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Mustermann v1.04 FM23 Light Skin

A light skin taking a radical approach to the way Football Manager 2023 can be played. Overview pages got overhauled whilst player profile focuses on analytic stats.

By Updated on Dec 03, 2022   11021 views   52 comments
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Downloads: 2271 / Size: 31.7 MB / Added: 2022-11-25
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Mustermann v1.04 FM23 Light Skin


A light skin taking a radical approach to the way Football Manager can be played. Overview pages have been overhauled with a sparse UI, prioritising key information and reducing clutter, whilst the new analytic stats added in this year's edition are given prominence on the player profile to help those who like to take a "Moneyball" approach to their careers.

To add more realism/challenge, there is a version with Graphical Attributes, replacing the standard 1-20 numbers with colour coded boxes indicating whether a player is Excellent, Good, Average or Poor at a specific skill.

Attributes have been have been split into the training groups that influence them so you can now view players in the context of areas of the game.

The Touchline Tablet has also been revamped - redesigned to actually resemble a tablet - and will be the only way you are able to access information in-game. In real life, although tablets are allowed, you rarely see them used by manager's during play as it takes their focus away from the game. Now you'll have to make that assessment, with the tablet obscuring the pitch and no longer having any transparency.


The download contains two versions for each resolution:
  • Numerical - standard attributes, numbered 1-20
  • Graphical - colour coded boxes representing Excellent, Good, Average & Awful - the colours and attribute ranges can be adjusted via Preferences -> Skin Colours
There are now alternative colour themes available (see screenshots). You will need to copy the settings file for the colour theme you want from Alternative settings file into [skin name]/settings and rename the file to replace the current one. For example, if using Mustermann Numerical, you will rename the file Mustermann Numerical settings.


Designed for 2560x1440. Minimum size is 1920x1080 (85% zoom, Full Screen mode).
Note: If you have Windows Ease of Access zoom settings above 100% this will affect the scaling in FM.

Added versions for lower resolutions. Mustermann Graphical 1440 and Mustermann Numerical 1440 contain an adjusted layout for 1440x900 (85% zoom). Ease of Access zoom settings will still impact this, and may not work on lower resolutions or higher zoom settings.
Note: I will not be committing to updating these skins.


Colour Themes

There are no current plans for a dark skin, or a Club Colours version.


Quite a few to mention, and I'm sure there will be some that I've missed. If I've inadvertently used something you believe I haven't credited please let me know!

bluestillidie00 - scouring through the xmls for TCS taught me a lot about how half of this stuff works, as well as his assistance in various skinning queries - check out WTCS5 by Bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace
sebastian_starttrbts & Tyburn - whose work on creating non-numeric attribute skins inspired me to learn myself - check out Non-numeric attributes [★]
_Ben_ - for his wonderful approach to displaying attributes and discussions on skinning
Michaeltmurrayuk - for his base skins, and assistance in various skinning queries
wkdsoul - for his assistance in various skinning queries
keysi - for his assistance in various skinning queries
Wozzie - for fixtures and results panels for club overview - check out TATO23
Heffem - for training selectors on player profile
Olas Nick - for his assistance with a number of white text issues

Patch Notes

v1.04 - Assorted white text fixes
  • Axis labels for graphs
  • Text and drop down button on subs panel
  • Insecure jobs odds for next manager inbox items
  • Transfer targets/suggestions table
  • Player name when hovering over form bar
  • Club Info -> History - Best Eleven
  • Adjusted attribute sizes in player profile, to enable 1920x1080 in windowed mode
  • Removed white text from DoF panels, club info sub panels, match tactics detailed view and some extra inbox items
  • Added translations to polygons
  • Added alternative colour themes
  • Fixed more colour issues with Transfer Deadline Day
  • Fixed colour issues with Transfer Deadline Day
  • Added versions for 1440x900 at 85% zoom
  • Removed white text for role description in tactics screen when clicking on a player
  • Removed white text for players in "Detailed" tactics view during match
  • Fixed scaling issues for touchline tablet that caused gap between content and image borders
  • "Player Analytics" button now shows at all times in player profile, even before Data Hub is available (will not be able to request analytics until 3 games in, however)
  • Fixed issue with Backroom Advice on Player Profile sometimes being locked out for own players after reloading skin

Bugs/Future Requests

If you notice any bugs/issues, please do get in touch, and I will see if they can be resolved. One of the biggest challenges with light skins is identifying all instances of white text and finding a way to either change it, or put an appropriate background behind it. I expect there will be some instances that I've missed, so please let me know!

Similarly, if you have any requests for future features, please let me know, although for full transparency I have no intention of adding any information pertaining to hidden information (CA/PA etc...)

I will add any known issues and requests below, and update with status where possible:
  • White text for player names in customised tactic views on match day (partially fixed - detailed view addressed, custom views fix unlikely)
  • Squad Numbers inbox item is in white text (fix unlikely)
  • I've added some custom text to some pages which cannot be translated - none of the text is important (it doesn't provide useful information, just adds to the aesthetic) (no fix)

Download Now
Downloads: 2271 / Size: 31.7 MB / Added: 2022-11-25
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Discussion: Mustermann v1.04 FM23 Light Skin

52 comments have been posted so far.

