graphics

Fixed dialog to search player in scouting center
Fixed dialog to search staffer

if you notice any bugs write me in private and I will try to solve ASAP


Material Skin FM22 Preview

Download Now
Downloads: 5922 / Size: 83.4 MB / Added: 2021-11-03
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Discussion: Material Skin 2.0.22 V2.1 by budwaiser4

47 comments have been posted so far.

  • heinrich182's avatar
    ICYMI (match highlights at post-match news) (UI)
  • heinrich182's avatar
    one of the best skins! But please check the match highlights from post-match news in inbox.. because it is just a blank page and unable to show the highlights
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    Hi Nick you can change the stats numbers of the players in Settings -> skin colours ;)
  • NickKotsonis's avatar
    One of the best skins available! I'm currently using backgrounds for players, staff etc. and when the opacity is on 0% the colour of the stats (numbers) are barely visible. Is there any chance that the colour can be changed somehow?
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    Thanks guys for the feedback. 
    In the past few days I can't fix the skin because my grandma passed away. I hope to start again working on the skin in this weekend.
  • HyperDK's avatar
    I really love your skin.

    But the stuff i change, like team stats in matches wont save. I have to do it everytime. Also it doesnt remember the right position.
    Background opaque isnt saved aswell :)
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    @lobster in theory all text black now are white.
    @aleee maybe in the next release
  • lobster1's avatar
    @ budwaiser4. in training section menu black font text is hardly readable in chosen "training intensity". how can i change it to e.g. white font, pls?
  • aleeee_19's avatar
    @ budwaiser4
    Beautiful skin.... The only thing if it is possible to be able to insert the possibility of percentages into the tactics and not the little hearts, because for two years this mode has not driven me crazy. Also enter the suitability of the role for players with the green circle. Otherwise I love this skin is my favourite and if these changes are made I think I will always use only this one.
  • ChelsFret's avatar
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    @budwaiser, I noticed deleting panels>generic>sidebar menu table removes. deletes the top row but it also makes the currently selected table unreadable, it might be something within that file.
  • npil's avatar
    i sent you pm
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    @budwaiser, thank you very very much
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    @bezman next release i add the possibility to add on opacity layer for who use a background different than the default of the skin. I ask you to be patient a couple of days (or sooner) and use the default background for now.

    @Chelsfret i must check if it's possible ;)
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    @buwaiser4, I understand but there are a lot of use who don't play 2 at the same time. It would be a much appreciated feature, or at least please tell me how I could remove it on my end.
  • bezman's avatar
    What an amazing skin so thank you for your time and effort. I just have one problem and thats with my backgrounds its extremely hard to read the texts on all pages so is there a way to tone down the brightness of the backgrounds please
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    @npil can you send a pm of what you means? :)
    @chels in reality in that space appears the logos of your club and nation if you manage both at the same time to swith from one to another
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    Could you push the sidebar up? Above Home there is space for one more tab.
  • npil's avatar
    hello is for the skin of 22. the same problem with 21.
    dependts on the language?
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    @npil this skin is for FM22, not for FM 21. Maybe the problem you mention is because of this :)
    Howver i'll check :)
  • npil's avatar
    hello very good skin, but i have the same problem with fm21.
    during mach, when i try to make substitution in tactic screen , the drop down doesnt show available player to substitute. please check it.)
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    @budwaiser4, thanks for the reply, realised the flag/logo issue is game-wide now as every skin I tried "had" this issue :D thanks for pointing out where to change attribute colour and I would appreciate if you sent the kit-less version when ready, thanks.
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    @Fretec i check the problem of flags/logs dont change but i think is a bug of the beta game not of the skin because it happens also with the default skin ;)
  • budwaiser4's avatar
    @Fretec thanks for the feedback i check the screenshot you posted.
    For the attributes you can change in Settings -> most common -> Skin Colour
    For the version without player kit i send to you via pm when i fix the rest :)
  • ChelsFret's avatar
    Also, could you push the sidebar up? Above Home there is space for one more tab.

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