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Pre-Season Tournaments Pack FM17

Make your FM 2017 save more realistic with traditional preseason tournaments, all played annually, with different participating clubs and money prizes!

By Updated on Jan 04, 2017   54167 views   24 comments
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Downloads: 11271 / Size: 16.1 MB / Added: 2017-01-08
Football Manager 2017 League Updates - Pre-Season Tournaments Pack FM17

This pack is for everyone who has always wanted to play the traditional pre-season tournaments in your saves. With this update, you'll have several pre-season tournaments being played annually, with different participating teams and recording all history and records!

In this first version we offer 21 tournaments; 19 are real events and 2 are fictitious. Please check the tournament list and participating teams:

Anglo Cup (CUSTOM)
- Champion of Barclays Premier League (England)
- Champion of Sky Bet Championship (England)
- Champion of Sky Bet League 1 (England)
- Champion of Sky Bet League 2 (England)
- Champion of Scottish Premier League (Scotland)
- Champion of Welsh Premier League (Wales)
- Champion of SSE Airtricity League (Ireland)
- Champion of NIFL Premiership (Northern Ireland)

Audi Cup
- Bayern München (host team - Germany)
- Random La Liga Santander team (Spain)
- Random Serie A TIM team (Italy)
- Random Barclays Premier League team (England)

Barclays Asia Trophy
- 3 Random Barclays Premier League teams (England)
- Champion of AFC Champions League (Asia)

Cape Town Cup
- Ajax Cape Town (host team - South Africa)
- Champion of Sky Bet Championship (England)
- Random Premier Soccer League team (South Africa)
- Random League NOS team (Portugal)

Colonia Cup
- 1. FC Köln (host team - Germany)
- Random La Liga Santander Team (Spain)
- Random Barclays Premier League team (England)
- Random League NOS team (Portugal)

Copa Chapecoense (CUSTOM)
* Tribute to the victims of LaMia Flight 2933 air crash *
- Atlético Nacional (Colombia)
- Chapecoense (Brazil)

Copa Ciudad de Avellaneda
- Independiente (Argentina)
- Racing Club (Argentina)

Copa Luis B. Nofal
- Boca Juniors (Argentina)
- River Plate (Argentina)

Emirates Cup
- Arsenal (host team - England)
- Champion of Liga Santander (Spain)
- Champion of Serie A TIM (Italy)
- Champion of UEFA Europa League

Eusébio Cup
- Benfica (host team - Portugal)
- Random La Liga Santander team (Spain)

Florida Cup
- 2 random Serie A teams (Brazil)
- 2 random MLS teams (USA)
- Random Primera División team (Argentina)
- Random Liga Águila team (Colombia)
- Random Chinese Super League team (China)
- Random Campeonato Nacional team (Chile)

Supercopa Euroamericana
- Champion of CONMEBOL Copa Sudamericana
- Champion of UEFA Europa League

Taça Ariano Suassuna
- Sport Recife (host team - Brazil)
- Random Primera División team (Argentina)

Telekom Cup
- 4 random Bundesliga teams (Germany)

Torneio Super Series
- 4 random Serie A teams (Brazil)

Troféu Cinco Violinos
- Sporting (host team - Portugal)
- Random Superleague team (Greece)

Trofeo Joan Gamper
- Barcelona (host team)
- Random Barclays Premier League team (England)

Trofeo Luigi Berlusconi
- Milan (host team - Italy)
- Random Serie A TIM team (Italy)

Trofeo Naranja
- Valencia (host team - Spain)
- Random Serie A TIM team (Italy)

Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu
- Real Madrid (host team - Spain)
- Random Serie A team (Brazil)

Some screenshots:

Important notes:
  • All tournaments have realistic cash prizes for the best places;
  • All tournaments was made as official competitions to make the contest more realistic and competitive;
  • The tournaments match dates are adjusted to the club schedules, so if a club is invited to several pre-season tournaments in a season, this club will play some matches in a very short time (but this is a difficult situation);
  • The pack also contains the graphics to illustrate the tournaments (logos and trophies);
  • Some tournaments may have history errors (duplicate or missing past editions), despite all historical have been properly recorded in the editor. This only happens in a few saves, and we still don't know why. However this issue don't affect the update functionality.

How to install pre-season tournaments in FM17

  1. Extract the files using 7-zip or some similar program.
  2. Move the folders according to these guidelines:
  3. * "editor data" files >> Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data
    * "graphics\competitions\normal" files >> Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics\logos\competitions\normal
    * "graphics\competitions\small" files >> Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics\logos\competitions\small
    * "graphics\pictures\trophies" files >> Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics\pictures\trophies
  4. Open FM and start a new game by selecting the tournaments you want to play in the save.