  • lucasnake's avatar
    @FakeGlitch Maybe using f.lux will help you, it will turn light color into more orange-like at night to not hurt your eyes
  • gimn85's avatar
    @FakeGlitch - I'm afraid there are no current plans for a dark skin, nor a Club Colours version.
  • FakeGlitch's avatar

    i loved your skin last year and I used it a lot. Will there be a dark version thought. I love the player and club overview but i can't keep looking at the light version of your skin cuz my eyes begin to hurt due to all the white there is.
    If there isn't any plans it is ok then I will still use this skin.
  • lucasnake's avatar
    All right, that's great, looking forward to the update. The Dev. Centre thing is a minor thing, so no big deal if it's not changed.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @lucasnake - thank you for the suggestions.

    The next major update will have nationality flags as part of player profile in quite a big overhaul (although that might be some time away)

    I haven't touched the Dev centre yet and not sure if I will. The underlying code is quite tricky to change from what I remember but, if I do, I'll keep this in mind.
  • lucasnake's avatar
    An suggestion, maybe in the Player Profile at Nationality there should be an flag icon besides the nation name so we could quickly see the player nationality at a glance, being so used to having that in normal skins makes it very weird for me to have to actually read the nation name.

    Also, i think it would be better if in Dev. Centre current ability stars were hidden and only potential stars were shown.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @zunec - I won't be adding instant result, but it's easy to add yourself - you can just copy the files over from the Instant Result skin to the respective folder. You may need the Resource Archiver to extract the files, but this is a free tool available with the game.

    There are no current plans for a dark skin, nor a Club Colours version.
  • zunec's avatar
    Hey, any chance of adding instant result and dark skin? Great job!
  • gimn85's avatar
    @PyraDrake - would you mind sending over your save? Skinning doesn't actually give me much chance to play the game - I've only just reached January 2023 so far! So a save with a properly populated timeline would be very handy!
  • PyraDrake's avatar
    Yeah, I realised that after I posted, I kinda skimmed it. Haven't played in years. It's all good now. but I see there is styling issues in the Manager History Timeline. The bottom right text is black on a dark background, and the whole page seems off given the light mode aesthetic.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @PyraDrake - Minimum size is 1920x1080 (85% zoom, Full Screen mode).

    Mustermann Graphical 1440 and Mustermann Numerical 1440 contain an adjusted layout for 1440x900 (85% zoom). Ease of Access zoom settings will still impact this, and may not work on lower resolutions or higher zoom settings.
  • PyraDrake's avatar
    @gimn85 1920X1080, 100%, Windows default.

    P.S: Aw nuts, I missed the part where it said 85% zoom, it's fine now. I didn't realise this was specced for a higher resolution.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @PyraDrake - what resolution, zoom and windows ease of access settings do you use?
  • PyraDrake's avatar
    The player attributes on profile don't have any background at all indicating skills. I doubt this is intended.

    Using Mustermann Graphical.

  • gimn85's avatar
    @winger - no worries, you're clearly not the intended audience. As mentioned in the description: "Overview pages have been overhauled with a sparse UI, prioritising key information and reducing clutter" - although I'd be keen for feedback on what you'd want included in the player profile?
  • winger's avatar
    visually good skin and i think you have shown absolutely great creativity and out of the box thinking but skin useless bc:
    1) too shallow data in player profile
    2) minimal practical impact in immediate look
    3) for in game editor users (like myself) impossible to make attribute edits (in numerical version) - attribute windows stay uneditable when you clock on "start editing" at player profile.

    hope you take my criticism constructively.
    no hate from my side.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @HauntedMadness - Do you have any other skins in the skins folder? If you move them out (perhaps into My Documents) - does the issue persist?

    @sassamoraes - Unfortunately, there will not be a team colours version.
  • HauntedMadness's avatar
    I did not change any settings, everything is as it was when i downloaded it
  • sassamoraes's avatar
    Will be perfect if the colours follow the teams colors also
  • nicolas_om's avatar
    @gimn85 you'll never get the job done if you're distracted by every idiot who wants to make a black piece of shit out of almost perfect light skin :))
  • gimn85's avatar
    @HauntedMadness - okay, I've just double checked again, and it seems to be working fine for me:

    Comparing screenshots there are colours that appear to be inverted (areas that should be light are dark, and vice versa). Have you changed the colour settings?

    If so, you will need to edit panels/match/comps/ger/bundesliga/match score area panel.xml and edit the background colour for the clock (which can be found by searching red_replacement="white")
  • HauntedMadness's avatar
    I used just graphical
  • gimn85's avatar
    @HauntedMadness - Graphical, Graphical 1440, Numerical or Numerical 1440?
  • HauntedMadness's avatar
    It is 1.03 that i used
  • gimn85's avatar
    @HauntedMadness - thank you. Which version are you using? I've noticed the colours seem to have been inverted.

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