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NARIGON Skin V1.27 (Hidden attributes or Hidden+CA PA) + SOLID Style

A simple customized skin.

By Updated on Dec 04, 2021   58212 views   73 comments
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Downloads: 12483 / Size: 48.2 MB / Added: 2021-10-31
Football Manager 2022 Skins - NARIGON Skin V1.27 (Hidden attributes or Hidden+CA PA) + SOLID Style
For years, I have customized my skins because I like simple skins and panels of different skins.
This year I will selflessly publish my first skin just to share and hear recommendations.

Remember, my work is totally free
Last update V1.27
* New detaill panel club

--> NARIGON Skin 1.27 Only Hidden Attributes: Not visible CA PA RCA
--> NARIGON Skin 1.27 Hidden CA PA

--> NARIGON Skin 1.27 Only Hidden SOLID: Not visible CA PA

--> NARIGON Skin 1.27 Hidden CA PA SOLID

To see these attributes, it is necessary to buy DLC editor ingame on steam:

Background selector:

Default Style


Previous updates:

Credits and Thanks:
Base22 Skin by michaeltmurrayuk
OPZ Elite Skin by OPZ
TangFu Skin by Tracisloo
Heffem Skin by Krysler76
MichaelMurrayUK (mods & widgets)
Support received SI Forum by bluestillidie00

NARIGON Skin was created from Base22 Skin.
A simple customized skin that prioritizes information in panels over graphics.


1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as WinRar for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

2. Move the extracted folder "NARIGON Skin v1.xx xxxxxxx" to your skins folder: User\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\skins\

3. Run Football Manager 2022 and go to Preferences > Interface. You should see "NARIGON Skin v1.xx xxxxxxx" as an option in the skin drop down. Make sure you've unticked "Use caching to decrease page loading times" and ticked "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences". Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 12483 / Size: 48.2 MB / Added: 2021-10-31
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Discussion: NARIGON Skin V1.27 (Hidden attributes or Hidden+CA PA) + SOLID Style

73 comments have been posted so far.

  • qaz182's avatar
    I love the skin but there is one complaint/suggestion I wish to make.

    On the pre-match tactics/team selection screen, the working area of the screen is smaller than the full screen (with an image of chairs in the background).

    FM Rensie's skin makes the working window larger which gives players/managers more space to fit more columns of data at the pre-match tactics/selection screen.

    I've attached a link to screenshots (I hope the site doesn't block them this time like when I tried to attach images and was denied).

    It's the one thing Rensie's skin does that I wish yours did.

    Looking forward to your reply (whether you agree with my suggested change or not)
  • DANDY's avatar
    I can't test that resolution, I use 1920 x 1080.
    The skin is made over the original FM skin, if that resolution is supported by the game then it should work for you.
  • gknkck7's avatar
    My screen resolution is 1440x900.İ want to use %85 percentage. But sidebar icons dissappeared when O used it.Could you solve this problem.
  • acquainted's avatar
    Best skin i ve ever used
  • Colonel Getafe's avatar
    @DANDY thanks for the info
  • DANDY's avatar
    @Colonel Getafe
    Delete or edit:
    panel/human/inbox item.xml
  • Colonel Getafe's avatar
    @DANDY thanks for the reply and info. Any chance you could tell me how to take them out in preferences or point me in the direction of a resource? (Haven't really played FM in ages, seems to get more complicated every year). Thanks.
  • DANDY's avatar
    I have tried this before and have not been able to modify it, but it is possible to do so. I have it pending.

    @Colonel Getafe
    It is that making it smaller makes the DF11, OPZ faces. Etc. They look very small.
    The dolls created by FM are very ugly, I recommend you take them out in preferences.
  • Colonel Getafe's avatar
    Great skin! Superb work, well done!

    Just 1 question: any chance there is a way to reduce the display size of the avatars/faces when they appear in the inbox messages? Even when I change the screen res the heads/faces still appear huge next to the club badge. Looks bit weird. Would be nice if I could make them smaller.

  • Fatalit14's avatar
    Please correct the designation of thousands of euros. In values, the "M" always appears in a capital letter. Whether to designate millions or just thousands.
  • ilkaysf's avatar
    Thank you for adding club nicknames. Best skin ever
  • DANDY's avatar
    @jhon khom
    I've thought about it before, but in my tests the other attributes get very small when I add another hidden attribute to the list.
    I will see it in future versions of being able to leave it well.

    You have to touch the icon at the bottom right, above the player list.
  • john khorn's avatar

    Sportmanship is not shown as one of the hidden attributes in player / staff panel, can you fix it please?
  • cemalptekin's avatar
    One more question :)
    I can't see the pitch because of wigdets.
    How do I remove them ?
  • cemalptekin's avatar
    İt's working Thanks!
  • cemalptekin's avatar
    @DANDY I tried droping to %85. Reduced resolution from High to medium.
    I can see hidden att. but no sign from CA and PA
    The interface I receive is not similar to screenshots above.
    I'm using MB Pro M1.
  • DANDY's avatar
    It's because of the screen resolution, try dropping to 85%.
    Although I have not tested it with resolutions lower than 1920x1080.
    The skin is mounted on a skin base, it should work for you if you change the options in preferences.
  • cemalptekin's avatar
    I have in game editor.
    I installed the skin.
    But I can't see PA CA Hidden Att. nothing.
    Because skin interface is diffrent.
    Anyone can help please?
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    Love the skin, found the problem I was having, so ignore the previous message that was here
  • etien4's avatar
    ok i can see more things at 85%
  • etien4's avatar
    is this working on low res? 1368/760?
  • DANDY's avatar
    I have already found what you said, I will correct it for the next update
  • DANDY's avatar
    Thanks, I'll see you later.

    I can't see the images.
  • ColaSlukerN's avatar
    Thanks for the update. Love your skin, thanks!
  • mememe's avatar


    or originaly there

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