Depending on the amount of updates selected in the save, some of tournaments may have IDs modified by the game. To check this, follow these steps:
  1. Go to "Preferences >> Interface", and press "Show screen IDs in title bar to assist skinning" option;
  2. Search the friendly tournaments and make sure the IDs were kept;
  3. If any ID has changed, simply go to the "graphics" folder and rename manually the name of logos and trophy files to the correct ID; in this case you also need to change the corresponding line in the config file.
  4. Reload the skin and enjoy!

Follow our work on Facebook: Football Manager Pre-Season Tournaments

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 11271 / Size: 16.1 MB / Added: 2017-01-08
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Discussion: Pre-Season Tournaments Pack FM17

24 comments have been posted so far.

  • Florian2905's avatar
    Can somebody help me with the installation? I did it exactly the way I should, but it doesn't show me the pictures of the trophies and the logos of the tournaments :/
  • Chuckobo96's avatar

    If you are making this pack for fm18, can you include the ICC too?
  • Orvalvisje's avatar

    Is this (already) available for fm2018. And if so, is it easy to edit the participants? For example, where a tournament drafts 4 italian teams, can that be changed by participants of another country?
  • laulund's avatar
    are you gonna make the International Champions Cup, for FM18 :)
  • beka's avatar
    Check the history for the following
    Cape Town Cup
    Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu
    Eusébio Cup
    Troféu Cinco Violinos

    Otherwise there great
  • map788's avatar
    Real Marbella Cup:
    Winner of Russian Cup
    Winner of Ukr Cup
    FC marbella
    Winner of 2nd Bundes
    Winner of Norway 1. Div
    Winner of Romania 1. Div
    Winner of Switzerland 1. Div
    Winner of Azerbaiyan 1. Div
    Winner of Holland 1, Div
  • dkeppler's avatar
    Kruskay In tournaments such as the Santiago Bernabéu, which has no clear criteria to define the participants, we freely choose the countries of the teams. In this case we choose Brazil.
  • Kruskay's avatar
    Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu isn't Real Madrid against Random Serie A Brazil because they played Stade de Reims August 2k16 Galatasaray 2K15 Al Saad 2K13 Los Millonarios 2K12 Galatasaray 2K11
  • dkeppler's avatar
    sl1234 The Amsterdam Tournament is already available on the fanpage. About Latin Cup and Tournoi de Paris, we can do. Please send an inbox message on Facebook, explaining which teams you want to participate in these tournaments!
  • sl1234's avatar
    can you do tournoi de paris, coupe latine and amsterdam tournament ?
  • dkeppler's avatar
    Yes you can use normally, lee_mcyde
  • lee_mcyde's avatar
    hello - can i use this on a mac?
  • kizar's avatar
    Please don't download files below , still occurs errors, but this time some tournaments carry on in the future, some not. I will try fix it and put files tomorrow.
  • kizar's avatar
    Hi, I amended files which we have here.
    I fix history issue, deleted duplicated tournaments in different files and much more.
    Everything should work well right now but recommend use all files together.
    I did not included two tournaments Anglo Cup and Copa Chapecoense.Link below.!jVBA2BoY!qCYtZpptj5SZKUJOEoCoZg
  • kizar's avatar
    I know that, I don't have to load all of them but honestly I don't know which files making double, triple or sometimes more history.

    I think author of this file, should create one file and implement all tournament as a one file.
  • dkeppler's avatar
    kizar, I'll report your feedback to zangelmi, but we already knew there could be history errors. He is on vacation but should work on improvements soon. One short-term solution is don't load this specific tournament in your save - you don't have to use all 21 updates. Thanks!
  • kizar's avatar
    It is exactly like I said, you based on the same copy of file creating new tournament with previous created tournaments.

    You should create fresh file for every tournament loading new data in editor or creating one file for all tournaments adding up new competitions in it.

    Anyway it is great thing but you need make a update.

  • kizar's avatar
    I think the reason why you have errors is that you created for every tournament different file but based on changes done for another tournament. So sometimes you copies the same tournament many times in different files.
  • kizar's avatar
    For me unfortunately this pack is not playable. Like you mentioned many errors in history what is causing that Real Madrid won tournament over 70 times in last 25 years.
    Maybe better idea is to completely remove history of tournamets.
  • dkeppler's avatar
    Unfortunately it only works in new saves, Infiltrator
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    can we use this in a running save?
  • dkeppler's avatar
    Yes ademjh, all tournaments were made as official competitions, so the trophies are recorded in the manager and club histories
  • ademjh's avatar
    Do pre-season tournaments show on your manager history as a trophy won, as competitive competitions do?
  • DAZS8's avatar
    I have backgrounds made for these comps in my own pack on my facebook group
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