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Sas24 Skin - FM24

What Second Yellow Card considers the best FM Skin, is now back for FM24. Introducing Sas24, for the first time on FM Scout. Updated on March 17th.

By Updated on Mar 17, 2024   7050243 views   290 comments
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Downloads: 138376 / Size: 22.0 MB / Added: 2023-11-06
Football Manager 2024 Skins - Sas24 Skin - FM24
The SAS skin is back for FM24 and is better than ever. After you've used this, you're not going to want to go back to the default ever again.

Make sure to watch Matt's video where he run through the SAS24 skin, all its new features, as well as how to install it.

The Skin is 100% free to use and has always been

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Sas24 - Download Options

The download link will take you to a mediafire folder that will always contain the newest versions of the skin. Then it's just a case of finding the exact skin that you want.

There are 4 different options:
  • Sas24.March.2.fmf - the main skin
  • Sas24.Mar.2-hidden.fmf - hidden attributes
  • Sas24.Mar.2-laptop.fmf - version optimized for laptops
  • Sas24.Mar.2-laptop-hidden.fmf - same as above for laptops

There is also added zip packed files of the skin for easy access - see the FAQ in the download folder.

The last 2 will only function properly if you have the in-game editor switched on in your save.

Screen Resolution

Desktop version is optimized for 1920x1080 at 100% - 95% is preferred.
You can use higher / lower resolution / zoom, but expect some wonky stuff here and there (can't make everyone happy) :)
Laptop version is optimized for 1366x768 at 85% zoom.
If you have a "big" laptop or an external screen - you may benefit from using the Desktop version, try both so see which one that looks the best - they are 99% the same.

Sas24 - Skin Preview

How to install the Sas24 skin on FM24

1. Download the skin version you prefer. Your download options are explained above.

Move the downloaded .fmf file to your skins folder.:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\skins\

Run Football Manager 2024 and go to Preferences > Interface.
You should see "Sas24” as an option in the skin drop-down of the General options section.
Hit the Confirm button.

The skin is as seen, and may or may not have further updates.

Sas24 FAQ

Why do I see a background picture over the whole skin, and I haven't used the background selector.
You have a background picture folder in your graphics folder, if you move that folder outside the graphics folder, clear the cache and reload the skin. It will be gone.

My panels keep resetting.
Go into preferences and untick "automatically overrite custom panels" and Untick "use caching to decrease loading time" aswell
- Clear the cache - bottom left "reset" dropdown - Reload the skin
- Set your panels, continue a day, save your game, close and restart FM - It seems to be a issue in the default skin aswell for some.

The % isn't showing.
Go to preferences - untick "use caches files" then clear the cache (bottom left "reset dropdown"), pick skin, reload skin, restart game and the % will return. Changing skin may cause it to vanish then just redo the above.

Half of the tactic pitch is overlapping.
Use a higher zoom (lower numbers % = higher zoom) or use the laptop version - it's the resolution of your monitor that causes it as I've changed the pitch size.

For more questions and answers, refer to the dedicated SAS24 FAQ .txt file.


For bits and pieces, idea's, help and other stuff, in no specific order.
- Michaeltmurrayuk for the mods
- Bluestillidie00
- Flut
- FMEnchanced
- _Ben_
- Gimn
- BuzzR
- Drakestone
- Keysi
- A31632
- Tato
- Wkdsoul
- Tyburn
- OPZ skin
- Andromeda skin
- Cat Skin FM22
- Flut skin
- YACS skin
- TCS Skin
- Ironowl
- DazS8 - for Match Tablet colouring
- MaxPower22 and friend for lag testing
- FM Stag - FM Stag Stats
- Margs for Laptop feedback, idea's etc

Twitch links
- Jebaroo - for deep match freeze testing.
- Ecxoes
- Dreamtrip
- Conriddle
- Secondyellowcard
- Davidnyholm


Download Now
Downloads: 138376 / Size: 22.0 MB / Added: 2023-11-06
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Discussion: Sas24 Skin - FM24

290 comments have been posted so far.

  • sasmaz's avatar
    @dumdummdam- i didnt, someone in SYC's community used the Discord AI tool to make it for him.
  • dumdummdam's avatar
    hey @sasmaz , how did you create a new image for your new club stadium that's on the screenshot, i would love to know that, love the skin bro!
  • fero1907's avatar
    Skin is perfect, thank you. I need support for opacity, I can not fix it to %70-80 or whatever I choose, it always turns back to %30 when I open the game. Any solutions?

