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Discussion: Rensie FM19 Skins v1.3

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • keysi's avatar
    @Fabricanch Use different skin.
  • Fabricanch's avatar
    How can I add ca and pa?
  • Sykradz's avatar
    Hello ! Can we put the base font in the search bar, it look bigger and i dont like it
  • Mauve's avatar
    Hi guys! @keysi is it possible for you to put the flag country at the corner of the head of the player or anywhere? Would be so super nice man, even want to donate you, if you can fix that.
  • keysi's avatar

    If you want to get rid of the background logo in the middle, go to the skin folder/panels/client_object – open the file “client_object_browser.xml” and delete this section and save file…

    <!– Logo –>

    <widget class=”picture” id=”mnpV” image_alignment=”centre” scale_picture=”false” transparency=”0.6″>

    <record id=”object_property”>

    <integer id=”get_property” value=”mnpc” />



    Same as with other changes just reload the skin.
  • lucasnake's avatar
    Also, found a bug, in the stadium screen when you go to "Teams" which should show the teams who use the stadium it shows nothing
  • lucasnake's avatar
    How can i remove the background logo or change its size?
  • AriCuervo's avatar
    @keysi ?¿
  • AriCuervo's avatar
  • AriCuervo's avatar
    @keysi hi. I can t put the caps front. Can you post a photo ?
  • keysi's avatar
    @elzafir - Quit the game, delete all the previous versions, extract the updated versions, clear cache and reload skin. It works without issue for me and many others.
  • elzafir's avatar
    Hi Keysi, great skin! This is the one skin I always need but never knew I wanted. One thing though, in Player Profile, there's a text 'Scouting in Progress' over/covering the Coach Summary. I tried 85%, 95%, and 100% but that doesn't fix it. I'm on 1080p. Any tips?
  • keysi's avatar
    @kozonak - Glad to hear! :) Maybe it's because I removed the Caps Font. Try to add it back and see if it will be better. I left how to do it in the post about the skin on my blog but here it is:

    Go to the skin folder you use and find fonts folder. Open file called „title“ and insert this <string id=”capitalisation” value=”upper case” /> between the paragraphs, save the file and reload skin.
  • kozonak's avatar
    Just signed up to say this skin rocks. Thank you. I can finally play the damn game. I find the font a little bit slim, wish it was bolder (news, match, etc). Probably because I play at 125% and a 21:9 screen. Might try to change it myself some time.
  • keysi's avatar
    @burgundyyears - this was fixed several weeks ago when the Public Beta version of the game was released. I update this only on my blog but edited it here too right now and the link for the v1.3 version is this one
  • FM Stag's avatar
    Noticed a strange bug. On the scout summary for EVERY player it says 'Scouting in Progress' even when not being scouted. I am Wimbledon and I panicked when I suddenly thought I was paying to scout thousands of players. Any ideas? Thanks for the skin, otherwise; it's amazing.
  • Lackow's avatar
    how can edit the background color? because its too grey for me. I wan the default color settings in inbox/msg color (the white one)
  • keysi's avatar
    @BAD-RELIGION - You can edit the transparency by yourself. Go to the skin folder/graphics/boxes/custom/background. There you have "papers" from 0 to 100. Take, for example, 20 and rename it to "paper" and the same 20 also rename to [email protected] Go back to the game, clear cache and reload skin and the background transparency should be edited. My advice would be to make a backup this background folder firstly, maybe you will need the original files again if you will not be satisfied with the modified version.
  • BAD-RELIGION's avatar
    Like someone said, the best skin this year.
    Would be perfect if the background/panels could be a bit more transparent, I barely see the background images
  • MrTimmy12's avatar
    Hands down the best skin there is this year. The only thing I would like to see is what @FelineBreed said, the automatic resizing.
  • keysi's avatar
    @voehahn - clear cache & reload skin + restart the game. everything works well.

    @WizzyTheGaffer - try to download this ( and copy/paste the files to settings and other panels but I can't guarantee everything will be alright with edited fonts.
  • voehahn's avatar
    On the club profile page the last starting 11 shows only GK..
  • voehahn's avatar
    how do you resize the logo on the titlebar above?
    I want to make it a bit bigger..
  • WizzyTheGaffer's avatar
    On the purple skin is there any way to make the inbox darker to the same as the FM19 skin? because of this by far the best skin.
  • FelineBreed's avatar
    The skin looks great, but I would like to customize something in players profile.

    I'm using the cutout faces pack and some pictures have 250x250px resolution, others have 180x180px. If I select the profile Cut-Out I can see the image 180x180 with a signature under the image. If I select the profile DF11 I can see the image 180x180 or 250x250 depending on the image size. How can I make to automatically resize all 180x180 to 250x250 using this second profile? It looks great when the cutout is 250x250.


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