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Neloxia Fantasy Level 12 for FM19

Neloxian fictional universe which replaces Gibraltar as a playable nation with Neloxia, a 12-tier pyramid & European emerging power with lots of cash flowing.

By Updated on Jun 11, 2019   11014 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 501 / Size: 127.0 kB / Added: 2019-06-09
FM 2019 Fantasy Scenarios - Neloxia Fantasy Level 12 for FM19
Features the Virgin Galactic League, a big money tournament featuring teams from around the world.

Compatible with some custom files, but can't be sure which ones (besides classens or uncle sam's which I've tested) will work with it.

LigaPremier (18 teams, 34 games) - 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw. Top 10 teams earn $ for finish in the regular season. Top 8 teams qualify for the championship playoffs (sorry, I'm an American at heart). Bottom 3 teams are relegated. Teams placed 12-15 have to play a relegation playoff. It's a bloodbath to stay in this league.

LigaExcel (12 teams, 33 games) - (same point rules as LP) Top 3 teams get promoted, Bottom 4 teams are relegated. Teams 4-7 place qualify for promotion playoff.

Series (A/B/C/SE) Top 3 teams promoted in each level, 4-7 playoffs, Bottom 3-4 relegated (depends on level) 3 pt wins at this level and below. Some lower levels have age rules.

Don't activate these levels, there is a known issue that I haven't solved yet where the game won't generate fixtures past a certain point when you play with the lower Neloxian levels.

Football Alliance (2 levels)

Hometown League (4 levels)

Sunday A.M. League

Wednesday Night League (lowest league)

Introduction to Neloxian Football

For this setup, it's almost integral that you do that OR if you play with Neloxia to "add players to playable teams" so you get regens to stock your teams. But if you're one of those people who loves playing with real players and don't want to see them leaving England or Spain for Neloxia, then you'll probably want to skip this db.

If you want a well-designed sandbox with lots of history and fun teams to explore, it's a good situation.

Here are the teams in the top two divisions at the start of the game:

Alzate Capital
Vampire Lake
Charles City
Black Tambourine
Anthracite Taxi
Holdsworth Steel
Neloxian Dairy
Embassy of Football
Mapouras City
Prima Alzate
Galactica Marisa
Sporting Mapouras
Kings Ave

Black Angels
San Mislas Hospital (Do No Harm)
True Believers (Followers of Christ & Kingdom)
Dominion City A.C. (DCAC)
Five Cities Insurance (FCI)
Swenton City
Hellsbath United

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 501 / Size: 127.0 kB / Added: 2019-06-09
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Discussion: Neloxia Fantasy Level 12 for FM19

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • neloxian's avatar
    @robbbim The two Neloxian leagues thing is a known issue that I can't figure out where it comes from -- probably an older merge in the editor -- it doesn't negatively impact anything as far as I can tell (I'm well into 2064) it's just ugly.

    The blank league name issue, I need to investigate, I haven't seen that. Thanks for the heads up.
  • robbbim's avatar
    Awesome fantasy levels but I have a problem.
    It doesnt show me league name and in top leagues there are two neloxias.
  • gatitoSpain's avatar
    @neloxian Hello, here you are, plus I have added more kits and other logos.!gj4Hna7I
    If you ask for a password to download, use this: 4805TKLXRGEbS3Y1XM7FszIbaTemDDE2FofYD-75cmQ
  • neloxian's avatar
    @gatitoSpain Can you share it? That'd be awesome!
  • gatitoSpain's avatar
    I have created kits for the selection
  • gatitoSpain's avatar
    Nice, good job.
  • neloxian's avatar
    Here's the Neloxian Football Federation's logo (shamelessly ripped from USA soccer):
  • neloxian's avatar
    Oh it's really easy to do. Here's the real Neloxia flag both small and big versions. You can just replace the Gibraltar flags that default in the game with these. I'll make logos for the leagues next.

  • gatitoSpain's avatar
    @neloxian I created a flag [img][/img]
  • neloxian's avatar
    @gatitoSpain I haven't added any custom graphics. I'd need to partner with someone to do it, it's mostly a time thing but also I haven't done custom graphics for FM in many years.
  • gatitoSpain's avatar
    interesting, I'll try it. Is it possible that you add a fictitious flag? In the game I see the one from Gibraltar.
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