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Quicksta's 4-2-3-1 Possession | FM 2018 Tactic

I have used this FM18 tactic with Man Utd for 2 seasons; winning the Premier League, Champions League & Super Cup! Requires inside forwards.

By Updated on Nov 10, 2017   347959 views   50 comments
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Downloads: 97680 / Size: 2.6 kB / Added: 2017-11-06
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - Quicksta's 4-2-3-1 Possession | FM 2018 Tactic
This is my 4-2-3-1 Wide tactic for Football Manager 2018 that I have used with Manchester United.

This tactic has given me great results. It has allowed me to have 60% possession even away from home.

The main thing is that the wingers MUST be inside forwards. The tactic works if they are on support, but works better if they are on attack.

The 2 MC and 1 AMC are all on support as to not over expose you.

I won the Premier League and Champions League in my 1st season.

Undefeated in Premier League throughout the second season, but both League Cups and Champions League didn't end so well.

I hope you all like it.

Download Now
Downloads: 97680 / Size: 2.6 kB / Added: 2017-11-06
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Discussion: Quicksta's 4-2-3-1 Possession | FM 2018 Tactic

50 comments have been posted so far.

  • Enionas's avatar
    I didn't lose one game with Real Madrid in my first season with this tactic, I seriously recommend it if you are playing Real Madrid.
  • badboysmokinaces's avatar
    Not a very good tactic in my opinion. A monkey could win the league using the in game 4-4-2 with Man U. A tactic needs to be good/decent away to big teams like Man City, RMadrid etc. This is not.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    I have used this tactic for big teams and small teams.
  • Mwenye Temitope's avatar
    Not sure how useful this tactic this is unless you are a 'big' (man utd/city, etc) team
  • Quicksta's avatar
    You download the tactic and copy it into your tactics folder. When you load the tactic it should be there
  • gareths2018's avatar
    how do i put this in the game
  • Mwenye Temitope's avatar
    doesn't work
  • Quicksta's avatar
  • Quicksta's avatar
    You can not use it on my touch, but either post your email or hit me up on twitter and ill share it all with you and everyone.
  • MickyG's avatar
    I’d love to try this on fm touch on my iPad but I don’t think I can download the tactic, is this correct? If so would it be possible to see the team and player instructions? Thank you!
  • Eivindolowski's avatar
    Used this tactic one season now. Won the league easily, because of the attacking play against the smaller teams, but the tactic is almost useless away in big games. Winning the league is easy enough with a big team like Manchester United because you face so many weaker teams, but once you face one of the bigger teams you will struggle with this team. The defence is also leaking.. Won the league easy, but wouldn`t say that the tactic is great
  • Eivindolowski's avatar
    What do you mean move the defenders closer to goal? Also having trouble with the defense, and De Gea is not performing at all
  • moussjul's avatar
    No team instructions needed?
    Great tactic so far in my save (Belgian 5th level).
  • Quicksta's avatar
    The tactic shows this picture as thats what it was when i first uploaded the tactic. It has now been uploaded again to suit the file name change and as i had changed it its a bit different. But the tactic works for both setups.

    Some people dont like the 2 AP in the mid so if your players dont like that position you can change one to a DP or even a BWM. Infact the BWM can work better depending on the stamina of the player.
  • cobrauk's avatar
    How come your images show TM-A and IF-S but the tactic is AF-A and IF-A?
  • restet's avatar
    Good thing
  • CarlosEsDios's avatar
    Hi - forgive me if I've missed the posting but can I ask recommendations for training at the start of a new season when implementing this tactic and then through the season?
  • hitwoone's avatar
    there is no defends on MCs, How can we defend.
  • hitwoone's avatar
    there is no defends on MCs, How can we defend.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    If defense is an issue try moving your defenders closer to goal or change from controlling to standard. That should help. As for yellow cards i am having some issues there too. Change the tackling from getting stuck in to stay on feet and that will help.
  • ofrika7's avatar
    Thank you so much it is a great tactic ! Just one question..there is alot of yellow cards I am getting. Any solution to fix that ?
  • Gleameyes's avatar
    Great overall tactic, I'm using this with West Ham (1st season) and getting some decent results.

    However this tactic does leak goals and it's very noticeable when you're playing away, for instance I played Everton away and the score finished 8-6 to myself lol.

    But overall again some decent results and of course the tactic was made with Manchester United's defence in mind and not West Ham, Look forward to trying this on Man U. :)

    Biggest scalps so far, beat Arsenal 4-0 at home and beat Liverpool 2-0 away.
  • cipri_slb's avatar
    With this tactic, after half of the season with Union Berlin, i'm the worst defense of the whole league with 33 goals conceded, it's unbelievable the number of times that the other teams manage to appear close to my penalty area, something it's not working fine here to the defense consistency.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    This is the same tactic Barkermush i just had to resave it and i changed the name so i did not confuse myself uploading.

    Also i am using the tactic in league 2 and working great 6 wins out of 7. But if your players do not play in the set positions then things are harder as the players dont know how to do whats required or your having to change the tactic.
  • fanarin's avatar
    hey, it seems a promising tactic.
    but dont you think that 2 AP players in the MC make the midfield quite penetrable ?

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