    Sorry,, I just found the soultion at 3rd page, thank you @sasmaz
  • Twk's avatar
    @sasmaz. Thanks you
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @Twk - read the FAQ in the download folder
    there is a mod so you can remove the tactics at the bottom, which is causing lag for some ppl.
  • Twk's avatar
    lag when watching matches of other clubs, or other countries
  • facemelter97's avatar
    I've tried all without any luck. I've contacted FM support now...
  • sasmaz's avatar
  • facemelter97's avatar
    Thanks for the advice. I've cleared the cache in the game, but no joy. I do have another skin available in the game, but I've not used it or 9 seasons so probably not that.
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @facemelter97 - i've looked into it and nothing seems to be different on my end
    also as said before, streamers i watch don't have any issues either

    as example - Second Yellow Card is in 2038 and no issues, so i'm not sure whats going on at your end. but i would probably try and deep clear the game cache and see if it fixes any issues, there might be conflicting files if you skin swap as some files are only loaded on game start and may cause unexpected issues if used in another skin (goes for most skins)

    I hope you get your issue sorted, sadly it's not something i can fix from here.
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @facemelter97 - seems odd indeed as the skin is the same if you are at season 1 or season 20

    the streamers i have watched that has passed year 10 dont have any issues, but i'll try and sim 10+ years and see if anything happends
  • facemelter97's avatar
    I've reverted to other skins and they don't cause a crash. Each time I try it with sas24 it crashes. I've not made any changes to GPU and have checked integrity of FM files. Seems an odd bug as I'm so used to the skin and have used it for ages.
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @facemelter97 - I doubt it's a skin issue as nothing extra is being added or removed depending on the number of seasons you play.

    all i can suggest is that you try the same with the default skin.

    Any chance that you have updated your GPU ? some ppl seems to have issues with FM in generel after Nvidia gfx update
  • facemelter97's avatar
    Superb skin. I've used it for the last 2 FM's.
    However, in FM24, 10 seasons in, my game has started crashing when I chose the tablet during a match.
    Is there a remedy for this?
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @Quickzz - The game controls the weather, not the skin
  • Quickzz's avatar
    20 degrees difference in 4 days.

    23/6/24 its 14 degrees and raining
    27/6/24 its 34 degrees and full of sun.

    Both home-matches so its a to big difference for me, haha. Maybe more realistic in a next update?
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @yolk - the pos stats was removed 30 Oct as it caused ppl to have lag when entering the player profil.
  • yolk's avatar
    I love the skin.
    I'm just curious to ask that how can I find the pos-stat section in player's panel. This part appears in the first version of the skin, I love it but I can't see it in recent March skin. Thanks in advance and have a good day.
  • kang hyo bin's avatar
    i did found a xml file 'bookmenu',
    if you need to adjust, swap or remove the (i) it's done in the generic/bookmenu.xml
    but i don't understand this.
    I think this problem can be solved by changing the values ​​in some of the strings, so I am looking for it by changing each place where the value is entered in the string. I know you are very busy but thank you for your quick reply.
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @kang hyo bin - The bookmark menu isnt really made for icons only, but should work.

    if you need to adjust, swap or remove the (i) it's done in the generic/bookmenu.xml
  • kang hyo bin's avatar
    hi, sasmaz. Thank you for the great skin!
    I have a question. I'm using the 'Sidebar icon only' feature, and when I activate this feature, only the question mark icon is displayed. The question mark icon is even lopsided, giving it a disorganized look. Isn't it possible to align the icons in the middle of the sidebar or display the Bookmarks as they are when the 'Sidebar icons only' function is not used? (The Bookmarks text will probably have to be smaller.) I think this can be solved with a panel, but which panel does it have? What string can I adjust it to? Once again, sorry for my bad english, and thank you for your Skin.
  • Badmancarter's avatar
    alright, thanks man, really appreciate, i will drop a feedback
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @Badmancarter - it's not something i have experienced, and i watch streamers using the skin and i play solo and network saves - maybe untick the "used caching for faster loading, clear the cache and reload the skin" and tick it back on + don't skin swap as there may be things confllicting.

    you can also try and add the mod that removes the tactics from the bottom panel in matches and see if you're one of the ppl that has issues with them being on.
  • Badmancarter's avatar
    Hey man, keep up the good work, I actually have an issue concerning this skin. It takes about 25 minutes to complete the second half of a match, I’ve tested with another skin, no problem at all, but the issue returns once I change to this skin
  • sasmaz's avatar
    @maciejko7788 - Sas24.mar.2-Hidden is just a version where you can see the hidden attributes of players and staff if you have the ingame editor. it's the little triangle next to players or staff's name.

    If you click that a hidden page shows with the hidden attributes (if you have the ingame editor and it's allowed to be used in the save)

    everthing else is 100% the same in the normal and the hidden version :)

    else i would have called it "Attributeless" version

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