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OPZ Elite 2021 v.21.3.5 + mini & New BLACKOUT!


By Updated on Jul 23, 2021   305356 views   233 comments
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Downloads: 90567 / Size: 130.0 MB / Added: 2020-12-08
Football Manager 2021 Skins - OPZ Elite 2021  v.21.3.5 + mini & New BLACKOUT!
Special Thanks

- Wannachup skin
- michaeltmurrayuk
- GZskin
- TCS'19
- Heffem
- Teal Twenty
- SSD Gold
- Wozzie Tad & Teal Twenty
- DD2021ST



Blackout version

update pre-match formation

Delete old version befor install new version.

Supported resolutions

I'm not a programmer , I'm a gamer

I can't fix the problem for everyone.

But some problems may be resolved faster. If you include the image in question.


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Thanks to Stam and everyone for supporting me.

Finally, thank you ,Randall Boese / Kitti Ekthanapakdee / Michał Olszak / Willem-Alexander / Heylen Kevin Cornelius / Eike Thellmann / butleriain
for donations.

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Download Now
Downloads: 90567 / Size: 130.0 MB / Added: 2020-12-08
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Discussion: OPZ Elite 2021 v.21.3.5 + mini & New BLACKOUT!

233 comments have been posted so far.

  • r2d2's avatar
    have found man of the match in opzblackout settings.xml =)
    but the instanst result pop up i cant find
  • r2d2's avatar
    when i see instant result i can only see condition and games harpness.
    i have been able to see goal scorer and assist before too.
    if i change skin to instant-result-dark . i see all the info.
    click for picture.


    tried with 85 %, 95% 100% 100 %
    1980*1080, 1920*1200 with no success.
    And also is it possible to change man of the match to green insteed of red.?
    cant find that config file.
  • Gerigamer23's avatar
    @OPZ I am very happy for this skin, thank you very much, in my opinion it is the best skin there is, but I wanted to ask you something, I wanted to know if the color of the training evaluation can be changed? Thank you very much for making this skin, it is greatly appreciated.
  • jonasthern's avatar
    And also, how can i remove the players faces from the squad view?
  • jonasthern's avatar
    @OPZ in the tactics screen, the icon of the position suitability of the player, don't refresh automatically when we change for another role.
  • igorlv's avatar
    @OPZ how do I make the icons of the real trophies like this, instead of that yellow symbol?
  • igorlv's avatar
    please new update of your facepack, its awesome
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    So, it seems like the author does not participate in discussions here, or does not know the relevant files of his own skin.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar

    Hi. Can you tell me which file is responsible for the scout center list of players/wonderkids (when for example you upload a shortlist of young players)? In your skin the photos of players are not shown. And that is inconvenient for me not to see players pictures.
  • armbi's avatar
    Hi I got this font issue on the teams pre match screen.

  • RaPoZaUm's avatar
    Once you get used to this skin, you can't use any other! @OPZ, I'd like to request one thing: to see match condition/sharpness as percentages! This guy posted a way to make it visible again on FM21:
  • Caputcho's avatar
    Hi ! I'm a french user of your skin, and i just love this skin.

    I just have one question, how to remove the CA/PA from the player when i put my cursor on the info tip ? (i hope you understand my question)
  • OPZ's avatar

    yes have just .xml
  • Joeke's avatar

    One question though: the file i've downloaded has the name .xml.xml
    While the original file only has .xml

    Do i have to rename the new file so it overwrites the old one?
  • OPZ's avatar
  • Joeke's avatar
    Really love this skin!
    Its exactly what i want, but there's one little bug (i think).

    In the players screen, i always have a tab of "positions" where you get a miniature field with the positions the player can play at.
    But sometimes (1 out of 4) when i have the game loaded, i select the positions tab to be shown, but it doesn't popup.
    When i restart the game, it works again.
  • OPZ's avatar
    skins support 1920x1080p
  • sebel's avatar
    Thanks for your great work - It is without any doubt the moment top skin ;)
    I would have however a quick request on your BLACKOUT version:

    - On the TACTIC menu, would it be possible (via the files edit or whatever) to slightly stretch to the right the tactic formation part?

    I would like to avoid using another version of your skin and to reduce the resolution to 95%.

  • YAMS's avatar
    Figured it out, I had a match screens mod loaded as well. Must stop playing around with this skin.... Cheers.
  • YAMS's avatar
    @OPZ - Yeah I think I had an older version for sure. Problem now is though I've lost the full screen match view, you had an optional rar zip in the panels/match version I had to go to full screen. I have the old gap problem again now.

    I also dropped in a scoreboard mod, maybe that made my transparency higher by default.
  • OPZ's avatar

    My game is darker than you.

    and titled bar team colour not like mine. Try delete all opz skins and download again.
  • YAMS's avatar
    @OPZ - You're very welcome. I've been using your skins for years so a donation was overdue.

    This is the match screen below, I play 2D then have replays on Director cam. I'd like this screen & the HT/FT screens to be a darker transparency to not show the 2D pitch lines in the background for the in-between highlights.
  • OPZ's avatar

    First, Thank you very much for donate
    It's an important encouragement during the current situation.

    for your question Can you send me a picture?
    Because in match screens there are many parts.
  • YAMS's avatar
    @OPZ - Any way of changing the transparency on the match screens? I'd like it to be way darker than default if possible. Presume requires some kind of Paper edit? Cheers.
  • hrmantovani's avatar
    I just bought FM 21 and I've tested lots of skins but this is by far the best one I found. The only thing that bothers me is the league table font: the font for numbers for wins, draw, losses and goals is different than the one for the points. How can I make them all the same? Sorry for asking this, OCD stuff only lol

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