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4-3-3 Roberto De Zerbi

The Roberto De Zerbi's tactic for Football Manager 2016 that the Italian manager used during his period in Foggia.

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FM 2016 Tactics - 4-3-3 Roberto De Zerbi


Foggia tactic 2015/2016

The career of Roberto De Zerbi, former midfielder of Naples, Catania and Cluj ends in the 2012/2013 season due to some injuries too, but for another reason, perhaps more important: his desire to start coaching. De Zerbi went to Monaco, guest Guardiola (in his first season in Germany) to watch closely the training of Bayern. Three years after the Catalan coach has won three Bundesliga, two DFB-Pokal three times and reached the semifinals of the Champions League. apparently extraordinary results, but public opinion attaches to the availability of players of the highest level. Yet the game of position can also be implemented without the absolute quality players. Count the ideas and execution, not the class. Foggia to Roberto De Zerbi is showing that you can play in this way even in the Pro League. When you see the play Foggia, you immediately notice the high percentage of possession. The Foggia in an organized attack and calmly, the circulation of the ball aims to open spaces in the enemy formation. If there are no empty spaces to attack, the team tries to keep possession and cause errors in the opponent's defensive block. To this end, his backward steps may be helpful. We analyze the different phases of the game:


The phase of possession as obvious that it starts from the goalkeeper and the central defenders, with the help of the team director and, in turn, one of the two midfielders. The team tries to go as soon as possible thanks to the always free spaces left by the movements of the players.

The left midfielder serves almost as advanced playmaker of the team, while the right is more balanced helping the playmaker in the backlog of sorting ball on the wing and / or depth. Peculiarities of De Zerbi's team are the fullbacks playing tight and cut toward the center of the field, thus giving further support to the central midfielders. The two wings instead start wide and then dash up having so more space and time to try the play as well as open mesh favoring opposing movements in the depths of the tip or the midfielder.


The defensive continuity is impressive. When the Foggia loses the ball, the quest for immediate re-conquest is fierce. When the Foggia loses the ball the whole team takes two steps toward the same to close the exhaust solutions. Who loses the ball has the task to win her back immediately. The close position in the field of full-backs is useful also and above all to avoid being found discovered in opponent off guard as the full-backs playing tight with the two midfielders form a real line 4 that slows the opponent's game allowing time for everyone to back into position. The defensive line of work ahead lines Loiacono and Coletti (central pair) that are able to support and encourage the ultraoffensivo pressure of Foggia, being very often to attack the opponent's forward even trocar. This aggression is the result of the great attention of Coletti and Loiacono in preventive markings being possession. The team is prepared to sacrifice and demonstrates the compactness of the entire 11 being non-possession.


The game system is a 4-5-1 with mind control and fluid disposal just like asking Mr. De Zerbi. Defends itself very closely to create more density in the ball area thing to make it difficult opponent to find ideas, we will see a very compact team on defense with ever related departments together. The pressure is of type ultraoffensivo, trying to win back the ball immediately and if this does not work it backs compacted and then pressed in an organized manner. Keep the ball in the air ball and obviously brought to reinforce the loose ball that should not be made mandatory with short passes but mixed as requested De Zerbi.


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Downloads: 6612 / Size: 39.9 kB / Added: 2016-09-30
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Discussion: 4-3-3 Roberto De Zerbi

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