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Bournemouth wins instant title!

Bournemouth wins instant Premiership title with Modern Target man tactic. No transfers, no staff changes.

By on Jan 01, 2023   43738 views   16 comments
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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Bournemouth wins instant title!

I done final testing of my Target man tactic with Bournemouth,no transfers no staff changes with small database!

We won instant title even Moore was out for last 3 months!

I used OI every game against two opponent midfielders!
If you need to score push defensive line to much higher(change roles of defenders on cover) and if you want change mentality to atacking.

If you get red card remove advanced forward(still not sure is that best option)

Almost all test was done live on my twich!

I also used this tactic with my ongoing Schalke you tube carrier we won triple in s2 including CL!

Feedback for this tactic is great!

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Downloads: 11997 / Size: 47.3 kB / Added: 2023-01-01
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Discussion: Bournemouth wins instant title!

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • Tikinnyo's avatar
    does this also work with version 12.2? :)
  • Meraklija Vujevic's avatar

    Destroying Turkish division as Alanyspor
  • mike1906's avatar
    This tactic it's a roller-coaster. Score a lot of goals but can't control any game and suffer a lot too
  • shine0n's avatar
    Does not work for me, mid table at best with Bournemouth with no transfers, cant understand why this works for everyone else but me?
  • jlb23's avatar
    I like this tactic, it's an xG goal machine but have found it too leaky for my newly promoted prem team, often losing games 4-3, 3-2 etc.

    I imagine with even slightly better players in my second season it will be great but the talent in my squad isn't good enough to always outscore the opponent by scoring 3+ goals atm.

    Love the tactic though, great fun!
  • Albstar's avatar
    Best tactic used up to date on FM23, absolutely stupendous goals and wins
  • sebandreasen's avatar
    Hi mate, love this tactic.

    Can i ask, what skin do you use?

  • SteVieBizzLe's avatar
    This tactic is amazing. Good work as always Vujevic!

  • Luke1985's avatar
    Do you think this would work changing the strikers, ie left side advanced right side target forward?
  • billy casper's avatar
    Take it back does work with big clubs won 14 games in a row plus a 15-0 and 24-0 win wow
  • Meraklija Vujevic's avatar
    Check my Milwall save and see how I play with this tactic
  • Taktichar's avatar
    Gonna try it, see how it goes, but I have to say, big fan of your Schalke lineup :)
  • sjonesefc's avatar
    Struggling 1860 München (14th) playing away against runaway 2.Bundesliga leaders, midfield injury crisis, best Striker also out. I thought I'll have to play 2 up front due to having no fit midfield, I've got nothing to lose so I'll try this tactic out.

    With virtually no familiarity, we've gone and hammered them 3-0 with another 2 disallowed for offside! Well done sir.

    I hate that this worked so well, I hardly ever use tactics I haven't created and so many instructions used go against my preferred style, but fair play it worked!
  • billy casper's avatar
    Which OI do you use ? Doesn't work with big clubs this tactic tried it with Man City CL Final lost 3-0 v Bayern.Also had Halland sent off,what do you do in this situation when a player gets sent off
  • billy casper's avatar
    Using this with Leeds and have won 8 in a row plays some fantastic football much appreciated
  • DieSpaghettis's avatar
    Meraklija Vujevic
    You are simply the best
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