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NARIGON FM23 Skin V1.29 + No hidden attributes

NARIGON Skin was created from Base23 Skin. A simple customized skin that prioritizes information in panels over graphics.

By Updated on Dec 03, 2022   106215 views   157 comments
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Downloads: 28754 / Size: 20.0 MB / Added: 2022-10-21
Football Manager 2023 Skins - NARIGON FM23 Skin V1.29 + No hidden attributes

For years, I have customized my skins because I like simple skins and panels of different skins.

This is the second year I publish it.

Remember, my work is totally free.

Having trouble seeing the percentages?
Follow this simple tutorial.

Last update:
Added new backgrounds for more customization
Minor fix in club panel
Minor fix manager profile

Hidden attributes will be visible when in-game editor is available.
For now only CA.

How to use the NARIGON Skin on FM23

1. Download NARIGON Skin 23 Vx.x

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to your skins folder, which by default is located here:

> Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > skins >

3. Go to preferences in-game to clear cache and then select the skin.

4. Confirm or reload skin

5. Close FM and open again (is for Physical Condition in Percentage)

6. Have fun.

NARIGON Skin - Credits and Thanks:

Base23 Skin by bluestillidie00
OPZ Elite Skin by OPZ
TangFu Skin by Tracisloo
Heffem Skin by Krysler76
MichaelMurrayUK (mods & widgets)
Support received SI Forum by bluestillidie00

Download Now
Downloads: 28754 / Size: 20.0 MB / Added: 2022-10-21
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Discussion: NARIGON FM23 Skin V1.29 + No hidden attributes

157 comments have been posted so far.

  • mienos's avatar
    Hi! I've been using your skin for a couple of days. Really very beautiful! Can I give advice, or a request? I think that in the news section, messages that require a response should be highlighted in another color (transfer confirmation, squad selection, etc...)
  • DANDY's avatar
    In-game editor is a DLC for Football Manager and is purchased from the store on Steam.
    The skins in the game by default can show at most they can show the CA, but those who have the DLC can see all the hidden attributes.
  • Texszn's avatar
    Just downloaded it as well, and the CA is not available? Tried both versions and neither is showing it

    i see in previous comments you say we have to have in game editor, so do we have to buy it to see the hidden attributes in this skin?
  • DANDY's avatar
    There are 2 versions;
    NARIGON Skin 23 V1.xx (showing hidden attributes)
    NARIGON Skin 23 V1.xx No Hidden Attributes (does not show hidden attributes)
  • kayziix's avatar
    hi guys, i just downloaded the skin, but i dont see the hidden attributes like ca/pa etc. (I got the in game editor activated), maybe you get a clue of what happened ?
  • DANDY's avatar
    @Bothan Spy
    Go to preferences --> Advanced --> Formats
    And change the option, as it is in the image.

  • Bothan Spy's avatar
    Big fan of this skin as you know. I have noticed a small mistake with the club info page under the stadium. it lists the year built wrong. for example, if it was 1995 it shows it as a thousand like this 1,995.
    keep up the great work!
  • DANDY's avatar
    They are OPZ Style
  • ElectroSparkz's avatar
    @DANDY Great skin as always, it was my favorite skin last year and this year it's even better. Thank you for your work, I just wanted to know what's the face pack you're using in the pic you sent below?
  • DANDY's avatar
  • Xenjet's avatar
    how to change the age of the players in the skin narigon 1.27 v with the in-game editor ?

    german : wie kann man mit dem In-game editor das alter im skin narigon 1.27 v bei den spielern ändern ?
  • Taz0r's avatar
    @DANDY so if I see hidden attributes CA but not PA, editor is not active?

    I see CA and RCA
  • hguy89's avatar
    Thank you for your answer @DANDY
    I play at 1440p, unlimited FPS (tried different settings - 60/30, didn't help).
    I'll try uploading a video when I have the chance.
  • DANDY's avatar
    I don't know what could be happening to you, I guess it's because of the resolution.
    If you do me a favor when it happens to you, can you upload images?
    Maybe with that I can identify the problem.
    If it were to be due to a low resolution, try shrinking image n° 4 found in:
    \skins\NARIGON Skin 23 V1.26\graphics\backgrounds
  • hguy89's avatar
    Great skin as always. One problem for me though, on screens with diagonal stripes on the background (such as when a mail with scouting update arrives to the inbox and when viewing in "Cards" mode), they disappear and reappear rapidly, which causes a flickering effect. Is there any solution for this?

    P.S on 1.22 there were more screens like that (such as "Squad" screen), 1.26 fixed some of them, but it still exists to a degree.
  • mobilo's avatar
    i dont have in editor game. It explains everything
  • DANDY's avatar
    You have 2 versions of NARIGON, one shows the hidden attributes (if you have editot in-game), and the other version + No hidden attributes
  • mobilo's avatar
    I can only see the current attributes (hidden atttributes). In the profil player I don't have ca and pa.
  • DANDY's avatar
    Thanks for the warning.
    I will try to correct it.
  • shyja's avatar
    the scout's knowledge bar does not fill up depending on the knowledge level
  • DANDY's avatar
    The skin is not edited for those images, I have tried to test the images of the staff and they are still visible.
    If you find it annoying, you can remove those images from my documents or try it in another skin.
  • scorpio02's avatar
    I'm playing with your specific skin and backgrounds found on fm scout divided by players, referees, fans, stadiums and so on. I have noticed that it becomes really difficult to read on any screen, especially the main ones, with the backgrounds enabled. Is it a problem on the backgrounds side, the skin side, or have you already solved it with 1.24?
  • alanbessa's avatar
    Thank you so much!
  • DANDY's avatar
    In the settings folder in the widget configuration file. I use with name fm-widgets settings.xml
    look for this line and change.

    <colour name="sidebar text" value="yellow"/>
  • alanbessa's avatar
    Hey Dandy, how can i change the sidebar icons color from yellow?

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