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OLT Expanded Hair Pack v3 - Dress-Up Edition

The popular OLT Hair Pack now features 804 unique hairstyles, and introduces shirts and compatibility with dark skins.

By on Dec 04, 2012   284626 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 13170 / Size: 23.6 MB / Added: 2012-12-04
FM 2013 Misc Graphics - OLT Expanded Hair Pack v3 - Dress-Up Edition
The popular OLT Hair Pack now features 804 unique hairstyles, and introduces shirts and compatibility with dark skins.

There were way too few hairstyles to offer any variety in NewGens in the game, and while this problem was significantly rectified with version 1 and 2 of this OLT Hairpack, version 3 brings even more (especially new afro hairs).

Released: 13 November 2012

Newgens will never look the same once you install this!


Improved all the previously released hairs by removing all the white borders you'd get when using a dark skin. Also cleaned them up a bit and corrected some unrealistic colors for a more natural look to them.

Newgens previously looked like they had no bodies from the neck down. So adding some shirts to them to give them a hint of shoulders, worked out extremely well. The shirt style is a very basic grey colored t-shirt to prevent any colors that associate to any team.

Added more advanced facial hairs to give more "character" to the players. It was a tough thing to do, because the faces can be very different. However, after excessive testing it works absolutely wonderful, but occasionally (very rarely), you might find a player who looks a little bit weird.

Put in a bunch more bald hair styles as well. These would be bald headed players who's got some facial hair, or a hint of shaved down hairlines. Little things like this add a lot to the realism of the newgens.

The new mixed race category for hairs. Simply copied the entire afro folder for that. Apparently these hairs are for Afro/Caucasian mixed ethnic groups, and can be found in just about any nation. Sometimes these players are a little too pale skinned - so they look a little odd with the afro hairs.


Installation Instructions

Extract "olt hairpack" folder into the following directory:
\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\data\facegen\hair\

You should have the "olt hairpack" folder in this directory IN ADDITION to the other ones, or you will mess up your game.

Note: In the facegen\hair folder, you should notice four folders already (afro, asian, euro & hispanic). These are the default hairs for the game. You should add the "olt hairpack" folder to those four in there so you don't write over the original hair styles. So DO NOT extract the "afro", "asian", "euro" & "hispanic" folders from within the "olt hairpack" folder directly into the "facegen/hair" folder. Extract the actual folder "olt hairpack" into this directory.

Please delete the old "olt hairpack" folder before installing this one, to prevent any unwanted effects. All old hairstyles will still be there.

New hairstyles should take effect immediately upon loading up the game. But only newly generated regens after the install will appear with the new hairstyles.

Known issues

  • Regens sometimes change hairs upon installation of new updates, but as long as the hair folders remain the same, so will the hairs.

  • Bald hairstyles are only used sporadically. More often than not, it uses no extra image for the balds, which means they'll wear no shirt.

  • Rarely, some extreme featured faces may not align 100% with the hair image. Most notably with the bearded ones. But, 99% work just fine!


This hair pack is created by O'Leary's Trainee on Sports Interactive forums. Original thread.

Download Now
Downloads: 13170 / Size: 23.6 MB / Added: 2012-12-04
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Discussion: OLT Expanded Hair Pack v3 - Dress-Up Edition

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • the_hdk's avatar
    file missing. can it be re-uploaded please?
  • olafdziewirz's avatar
    Anyone one got this for Mac? Can't seem to find the folder when trying to extract from WinZip
  • shadowerkid's avatar
    I can't find /data. What should I do?
  • jorginio's avatar
    If you have problems with this package go to steam and choose Check File Integrity from the games properties.It solves most problems.Then start the game and it should be ok
  • DanspursXD's avatar
    Please help!! I have extracted the file to the facegen then 'hair' file but when I start a game without real players to check, the hairstyles are the same, and the still are just a head on a stick! I've been trying for a while, and would really appreciate someone to explain if I have missed out any steps, or anything I need to do. thanks
  • robbo1948's avatar
    Can anyone offer me help on this please?

    I cannot find my steam file! All other graphics downloads have gone into my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2013 folder. When I open that up there is no folder entitled 'data' to download this into. Do I need to create one, as per the graphics? Or do I need to locate my steam folder?!


    doh...found it!!
  • soccer.joel's avatar
    All my newgens changed hairstyles after installing this
  • threepwood's avatar
    Great job! But I have the same problem as alexb90...

    I've followed all the steps and when I start a game everything works perfectly, but when I restart my computer (I'm using a Mac with Lion) every regen is bald. I've tried to install the game again, to follow all the steps again but the result is always the same.
  • alexb90's avatar
    Does anyone know why all the existing regens are bald?
  • Akash's avatar

    You have to use these steps:
    After unzipping, put the folder in - Library -> Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> (then follow the same as Windows)
  • Alanperry's avatar
    Okay, I have downloaded this, And I have UNZIPPED using WinZip the "OLT HAIRPACK" in Sports Interactive -> data -> facegen -> hair ... for Mac.. and it doesn't work? what is the problem.

    I have ended up with the following after unzipped.

    Sports Interactive -> data -> facegen -> hair -> OLT Hairpack -> afro, mixed race, asian, euro & Hispanic folders.
  • Robp's avatar
    Top download ! Very easy to setup too.

    franciscogotera - its very easy, extract the so you have the following folders:

    Existing folders

    and your new extracted folder...

    olt hairpack

    so you should have 6 folders in total.
  • franciscogotera's avatar
    sorry, could you elaborate? qe not do well with the folder "olt hairpack" which is done with it?, overwriting the original files? or simply left in: "data \ FaceGen \ hair" and not do anything else? know any video that explains it better? :)
  • Gazonius's avatar
    Love it!!! It is the sh1t!!!!!
    Great job!!
  • or.dabool's avatar
    Wow. Sure looks amazing. Downloading :)
  • Blue's avatar
    Agree with Akash. This is quality.
  • Akash's avatar
    This looks incredible. I am downloading this.
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