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344 GOALS PER SEASON - Randy Marsh Custom Gegenpress Tactics

I've been playing with these tactics for years, personalized gegenpress. Ideal for a team with strong wingers/inside forwards. Scored 344 goals in a single season - see screenshots. Haaland: 194 goals (120 in PL) De Bruyne: 75 assists

By Updated on Nov 12, 2022   223641 views   74 comments
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Downloads: 82941 / Size: 44.0 kB / Added: 2022-10-27
Football Manager 2023 Tactics - 344 GOALS PER SEASON - Randy Marsh Custom Gegenpress Tactics
First 5 seasons with Man City in all competitions:
  • Season 1: 195 (Haaland 97)
  • Season 2: over 250 (Haaland 138)
  • Season 3: over 250 (Haaland 129)
  • Season 4: 344 goals (Haaland 194)
  • Season 5: 303 goals (Haaland 155, Endrick 88)
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Video test by FM Scout

Screenshots with my own tests

Download Now
Downloads: 82941 / Size: 44.0 kB / Added: 2022-10-27
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Discussion: 344 GOALS PER SEASON - Randy Marsh Custom Gegenpress Tactics

74 comments have been posted so far.

  • Garyhorton33's avatar
    Hi Randy_Marsh ive been using your tactic and its very good, but my question is "looking at your tactic screenshot it says that one of the midfielders is a DLP but when i load up the game it comes up as a CM ?
    Ive not seen a update to your tactic.
  • Diplexbullet19's avatar
    I thought this was america!
  • Vernak555's avatar
    Brilliant tactic. Back to back promotions with Derby, and romped away with the National League with Wrexham. Paul Mullin bagged 63!!! Not sure why other's teams are conceding so many, as long as everyone has a good work rate and stamina it works perfectly.
  • kabaczek88's avatar
    who to repleace Kevin De Bruyne ?
  • tachub's avatar
    Tried this tactic with a normal team ( no cheat ) and leaked goals, didnt score much and after 10 games i had 3 wins 2 draw 5 losses...its not hard to win games when you cheat and make a team like u have..kind of takes the fun out of the game this way as its unreal
  • S1L3NX3's avatar
    I really dont understand why some people are so bitter about this tactic
    im currently using man united and Ronaldo and martial have 20 and 14 goals respectively and im just in October

    So far this is one of the better tactics ive downloaded from this site so if you dont like it DONT DOWNLOAD/USE IT
  • mcswifty's avatar
    After having tested this in my own save for 4 friendlies (for tactical familiarity) and 15 league games. I must admit that, it does score alot of goals, but is also slightly leaky at the back for me.
    I added a Corner routine, set mentality to positive and added a few defensive tweaks, and now it scores a bit less, but also concedes less.
    Overall I went from 5-2 and 6-3 kinda fixtures to 4-1 and 3-0 games.

    But these are MY own changed, that I applied to my team composition, others will differ as no two teams are alike.

    -My general opinion. Very good tactic for very good teams. Mid/Low teams need to add some defensive stability in the tactic to avoid leaking goals.
    But that is my preference, as I like to concede as little as possible. :)
  • Trossard's avatar
    Please show screenshots of set piece tactic and player instructions
  • Hugh Garse's avatar
    I started with this, Barcelona, and early doors started well. Hit a shaky patch then doubted the tactics. Read all the comments and changed it. Results were ok at best so switched back. Now gone 22 games unbeaten with 21 wins. Regularly score 4,5 or 6. Top of the league. Super cup win, against Real Madrid in the final. Lewandowski on 59 goals, despite being out for 8 games. Still 10 league games to go. In summary, it works for me.
  • apvmoreira's avatar
    Just signed in to say that this is a brilliant tactic, scores lots of goals with Benfica and want to congratulate you for this. Keep the good work
  • kcz22's avatar
    This is the best FM 23 tactic so far! Thanks! Im playing polish lower league club - LKS Lodz and the tactic works for me. Amazing wins, a lot of goals.
  • Desertik's avatar
  • Randy_Marsh's avatar
    @Kirito3801 - You spent more time writing this comment than I did on creating these tactics, and that's the saddest part. No one is forcing anyone to download this file, or to play with it. So why hating on it?

    I never said that these tactics are gonna work for everyone, I literally said I've been using it for years to suit my play style - exactly as you mentioned in "Embarrassment number 3" lol

    The fact that you think that 30 year old man with full time career and full time Master's enrollment has time to save/load or add new managers for 6 seasons now is just plain stupid.

