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DHFM's Poseidon's Trident - 210 GOALS!

A new bizarre formation but one I have come to enjoy using on Football Manager 2022. This tactic scores goals for fun.

By on Oct 11, 2022   33888 views   6 comments
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Football Manager 2022 Tactics - DHFM's Poseidon's Trident - 210 GOALS!
The history behind this formation came from my Leeds United save. I searched for the best shape for my current squad to get the best of out my best players playing their best positions. The 4-1-1-4 Attack formation was born. Had amazing results with Leeds and later created a new tactic with the same formation for elite sides and lower league teams.

Most of the roles in this tactic are generic, so you will not have problems filling the role. The mentality depends on your team. If you have a much bigger team, feel free to play on attack. For mid-table sides, a positive or balanced mentality might help you play more conservatively.

The logic behind this tactic is to compress the middle of field with players and press relentlessly when the opposition approaches midfield. The lower line of engagement ensures there is space behind the opposition defensive line to exploit when possession is won. the wide attackers cut inside and overpower the opposition's defence while the wide players offer width from deeper areas.

The central midfielder and defensive midfielder are responsible for winning possession, protecting the backline and creating chances from deeper areas. Hope you enjoy this tactic as much as I do. As for Opposition instructions. you want to show th opposition inside as much as possible. You can also apply assistant manager's recommendations.

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Downloads: 7890 / Size: 88.2 kB / Added: 2022-10-11
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Discussion: DHFM's Poseidon's Trident - 210 GOALS!

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