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PequenoGenio88 FM21 Skins (Dark, Purple & Light)

Pack of skins for FM2021 (dark, purple and light). Using elements from other skin makers, such as keysi, tcs, fme etc. Made for windowed mode at 1920x1080.

By Updated on Mar 05, 2021   65912 views   20 comments
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Downloads: 12975 / Size: 111.0 MB / Added: 2021-01-19
Football Manager 2021 Skins - PequenoGenio88 FM21 Skins (Dark, Purple & Light)
Hello everyone.

First of all, I hope you are all well and safe.

It was not my intention this year to launch the skins but as there were so many requests and after talking to the people I used elements from their skins and having given the green light I decided to proceed to the launch.

So I want to thank @keysi, @michaeltmurrayuk, @Sh@rk, @bluestillidie00, @Well's, @Dani_dots (twitter), @Sheffield Hammer, @FMEnhanced and many others that in one way or another helped / inspired me create the skin.

I'm not an expert on this skin. They were made from the base skins of @michaeltmurrayuk.

I play in window mode in 1920 * 1080 with 100% zoom so it was made to think about what I like, want and need. (ex: logo of the team / nation / competition we are seeing in the sidebar:


How do I install my skins?

- Download and extract the file (using Winrar / Winzip / 7zip or other)

- You will have three files. One for dark, one for purple and one for light. Move them to the correct location: Windows: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2021 / skins Mac: Library / Application Support / Sport Interactive / Football Manager 2021 / skins

- Open the game, go to preferences and choose the cover you want.

It is up to you to test the zoom level according to the screen resolution.





V2 Available

- light skin with some bugs on the text (white text)

Download Now
Downloads: 12975 / Size: 111.0 MB / Added: 2021-01-19
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Discussion: PequenoGenio88 FM21 Skins (Dark, Purple & Light)

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • Amporoamo's avatar
    Is there a way to make the stadium image larger on the main screen? Is it possible to apply city imatge instead of stadium image on the progress screen? Thanks!
  • spurspanyol's avatar
    @John08 I'm aware this is a comment on a 4-month old post but you can use the mentoring system. When you want to add a player to a group, highlight them, and 'add player' can be found right at the bottom of the screen. It's a little awkward but the feature works and this is, by far, the best skin I've used on FM21.
  • garmac's avatar
    absolutely love this skin...too bad the instant result button only dimms the screen...
  • bora182's avatar
    id love to see the continue button flash red when your the final player to press continue in online mode. just like in the stock skin.
  • John08's avatar
    Great skin!! Only one problem: In Mentoring mode, when u try to add a player (add player button) to a group, u can only see the list of players to add, but you can not add them (no add or confirm button). So u can't use mentoring mode!!!
  • zukooo's avatar
    instant result doesn't work.
    can you fix this?
  • CavFM's avatar
    This skin is just everything you want!
  • michelsgils's avatar
    Since the 21.3 winter update the stars have disappeared from the players role and duty area [img][/img]
  • bigmattb's avatar
    I genuinely love this skin, however the instant result button doesn't work. Whenever I press it literally nothing happens. I loaded another skin with the instant result button and it works on that one, but not this one. I only want to use this skin so can this be looked at?
  • sampa's avatar
    These are such awesome skins but the please could the purple skin replace the white with something dark? I prefer dark skins and the purple is beaut but the white is way too bright. Larger player face and team logo on the player screens would be fantastic too!
    Thanks for the great skins!
  • kickoff71's avatar
    Excellent skin ! Thanks so much.
    Only one problem:
    during match I can hardly see the match clock in the light skin. It is purple on dark grey so almost impossible to read.
    Can you change colour of clock to white for better reading? Would be great!
    Thanks !
  • mikarchaoui's avatar
    Very good skin ! I agree with all comments posted before about instant result button which need to be fixed.

    I would also wanted to know how to go on "Analytical data" on a played game to watch average positions for example. I can't see it on post game.

    Thanks in advance for anybody answer and thanks for your work !
  • Colonel Getafe's avatar
    Absolutely superb skin! Great work! (I don't suppose there is a way to make the club badge on the bottom left smaller or remove it all together is there? Makes the sidebar look a bit cluttered when not using icon mode on a lower resolution screen). Thanks!
  • bennterrell's avatar
    Beautiful Skins...Please fix instant result buttons :)
  • gate13's avatar
    awesome work, which one can you add a background to?
  • zbidram's avatar
    Olá pequenoGenio. Instant result button is not working on darkskin...
  • Gav110's avatar
    Great work on the FM21 skins! Thank you so much.
  • PequenoGenio's avatar

    open the match score area panel
    in the line number 31 change the red_replacement to red_replacement="light grey"

    The others things i don't use and don't want it so don't know how to do it.
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    skin is very good but istant result dont see and work can u fix??? scoreboard's time dont see readable or net... can u add green circle on tactic page for player availible??? can u add box for player attributes??? OR can u say how to fix to me???
  • KrvakForLife's avatar
    I'm loving this skin thank you very much.
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