    To recap, on my 6th season I accepted Napoli job so expect to see similar results with different club in a different league (No Haaland though)
  • TurkishGuy123's avatar
    @Kirito3801 - I'm a casual player of this game and I proof that this tactic works. I'm in my third season with Leyton Orient and in my first season I won League 2 title(with 105 points) and Papa John trophy. In my second season I won League 1 title with 95 points. I will admit that I don't score as much as advertised but I still score plenty of goals and have the best GF in league. I don't understand why you're hating on this so much and asking for it to be removed.
  • Kirito3801's avatar
    To sum the discussion up the author of the topic is clearly disingenuous, to put it diplomatically.
    Embarrassment number 1 - if you take into account all the competitions in which City participates, it turns out that with 344 goals in a season, the team should score about 5 goals in a match. This is achieved either with xG of about 5 (which requires at least 25 shots on the opponent's goal with a weight of about 0.2, and with an average xG of a shot on goal in FM of about 0.1 - all 50, which already sounds unrealistic), or with a lower number, if an opponent of a significantly lower level plays against your team - conditional Viktoria Plzen (against whom you can still achieve such results in the Champions League, but there are simply no teams of this level in the Premier League).
    Embarrassing moment number 2 - tactic, judging by the screenshots, does not look OP. Judge for yourself - this is the most classic arrangement, and quite heavily overloaded with instructions to the team when in possession of the ball. There are several instructions in the tactic itself that contradict both the match engine and the logic of the placement - a flank attack cannot work effectively itself, especially if a FB-Su sits under the IF-Su. Also, with an empty DM zone, there is not a single central midfielder performing defensive functions - and looking at the arrangements of the top teams on the screenshots, one can see the rather frequent use of CAM, which is deadly against such a hole in the defense, based on the logic of the match engine.
    Embarrassment number 3 - "killer" tactics in FM-Arena testing always show powerful results. With manual control and a proper understanding of the match engine, success can be achieved with absolutely any tactic (especially when you have Haaland, and then you buy all sorts of Vinicius and Endrick, lol). Testing the tactic in the FM-Arena with poor results tells one thing - the tactic is designed to be hand-crafted to suit the author's play style, it's not the plug and play that most users would expect to see here.
    Summarizing the above - based on the analysis of screenshots and results, as well as the experience of playing all versions of FM, starting from 07, I can conclude that this tactic is just the author's favorite tactic, and the statistics for gaining temporary popularity on this resource were twisted through "save-load", or adding managers to the game who will lose matches or sell you top players for a penny. I would like to ask the moderators to remove this tactic from the overall rating, but leave the thread for those who want to read and download it.
  • Fazio-01's avatar
    Thanks the tactic has worked very well for me
  • Desertik's avatar
    Played 10 matches with this tactic and i have very crap results and score very few goals
    The tactic look random as fm-arena link shows.
    Can fmscout staff test this tactic to confirm overall impression and the clickbait ?
  • Randy_Marsh's avatar
    @northy_bean - I suggest using OI yourself, but I personally leave it to the assistant.
  • TurkishGuy123's avatar
    @Randy_Marsh - I think I jinxed myself because I have been in a poor form lately. Most likely because I have 10+ games scheduled in December and don't have enough depth in my squad to handle all the games. I'm hoping it goes back to normal after the transfer window. I'm not still not conceding much but the goals have dried up.

    @Greentrunk - Apparently it's the same file just re-uploaded.
  • northy_bean's avatar
    question, do you use OI's? Or leave to assistant?
  • Randy_Marsh's avatar
    @TurkishGuy123 - I am so happy to hear this, especially with not conceding too many goals - I still concede a lot.
    The tactic you have is the same one as this file. I had some issues back in October when posted it, that's why it says Updated. File hasn't changed since November 3rd or something.

    Good luck!
  • ChrisShep's avatar

    I've download this tactic, trying to unzip the file and it keeps failing. I'm using a 2022 MacBook Pro and have WinZip & The Unarchiver.
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    Hey @TurkishGuy123 can you link me up with that file? Seems like its doing wonders for you
  • TurkishGuy123's avatar
    I'm still using the version you posted on the 7th or 8th and it has done wonders for me. I'm managing Leyton Orient and I won the League 2 title in my first season with 105 points and also won the Papa John trophy(very comfortably) thanks to your tactic. I'm currently in League 1 in my second season sitting first place and it looks like it will be another title.

    There are plenty of goals and it's not just one player but across the whole attack. I'm also not conceding many goals even in League 1. In the last 15 games I think I only conceded 5/6 goals.

    Since this version is working so fine I don't want to download this new version because why change something which is already working. If things start getting difficult in like Championship I'll use this updated version.

    Good job.
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    unbeaten pre season and first 2 league games won with mighty Gateshead, and more a nice style of football being played

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